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Virtual | 435 comments Mod
Please add your details here.

message 2: by Maya (last edited Sep 24, 2012 12:41AM) (new)

Maya Panika | 2 comments Thank you so much for the invitation. My novel Entanglement, previously only available on Kindle - goes into print today. I'd be very happy to send a free ebook to anyone who would like one to read and review. I have a (very!) limited number of print copies I can send to people (UK only for the moment I'm afraid) who can promise me a review.

You can read about Entanglement here:

Send me a Goodreads message if you're interested.

Many thanks.

message 3: by Lisa Marie (new)

Lisa Marie Main (Lisa_Marie53) | 4 comments Maya wrote: "Thank you so much for the invitation. My novel Entanglement, previously only available on Kindle - goes into print today. I'd be very happy to send a free ebook to anyone who would like one to read..."
Maya I would be honored to read and get you an early review plus my three daughters still live at home so if you'll send me a PDF to then we'll have it done in no time.... Maybe you could read my first one too, it's already out even in ebook its called morning light coven old grudges new wars book 1 of the grace reborn series, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. It's a ya fiction, my daughters seem quite fond of it lol, I'll be looking for ur book. Have a great day, Lisa~

message 4: by Lorinda (new)

Lorinda Taylor (termitewriter) | 5 comments I really need a review of my SF/F novel "The War of the Stolen Mother," volume 1 of "The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head." You can read about it here:
or go to my blog, which tells all about the series. I'm that person who writes about giant intelligent termites.
If you would like to read and review it on Amazon and Goodreads or on your own website, I can give you a coupon for a free Smashwords copy, which you can read on, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc., or as a PDF or other format for your PC or laptop. I could send you the coupon number here, or by Twitter message (@TermiteWriter) Thanks a lot!
And BTW, Andrea, thanks for inviting me to join this Group!

message 5: by Tiana (new)

Tiana Dalichov Hey everyone! My debut novel, Poison, was published this past March and I am looking for readers who are interested in reviewing the book. I've attached the blurb below and if you are interested, I have some PDFs set aside! Message me here on Goodreads or email me at :)

Dessa Ambrose – the normal girl-next-door who yearns for her life to attain meaning – meets the strangely alluring Christopher Calder, who holds the secrets of the past and the keys to all the doors Dessa wishes to open. As she spends more time with Chris, Dessa begins to realize that he isn’t human – or at least not a normal one. His mysterious powers leave Dessa questioning the very foundation of the world she grew up in, and when Chris finally opens the door to Dessa’s future, she finds herself reluctant to walk through it.

As a newly Awakened Keeper – a God in the form of a human with the power to control one of the elements of nature—Dessa learns of her affinity for Light, but as she and her friends try to remember everything from their dark pasts, the evil they knew then has followed them to the present. But unfortunately for them, none of them can remember who that evil might be.

With that evil destroying the bonds that hold them so close to one another, wreaking destruction upon the world, and attempting to claim Dessa’s life at every available turn, Dessa realizes that her true destiny can no longer be avoided.

When it all comes down to it, Dessa must either forfeit herself, her power, and her will to live, or she must give up the lives of the entire world – of those she sought to protect. Can she make the ultimate sacrifice? Or is she just as spineless as the enemy believes her to be?

message 6: by D.E.M. (new)

D.E.M. Emrys (d_e_m_emrys) | 16 comments Looking for reviewers on my debut fantasy novel From Man to Man by D.E.M. Emrys
From Man to Man

‘I’ve traded my old enemies for just this one…’ The axe thundered home. ‘I miss the old ones.’

Every man has a past, none more so than Draven Reinhardt. Abandoning his old life to settle down as a villager, he struggles to fit in, let alone hold down a job. When opportunity offers the much needed coin, Draven is torn between a promise and a purpose.

But, what’s one last job if you’ve already got blood on your hands?

‘From Man to Man’ is the story of how one man can change – or not – for the best. Prequel to the upcoming novel ‘It Began With Ashes’, the short (6400 words) introduces the reader to a world of suspense, intrigue, and action.

Exclusive preview chapter from ‘It Began With Ashes’.

message 7: by Marc (new)

Marc Nash (sulci) | 29 comments Just published to Kindle my sci-fi comedy romance novel Time After Time Time After Time by Marc Nash

Loosely based on "The Terminator" meets "Attack The Block" and with a link to a 40-song tracklist on Spotify for all the songs in nthe book.

I can provide a Mobi copy of the book for review.

