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message 1: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
It was a sunny, Spring day, with a soft, cool wind, that ruffled hair and blew skirts up in the Safari Zone, north of Fuchsia City. The Sunny Saturday morning appealed to most people, because school was out, and it was a perfect day to play with their kids, and take them on vacations, such as The Safari Zone.

Once a month, the Safari Zone opened its gates to family's, giving special discounts to family's who wanted their child to catch, 'their first Pokemon,' because the Lab in Pallet Town couldn't always provide a choice of 3 Pokemon at a whim.

Some family's came here to watch the Pokemon, and to have picnic's. One such family was arriving, and handed their daughter a Safari Ball. The Safari was gated, so there was little chance of her running off too far away from the area, so she was allowed to run off. The Safari Zone was a huge area, though, providing safety for Pokemon that lived here.

The daughter, Kumiko, was ten years old today, and this was her chance to obtain her first Pokemon, even though she lived in Pallet Town. Her parents wouldn't let her go on a journey yet, so they were appeasing to her, by letting her catch a Pokemon here, and she could raise it as a pet until they deemed her old enough to venture on her own.

She had long black hair, with bright blue eyes, and wore a dark blue shirt, with straps that went around her neck, and little ruffles at the end of it. She wore a blue bow in her hair as well, and was in jeans that fit her. She was short for her age though, but she could speak well, and didn't have problems interacting with people.

Kumiko wandered around, looking for Pokemon that interested her. Caterpie's scared her, and Metapods were weird. The Butterfree's were pretty, but they were too fast for her. Beedrills scared her, badly, and Kakuna's looked like a scary, yellow clown and Weedle's were just creepy...so she continued on, stumbling upon the lake.

She noticed a boy sitting around, looking like he was fishing. She walked over, holding the Safari Ball in her hand.

"Hello." Kumiko said as she stopped next to him. She smiled, friendly.

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He had short pitch black hair that flowed a little in the light breeze, he turned to her, the sun lighting up his pale skin. His crimson eyes met her stunning blue ones.

"Hello." He replied, he smiled a little. He was from Saffron City, his parents were somewhere talking about business. Lucian was a very quiet and lonely boy, dressed in all black from head to toe. His black Tshirt had some kind of band insignia and the knees of his black jeans were ripped.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
The boy looked rather cute, for a boy, but Kumiko was still in the phase where it was a sure thing boys had, "cooties," so her thoughts were innocent. She was a bit surprised to see how lonely he looked. "I'm Kumiko, what's your name?" Kumiko asked, smiling brightly as she held her hand out to him.

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She was cute to him, he was smarter than most kids his age or more mature in some aspects. He took her hand. "Lucian." He answered, the line tugged and quickly pulled the pole back. A Magikarp came out of the water and onto land, he smiled and grabbed his Safari Ball, he caught the creature.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko shook his hand, then jumped as something pulled on Lucian's fishing line. She pulled her hand back and watched him, then watched the Magikarp come flying out of the water, and how it trashed on land. "Whoa!" Kumiko said, amazed at how easy Lucian made the capture process look. The Safari Ball shook as it tried to contain the creature, then stopped, the red light going grey. Kumiko smiled excitedly.

"You caught it!" Kumiko squealed in amazement. "But...what is it?" She asked, taking on a more confused stance.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Lucian picked up the ball and smiled in victory. "It's a Magikarp, most make fun of it for being weak but I don't. I know that with enough training, the Magikarp will evolve into a Gyarados," He looked at her. "and that's exactly what I want." He knew it would take a lot of work, but he was willing because it would be worth it.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko blinked, and listened to him intently. "I don't think there's a such thing as a weak Pokemon." Kumiko said, then smiled, seeing the determination in his eyes. "Can I see him?" Kumiko asked, thinking that from her brief glance, Magikarp wasn't as scary as some of the bug Pokemon crawling, or flying about.

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Lucian nodded and released the Magikarp silently. He watched it flop around, repeating 'Karp'. He couldn't help but smile at the scene, finding it kind of funny. He wanted powerful Pokemon and he knew some of those started out weak.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
"Ooh, he's so cool!" Kumiko said and knelt down by Magikarp. "He smells kind of fishy, but I guess that's to be expected." Kumiko said, and poked one of Magikarp's scales. "What can he do?" Kumiko asked, briefly wondering if Magikarp needed to be in water if he was going to be out of his Pokeball.

