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Please add your eBook giveaways here.

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For three days only, ‘Web of Deceit’ by Charles R Stubbs will be available for free download over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend: Saturday 6th October, Sunday 7th October and Monday 8th October 2012. This is your opportunity to obtain a free copy of the mystery/crime novel/thriller that is causing such a stir amongst early readers. Don’t miss out!

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Ryan Sean O'Reilly (ryanseanoreilly) | 10 comments Great reviews for “Overtime in the Woods” – FREE on 7/16/13 @ Amazon

Overtime in the Woods by Ryan Sean O'Reilly

Synopsis: "Private Investigator, Rich Lacey, is hired to get incriminating evidence against a man fraudulently collecting insurance money on a worker’s compensation claim. Rufus Stamford’s case leads Lacey deep into the backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where Stamford has been setting up a new life for himself. Everything goes fine until Lacey suspiciously develops a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, forcing him to get Stamford’s help. The two end up spending the evening together, where Lacey hears the other side of the story. Suddenly, Lacey finds himself in the unusual position of weighing out the morals of his profession."

Since my suspenseful short story is receiving great reviews on Amazon, I’m going to make it free on 7/16/13. The story is available here:

This is my third release and I appreciate all the feedback from people and the hundreds of downloads I’ve received so far. Check out a few quotes from Amazon reviewers:

“A MATTER OF CHOICES…Well crafted suspense here and much food for thought…The author builds this feeling; a feeling of the unknown and implied “bad things could happen,” very skillfully. It is also a story of choices; of doing the right thing after all the facts are known and is everything as it seems?…But I tell you truthfully, this young writer most certainly has the potential and I suspect that we will be hearing much from him on down the road….” – Don Blankenship (Hall of Fame, Top 50 Reviewer, Vine Voice –

"Overtime in the Woods"“A creepy backwoods thriller…4 1/2 Stars…well written with a accomplished sense of pace and timing…Overall, an enjoyable short thriller, well written….” – Ray Nicholson (Top 1000 Reviewer –

“Quirky with a touch of Fraughtness…On the strength of this though I may just be tempted to look at the other short stories put out by this author which can be seen here or here…” -Tom Stronach (

“Thought-provoking dilemma…The unexpected moral quandary in which Investigator Lacey finds himself is richly nuanced and nicely presented in this little novella which ends on a “The Lady, or the Tiger?” note.” – Judith Paley (Vine Voice,

“Striking and effective…It’s a gripping and suspenseful read that I easily swallowed in one quick read on a long bus ride, and I was compltely engulfed by it throughout. O’Reilly does a masterful job with pacing and building up suspense…it’s this perfect build-up and constant feeling of unease and dread that makes it a very engaging and effective read; it keeps the reader intrigued throughout, and then leaves them with some very interesting questions about the moral implications it raises. A very solid story by a promising young author…” – Itamar Katz (

“Very enjoyable short story…This is a well-written suspenseful tale that captures the reader’s interest from page one and holds it throughout the entire reading…” – Israel Drazin (Top 1000 Reviewer, Vine Voice,

“Short, enjoyable story…Moral values are in question when an investigator attempts to collect evidence of fraud. When the target and the investigator meet, a choice must be made. I was interested in the story and the characters although I have never been a big fan of short stories. I always want more information. I would recommend this story as a quick read.” – Debra Miller (

Thanks to all!

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Bo Brennan | 2 comments If you like your thrillers dark and gritty, with edgy plots and complex characters – you’ll love STEALING POWER.

This powerful psychological crime novel is an edge of your seat serial killer thriller. Guaranteed to get your heart racing and your blood pumping for the bargain price of 99p/99c!


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John Cassian | 7 comments [FREE Jan. 25 & 26 only!]

Want to read a FREE bioterrorism mystery-thriller with a sexy twist? "Bodies: Staged Fright" answers the question: What would happen on a cop show if three members of the same investigative team got into a threesome, and decided to keep it going as a longterm threeway relationship?

Staged Fright (Bodies, #1) by Sameer Ketkar

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Gamal Hennessy I'm offering five copies of my novel as part of a Goodreads giveaway. Click here for more info.

Smooth Operator The Life and Crimes of Warren Baker by Gamal Hennessy

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A.R. Simmons (arsimmons) | 4 comments COLD FURY will be free at the Kindle store Friday and Saturday (Nov. 28-29)

This 9th in the Richard Carter series was released on Oct 28, 2014.


Pick up a copy, enjoy, and pass along the word.

AR Simmons

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Adrian Ferrer (adrianferrer) Hello, folks.

I'm looking for friends who could make reviews about my book on

If you are willing to help me and are interested in a thriller involving murders and religion, please give my book a try.

But be warned that the book contains Bible-related content and that many of the ideas in the book confront the dogmas of the church. So if you have no problem opening your mind to new ideas that might confront the church's official position, Angel of Death is a good call!

Those who read The Da Vinci Code and did not feel offended by its content will deal well with Angel of Death. I'm not here to disrespect people's views about religion, but only to present new points of view.

I promise anyone who reads the book will not regret it, and that there really is a great revelation within it. I'm not lying about this, and I'm not being fancy to get attention. I'm telling the truth!

Angel of Death is not a long book and is fast paced.

Please contact me and I will send you a copy of the book.

PS: Please, only ask for the book if you are really willing to read and review it within a reasonable period (about one week and a half maybe). Don't take me wrong, it is just that I don't have resources to buy many books for giveaways and the first days of release are crucial for the book campaign. I'm really in need of reviews!

Thank you!!!

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Ellie Stevenson | 17 comments Watching Charlotte Brontë Die and other surreal stories by Ellie Stevenson

Hi everyone

Grab your FREE copy of Watching Charlotte Bronte Die: and other surreal stories - ghosts, murder, mystery and more... (UK) (US)

And, at the same time, why not get your SALE copy of The Floozy in the Park - just 99p/99c. A partly historical mystery with a supernatural twist. (UK) (US)

'When Jon sees his dead lover, he's not the only one concerned...'

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