Trailer here:

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

To let everyone know, my husband and I just started a blog to review books by indie authors, so feel free to check out our welcome post and send us an email!

message 9: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Hall (tink1113) | 11 comments Hello all! I am letting any and all authors know that I have a blog that I do book reviews on. I will review any book. I put no restraints on what I will or won't read as I may miss a really fantastic book if I did so. If interested please look me up or send me a message.
My blog is

message 10: by Andrew (last edited Oct 24, 2012 01:49PM) (new)

Andrew Rafkin | 4 comments Andrea wrote: "Please add your details here."

Thank's for the invite. Love to have you review my current book ANGELS GATE. I can send you a copy or e-book. Please let me know. You can reach me at
See the live book trailer....

message 11: by M. P. (last edited Nov 19, 2012 11:06AM) (new)

M. P. Ness (m_p_ness) | 12 comments Would absolutely love Anyone willing to review my debut, Serial urb/dys/contemp fantasy

White Leaves (E.L.F. series, book 1)
Currently released up to chapter 12 @ JukePop Serials. Ranked #8 at current in voter response amid the Best in Serialized Fiction!
Just needs more exposure. :)

Exerpts on my goodreads bio "my writing" area.

I can supply the full manu if you want to review its entirety.

message 12: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Hall (tink1113) | 11 comments Michael I would be interested in reviewing the full manu. If you would be willing to let me I would be honored to read the whole thing. Just let me know. Here is my email
Thank you,

message 13: by M. P. (new)

M. P. Ness (m_p_ness) | 12 comments Alrighty Tammy!
I will send it this evening.
Dayjob for the next 8 or so hours.
Haha...ugh. its cold out there. I dunno why i laugh.

Oh my. We should stick to book talk if thats a football related addy. As im a die Hard Seahawks fan. Lol

message 14: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Hall (tink1113) | 11 comments Thanks Michael,
I will be watching for it to arrive. Yes it is cold out this morning.
I am a Steelers fan however, for me it is just the enjoyment of the game. I don't get all worked up and in a frenzy over it and besides a little friendly bantering can be fun.
Have a great day!

message 15: by M. P. (new)

M. P. Ness (m_p_ness) | 12 comments Sorry Tammy, i had some internet troubles.
Im going to try again tonight, but im also heading out to family affair for the holiday.
Hopefully i can get it to you before the long weekend, but if not, ill get it to you on the flipside of it all.
Happy turkey day!!

message 16: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Hall (tink1113) | 11 comments No problem whenever you can get it to me is good. No worries here. Happy turkey day to you as well! : )

message 17: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Hall (tink1113) | 11 comments Michael,
I was just wondering if you would still like for me to review your book? If so just let me know. I am still very interested in reading and reviewing it for you.

message 18: by M. P. (new)

M. P. Ness (m_p_ness) | 12 comments Sending it now, Tammy. :)
Just finished my final edit. You will get the same copy as my final editor.

message 19: by D.E.M. (new)

D.E.M. Emrys (d_e_m_emrys) | 16 comments Hi all,

I'm be willing to offer free copies of my heroic-fantasy novel 'It Began With Ashes' in return for a review here on Goodreads and Amazon. If you're interested please leave a comment below.

Here's a quick rundown in blurb format:
Peace in Wroge came at a price.

The cost?


Wroge was divided by the Saive War. The Arneuton kingdom enslaved the Keltir clans into their invasion, and swept across the territory, converting and culling conscripting the weak, culling the strong. Five Years of war, the blood of four races, millions of deaths. The Arneut conquered. The Keltir were released from their imprisonment, but the Vikir and Narz were forever banished from Wroge's borders.

Draven fought for peace. He fought another man's war and paid for his freedom in blood. But even peace comes with its price. Taxes to another man's king. Draven's fight might have ended with the Saive War, but the struggle to afford safety for his family is far from over.

When the Vikir threaten Wroge's northern border they come with a debt of their own. And it's not taxes they're after. They come because of the Keltir's betrayal in the Saive War. They come from blood.

But Wroge's fate won't be decided by ageing warriors and old grudges. The lives of four young men, divided by peace, united by conflict, will shape the future of the war torn land.

'It Began With Ashes' is the story of how life's greatest struggle is to accept who you are - a tale of broken promises, bitter grudges, and brotherhoods bound in blood.

