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Please add your eBook giveaways here.

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Ryan Sean O'Reilly (ryanseanoreilly) | 10 comments FREE day on Amazon 10/27/12 for “Curious Anomalies".

The official book trailer is on Youtube here:

Curious Anomalies by Ryan Sean O'Reilly
My science fiction short story "Curious Anomalies" will be available FREE for Kindle on 10/27/12 at

Synopsis: “Rick Silvano, an anxious young geneticist, has gotten himself entangled with a violent, South American, drug-lord named Diego Peres. Rick’s talents have been enlisted by Peres to create genetically enhanced watchdogs, by combining common moustache bats with Africanized honeybees. Everything has gone smoothly for the last three years until now, the night before Peres is due to inspect his investment. Clive Pinkerman, who hosts a late-night, radio conspiracy show, announces on-air that he is going to break into the genetic laboratory to uncover a massive alien conspiracy he believes is housed there. Suddenly, Rick must juggle his time between stopping Clive, and making sure the experiment works so that the temperamental Peres will not be displeased.”

More info at:

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Nicolas Wilson | 2 comments Selected Short Stories Featuring Cinderella Shoes is currently free on Amazon(Today only). It contains fifteen short stories in a range of genres, including action/adventure, sci fi, and drama.

Here's synopses for a few of the stories included:
Cinderella Shoes contains 15 short stories, including the titular story.

Stiletto: An exotic dancer struggles to make a living after encountering a murder-in-progress on the job.

Cast: The world is increasingly run by robots, which grow increasingly human.

Analog: An ex-Air Force pilot subsists after a weapon disables all modern technology.

Weakness: Sergeant Ruocco hanged himself.

My Beloved's Eyes: We leave pieces of ourselves with our loved ones- sometimes literally.


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Ellie Stevenson | 17 comments Watching Charlotte Brontë Die and other surreal stories by Ellie Stevenson

Monday 27th May. Last Day for FREE (ghostly) Short Stories

Hello everyone

Last day to chill out with some spooky, surreal stories.
Watching Charlotte Brontë Die: and other surreal stories is FREE on Amazon (ebook).

The stories are surreal and sometimes dark, with a bit of a twist and a definite touch of humour (sometimes). Perfect if you haven't got time for a whole book.

Don’t miss out!


the Haunted Historian: haunting the page across time
Ship of Haunts the other Titanic story by Ellie Stevenson

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