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message 1: by Laszlo (last edited Sep 30, 2012 07:23PM) (new)

Laszlo (steampunk) | 232 comments Mod
Add a request to be one of the 6 mystics, then add your character.
Additional Psychic Ability(Please post what that ability means.):
Looks(Please be descriptive and do not post a picture unless the picture is approved.):

message 2: by ☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (last edited Sep 24, 2012 02:36PM) (new)

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 145 comments Name: Tobias Manning
Nickname: Four
Age: 18
Gender: male
Additional Psychic Ability: none
Looks: tall, hazel eyes, blond hair
Personality: courageous, puts others first, sweet, caring
History: unknown
Pets(?) none

message 3: by Laszlo (new)

Laszlo (steampunk) | 232 comments Mod
P.S. The power that all Mystics have is to see the past and the future perfectly, so do you mind putting none for Additional Psychic Ability?

message 4: by Laszlo (new)

Laszlo (steampunk) | 232 comments Mod
Sorry for being so specific lol!

message 6: by Laszlo (new)

Laszlo (steampunk) | 232 comments Mod
Thank you!

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