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Lucian blinked. "As far as I know, Magikarp only has one attack: Splash." He shrugged. "Though it's worth it when he becomes a Gyarados." He smiled and pat the Magikarp's side.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko nodded. "Maybe you can teach him to slam into the opponent?" Kumiko asked. "If he's swimming, I'm sure he can learn a, "tackle," of some sort." Kumiko said. It made sense, but generally, Magikarp weren't very bright Pokemon. "What do you say, little guy?" Kumiko asked the Magikarp, cooing to it. "You can learn, 'Tackle," can't you? Yeah, you can." Kumiko cooed encouragingly at it, with a bright smile.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Lucian chuckled, he rather not "burst her bubble" by telling her that Magikarp weren't very bright. "Oh." He blinked, realizing something. "Do you have to catch a Pokemon too?" He asked.

message 13: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko blinked, then nodded and smiled. "I do. My parents took me here for a vacation." She said. "But all I see are bug Pokemon and they creep me out." Kumiko said with a frown.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Lucian smiled and nodded. "Yeah, they creep me out too." He wasn't a fan of bugs, the other boys in Saffron City were, he wasn't. They just gave him the creeps.

message 15: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
"Do you want to walk with me?" Kumiko asked, and held her hand out to him. She glanced at Magikarp, still flopping on the ground, thinking he would have to return Magikarp into the Pokeball first.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Lucian nodded and returned the flopping Magikarp. "Sure." He smiled a little and took her hand. He was nervous, he'd admit, he hadn't talked to many other kids despite living in the city.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko smiled brightly and started to walk with him, walking into the forest area. "Is your family going to have a picnic here too?" Kumiko asked. "Mine is." Her family was very family conscious and oriented.

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Lucian shook his head. "No, we have to get back to the city." His family wasn't really like a family. He stayed home alone after school and on weekends, his parents were at work constantly. They even only focused on work the rare times they were home. Needless to say, Lucian felt like a stranger in his own home.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
She thought he looked really sad as he replied to her, and tried to think of a way to make him smile. "Oh, maybe you can eat with my family!" Kumiko suggested warmly. "I'm going to catch a Pokemon, and then they're going to set out a blanket, and we're going to have sandwich's and then I'll present my Pokemon to them." Kumiko explained happily.

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Lucian looked at her and smiled. "I'd like that, if they say I can." He really wanted to stay, he didn't want to leave the first person he's held a conversation with, not now.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko smiled warmly at him, then tripped over something. "Ah!" She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the ground meet her.

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Lucian moved quickly to catch her, grabbing the back of her shirt. He felt something warm and soft against his leg.

message 23: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
The world stopped moving, without her hitting anything. Kumiko blinked, a bit confused, the straightened herself up, realizing Lucian caught her. She hoped the shirt didn't rip. "You...caught me." Kumiko said, blushing a little before she noticed what she had tripped on. "Ooh! What is that?" Kumiko asked, looking down at the furry, red creature, with long ears and a cream colored mane. The creature in question looked like it was sleeping, from exhaustion.

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Lucian looked at the furry creature. "It's..... It's a Flareon.... I didn't think they had those here." He looked at her. "It's a fire type evolution of Eevee." He smiled.

message 25: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko listened to him. "OH! You mean that cute, furry brown one?!" She asked, her eyes lighting up with excitement. "I want him!" Kumiko exclaimed, then paused. "I...I just...throw this at him?" Kumiko asked and looked at the Safari Ball, a little unsure about it.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Lucian nodded. "Yeah, you don't even have to do anything else. Just throw it and wait for the glowing to stop." He shrugged, looking down at the cute creature.

message 27: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko dropped the Safari Ball on to the sleeping Flareon. It disappeared into the Safari Ball in a flash of red light, and the ball started to shake back and forth, a red light flashing at the center, before it stopped. "He's mine?" Kumiko asked in excited disbelief, picking the Safari Ball up and looking at it.

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Lucian smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that's a good starter too." He knew a Flareon would get one far so Kumiko was in luck.

message 29: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko smiled, and hugged Lucian. "We both got our first Pokemon today!" She said, happily. It was possible she was a little too friendly, but her hug was innocent.

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Lucian blushed lightly but hugged back all the same. "Yeah, we did." He smiled, he liked the friendly girl. He really wished he could stay.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko let him go and then grabbed his hand. "Lets go find my Mom, and then we can go find yours." Kumiko said happily. "We have to tell them the good news!" She was real excited.

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Lucian nodded. "Yeah." He smiled and started to walk back to where his parents were. It didn't take long to find them though, they were in business suits with their hair all done.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko followed him. "Which ones are yours?" Kumiko asked, knowing her parents were further away.

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"Those two." Lucian nodded over to the two adults in business suits. He knew they would go to work when he got home, he felt like he should ask to stay a little bit longer though.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko nodded and pulled him along with her. She looked up at the serious, business suited adults. "Uhm, excuse me!" She called, to get their attention. "My name is Kumiko, and I wanted to invite Lucian to a picnic with my family. Is that okay?" She asked, not intimidated by them. "Oh, you can come too!" She added hastily.

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They looked at each other, seeming to ponder it. "Alright, a little more time here wouldn't be too much trouble." His mother finally said. Lucian smiled.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko smiled. "Thank you." She gave a respectful bow and then looked to Lucian. "Lets go find my parents. I"m sure they're setting up the picnic now."