If you would like to purchase a copy rather than be sent a freebie, 'It Began With Ashes is available on Amazon for:

US $2.99


message 20: by Nick (new)

Nick Lynch (NickLynch) | 1 comments hello everyone, I am seeking people willing to review my book as I write it. I would like some people who can provide constructive criticism DURING my writing process. I will add you to view my documents in my Google drive and you can leave your comments there. I am a big boy and I can take the honesty, in fact, I welcome it.

if interested, give me your contact info i.e your gmail address and I will add you and in helping me I will provide a free copy of the book (if it turns out to be any good). I would really appreciate any help :-) thanks

message 21: by Khara (new)

Khara Robinson | 15 comments Nick--
What is your book about?

message 22: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Wilson | 2 comments I'd love to meet some new reviewers.

I've got a space opera in the final stages of revision, and will need some readers to go through an ARC copy soon, to read it before its launch in August. Don't worry-it will have been through the editor several times before then, and will be missing only the final proofread. I've also got another novel, a somewhat lighter sci-fi adventure/romance that released back in April and could use another review or two.

Check out Dag (The second novel up for grabs), or let me know if you're interested in being put on the list for Nexus.

message 23: by Gamal (new)

Gamal Hennessy Hello.

I am releasing a criminal espionage novel next month called Smooth Operator and I’m looking for advanced reviewers for the Amazon and GR pages. If you’d like to get an advanced copy of the book in exchange for a review, please send me a message with your email address and I’ll take care of the rest.

Every reviewer will also get a free bonus short story no matter what your review says or how many stars you give it.


Have fun.

message 24: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Engellmann (engellmann) | 4 comments Hi everybody! I'm looking for reviewers for the first book in the Sky Ghosts series,
Sky Ghosts: All for One
I have 20 ebook copies available in all formats (mobi, epub, pdf) in exchange for a review on Amazon/Goodreads. If you like the book, you can also sign up for ARC and read the whole series for free months before the release.
Here's the synopsis:

Under the cover of night, unseen in their black gear against the black sky, there are Sky Ghosts - warriors and assassins, who have been hiding among humans for centuries, revealing their supernatural abilities only to the human elite. They are bodyguards of the highest level and protectors of their cities at night, when they hunt those who chose the dark side, Sky Beasts.
In New York City, there are two fighters that Sky Beasts hate more than anyone - Jane and Pain, two sisters who don't think twice about beheading a Beast or two. One night, they save two boys from their enemies' blades, and since that moment, their lives are effectively ruined. The whole Sky Beasts gang is now after them, and not only the boys are in danger, but everybody the sisters love and care about.
As a war threatens to break out, the main mystery remains unsolved: why would the Beasts hunt two ordinary human boys?

Sky Ghosts: All for One is the first book in the Sky Ghosts series that won't leave indifferent fans of sword fighting, fantasy romance, and the woman warrior genre.

If you'd like to review the book, please, send me a message/email ( Don't forget to include your preferred ebook format.

message 25: by Katrina (new)

Katrina (katrinaarcher) | 1 comments Hi there,

I'd love to get a few reviewers for my dark fantasy, The Tree of Souls.

A murky past. A forbidden love. A deathly power.

When the river spits Umbra onto its bank, naked and shivering, the only clue to her identity is the arcane brand seared into her skin. A brand hunted by both a murderous necromancer and a handsome stranger. A brand that thrusts Umbra into a simmering conflict between the ascendant Clans and the nomadic Gherza. A brand that may make her the key to averting all-out war.

The Tree of Souls weaves an intimate tale of dark sorcery, doomed love, and implacable revenge, amid an age-old clash of nations, with all the souls of the living hanging in the balance.

I have digital ePub and MOBI editions available. Please private message me if interested, and let me know if you also have a book blog. I'll then coordinate e-mailing you a copy or giving you a Google Drive link.

The Tree of Souls is currently available for pre-order and will be launching on May 1, 2016. It will also be up on NetGalley in March and April.

Thanks in advance!

The Tree of Souls by Katrina Archer

message 26: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Hall (tink1113) | 11 comments Katrina,
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been dealing with life issues. I would really like to read and review your book if you would still like for me to. I would need a mobi copy if you still want me to review for you.

message 27: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Faith (sydneyfaith) | 2 comments Reviewers Wanted! - YA Fantasy Adventure
Hey there! I'm Sydney Faith and I'm looking for ARC reviewers for my upcoming YA fantasy adventure, The Delinquent Crown (Olexia Legends Book One)
If you're interested, please feel free to sign up here! (
Hope to see you over there!

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