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Johanna/ Jena Malone

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Gretchen Watching Hatfields and the McCoys. I think Jena who plays Nancy McCoy will do just fine as Johanna. Anyone else seen this series?

Kimpie Nope. But I've seen her in Donnie Darko and Saved! and I think she's perfect.

Amber Same here. Never heard of the mcCoys.

I seen her in pride and prejudice, saved, donnie darko and atepmom. I hated her in that last one. I never thought of her as johanna but im glad. For me id liked to be surprised. Shes a good actress and she even seems like a really cool person in real life.

Gretchen Hatfields and the McCoy's is a miniseries that was up for a ton of Emmy's last night, directed by and staring Kevin Costner. It is the true story of the feud between two notorious families in Kentucky and West Virginia Appalachia.
So if you have seen Winter's Bone, think true story from the 1800's. The miniseries is excellent and the story is fascinating. If you want to read a teen book about the fight check out

Melanie It says in imdb that jena is playing Johanna

Gretchen Melanie wrote: "It says in imdb that jena is playing Johanna"

Yes she is. I am saying based upon her role in Hatfield's and McCoys she will do a decent job.

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Well, I've never seen her in any movies before so I cannot judge her acting but just by looks I think she looks good for the role if she cuts her hair.

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