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Lucian nodded and took her hand, waiting for her to lead the way. He looked at his parents, as soon as he was down eating he would have to leave.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Kumiko intertwined her fingers with his, then walked off with him, to the grassy meadow, where her parents were. Her mother had long blonde hair, whom, although not thin, still looked hot in her jeans and green blouse. Her father was a little taller then her mother, and was slender, with black hair, though he was wearing a hat. He was in a normal black T-shirt and blue jeans. "Mom, Dad, I caught my first Pokemon!" Kumiko called to them as she walked up to them with Lucian. They looked over, smiling, but frowned slightly, seeing Lucian. "It looks like you caught your first boyfriend too." Her father said, not too pleased. Kumiko blushed and shook her head. "We're friends!" Kumiko said, and guided Lucian to them. "This is Lucian. Lucian, these are my parents." Kumiko said, gesturing to them as she introduced them. "Hello, I'm Tonya." The woman said, giving Lucian a friendly smile. She saw no problem with her daughter having a new friend.

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Lucian bowed slightly. "Hello." He muttered, he hoped he wasn't being an unwanted guest. He had the Safari ball in his other hand, he wanted to train his Magikarp as soon as he got home.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
"I'm Keith." The man replied. "I don't own a shotgun, but I could go pick one up from the store if I need to." He said, narrowing his eyes at Lucian. "Dad!" Kumiko whined. "Its not like that!" Kumiko said, as Tonya opened the picnic basket, and started to pull food out of it. "Kumiko, I made extra potatoes, but they're going to go to your friend." Tonya said. Kumiko gasped, groaning. "Ahh!" She whined again. "You get to introduce him to my ranch potatoes though." Tonya reasoned. Kumiko's face lit up and she grabbed Lucian's hand. "Yes! You must try them! They're amazing!" Kumiko said, happily.

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Lucian was emotionless, stoic, almost as if he was challenging Keith. He looked at Kumiko and smiled. "Alright." He figured anything was better than the constant pizza and Chinese he ordered.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Tonya pulled a glass tray out, the contents covered in tin foil. She grabbed paper plates out and set a few out, and pulled the tin foil away and with a huge spoon, started to scoop the cheesy potatoes onto plates. A golden cheese was on top of the potatoes, that looked like they had been, more or less, mashed. "The cheese goes well with them." Tonya said. A lot of the cheese melted throughout the potatoes, coating them with a delicious flavor. Tonya then brought a cooked chicken out, and let Keith cut it. "I want some of the skin." Kumiko said, looking at the golden brown skin on the chicken. "Do you like white or dark meat?" Tonya asked Lucian.

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"White." Lucian smiled, he kept on guard in case Keith moved to harm him. He knew he couldn't though because Lucian was eleven.

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"He likes---" Tonya started but Keith waved her off. "I heard what he said." Keith said, and cut the meat up, professionally, and started to distribute the white meat on to plates. Kumiko nudged Lucian, handing him a plastic fork. "Try the ranch potatoes!" Kumiko urged him. "They're the best!" She said, smiling.

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Lucian took the fork and nodded. "I will." He smiled a little. "Thank you." He really didn't want to go home.

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"There's gravy too, but that's really for the rice." Tonya said, bringing those out as well. "Yeah, you can't put gravy or ranch on these potatoes. That would ruin it!" Kumiko said, waiting impatiently as everything was set on their plates. Keith pulled the basket away, and handed out more plastic wear and napkins. "So, Lucian, is it? What are your goals for the future?" Keith asked, eyeing him. Tonya rolled her eyes. "Keith, you're talking to a child. He probably doesn't even know what a job is, other then something tedious and boring, so leave him alone and let the kids have their fun." Tonya said. It was Keith's turn to roll his eyes. As far as he was concerned, all boys, no matter what age they were, were thinking about sex, and only sex, and he pegged this boy to be no different. Kumiko nodded. "I want to see your face when you try the potatoes!" Kumiko said to Lucian and smiled.

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Lucian nodded and looked at Keith. "Actually, I'm going to start training to be a gym leader when I get home." He actually had his life planned out, he had plenty of time to think and he read that gym leaders made good money.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 145 comments Mod
Keith's eyes widened a bit in surprise. "A gym leader?" He said in disbelief, then shook his head. "You need to be good with Pokemon for that." Keith said, doubting the pale, thin boy who dressed in black could achieve such a thing. Tonya sent Keith a look. "The boy is young. Give him time. Now quit this, and eat, or the food will get cold." Tonya said, then smiled to Lucian. "Its okay, honey, eat up." Tonya said. Kumiko nodded impatiently. "Yes, eat!" She smiled.

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Lucian nodded and began to eat. He rather liked the food, it was better than what he was used to. He was good with Pokemon, the creature would flak around him a lot.

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