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Is this book worth reading?
Nerdread Nerdread Sep 23, 2012 04:26PM
Is it worht my time or is it like The immortals series

It is a good book, but I think that the Immortals series is much better than this one. The only thing that I liked about this book was the protagonist, Daire, but everything else just didn't appeal to me...

Probably not, especially so if you're bothered by a lack of research. The romance isn't even lukewarm because it doesn't exist. You'll definitely be ticked off by the bullshit vision quest, especially if you know how actual ones are done. The little bouts of righteous anger were all I had to distract me from the boredom. If you didn't like the Immortals, odds are you won't like this.

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Terri Stierwalt I liked this book but am now reading book three (Mystic) and like it much better than book two (Fated. guess you'd have to push through book 2 first t ...more
May 28, 2013 07:16PM


I liked it.

If ur not picky as in little things wrong in the book don't annoy you easily then give it a go. I can see why ppl don't like it but I don't get annoyed easily so I quite liked the book and would read the next one. Really the whole Native American plot makes it interesting.

Yeah it's really good!

That depends on whether you liked the immortals series and books with lots of "wise woman" and "You have an important destiny, if you fail all will be lost" AND "save the world" crap. If you do then this is for you. If you don't then this book isn't worth your time

Personally though, I found The Immortals series better.

HELL NO!!!!!

This book is so worth reading I read it in like 1 day coz I couldn't put it down. Dace sounds son hot!!!!! I love it and I am dying coz I haven't bought the rest of the series!!!!!!! Recomend this to ANYONE looking for a god read!!!

Nothing like it this is actually good

Like every other person here it is so not worth reading, that is why I was so astonished when I actually finished the first book in the first place.

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Daniel I disagree. I think it is worth reading
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I loved the whole series! :)

I really liked the first one. But the second book in the series is good in the beginning and gets REALLY boring in the middle. I stopped reading it, but i really liked the first one. So if you do read it, i don't recommend continuing the series.

It was ok but not good i liked how she fell in love with daire and all... but thats really all i liked .(just the romance)

I started to read this book about two months ago....And I still haven't finished. That should answer that lol.

I thought it was a pretty good book. Like Stephanie said, the first book pretty much sets everything up for the rest of the series.
Don't take my word for it though, i love reading so i think just about every book i read is good.

no, :|

Yeah. I'm looking for the same answer. I havn't read it yet.

I listened to this book on tape & it didn't help that the narrator had a really annoying voice to me. Also this book had major overkill on repetitiveness & also on dragging descriptions out. Not a winner :(

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Yes! The book didn't start of all that great but it is worth reading. So much better than the Immortal's series.

its a bit slow in the first couple of chapters but you should defo read it. is good i read it in one day but i depends on your taste of book.

It was very slow going in the beginning-middle , i liked the book in the end, i am currently reading Echo and it flows much faster- also because there is finally a YA book that involves shamanism.. if you have read the Immortal series than this i feel is very similar but def slower going.. and you may or may not enjoy it. I personally like Daire's personality better than Ever.. I completed the whole Immortal series, but i just couldn't stand Ever even in the end.

I think this book is worth the read.. although to fully get the whole story concept you have to read all four books. I recommend this book.

I never read the immortals series, but this book about bored me to death. I didn't even get halfway through it.

J Jan 18, 2014 05:04PM   0 votes
It depends. I liked the first book, but after both Echo and Mystic, I have lost interest completely. I'm not even going to read the next book because the last two were just that bad.

Nardos wrote: "Is it worht my time or is it like The immortals series"

its a good book its the first book of hers that i have read and i loved it

well. You get bored reading this book, but the plotline and story is nice. It's just....the way Alyson described what Daire was doing just hurt my head.

ALSO, FRAGMENTS, FRAGMENTS, FRAGMENTS!!! Did she even pass 6th Grade English?

I think that it was ok to me there was a lot of facts missing from the book but overall it was pretty good. I haven't read the second book because I feel like its going to make me mad so im just waiting.

I don`t know. I found this book interesting and I liked it to the end. Maybe give it a try?

Personally, I didn't like it. It was very cliche, and it seemed like it was just printed straight out of the YA Fiction Factory. It was just like any other paranormal romance; made from the formula. I had to force my way through it. Chances are, if you don't like any of Alison Noel's other books, you probably won't like this one.

I am a big fan of the author so was excited to read this new series. It was a little slow at the beginning but then I got into and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to "Echo". It is not like the immortal series at all.

I like the start and how everything start but then its start getting really boring and long in ECHO which make me think it's so not wroth it but i will read it anyway because i always end something i start.

I managed to get through the whole book and at it seems like it will start to get interesting in the second book. it looks like this one is just to set everything up for the rest of the series.

in my opion this was a good book i havent read the others in the series but i will. i read the immortal series and loved it!!!!!! i would recremend this book to almost anyone that likes these kinds of books.

Totally agree that this book is NOT worth reading. It was choppy and not well researched. Very disappointing, especially when it could have been so good. Why are editors allowing such unrefined crap to be published??

Totally agree that this book is NOT worth reading. It was choppy and not well researched. Very disappointing, especially when it could have been so good. Why are editors allowing such unrefined crap to be published??

No its not!! The story is not interesting and the characters annoyed me from the first chapter. I couldnt finish reading it 'cause I was already thinking about the next book in my booklist lol

tbh u should start reading it but stop in the middle, the biggining of it was so good but the plot went so wrong, i dislike the ending.

I read her other series and loved them! Read this and almost died. It is soooo BORING!! Not worth it!

To be honest..no.

Maybe if you already have the book but I would say no... it is very dull and annoying in many ways. I bought it having not read anything from this author (no bias)and I was actually really excited to start reading because the back sounded cool and I knew this was supposed to be a more well known author but part way through nothing much happens and what does happen is boring and doesn't capture you like I think it was intended.
From I know of the immortals or heard about it, if you didn't like that series you wont this one most likely

deleted member Dec 21, 2012 03:30PM   0 votes
it was extremely boring, the only reason I picked it up was because I love the immortal series but I barely made it to the end of this book, it was too boring

Alex (last edited Dec 02, 2012 08:17AM ) Dec 01, 2012 02:15PM   0 votes
I tried reading it and I really hated it. I was only a few pages in and I was already hating it. So Boring! I do not recommend this book for you. Not worth your time.


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