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How long?
Jennifer Jennifer Sep 23, 2012 02:51PM
I have been wanting to read Anna Karenina forever, but it is a long book. How many hours did you devote to this book to do it justice? Wondering if I might possibly have it read before the end of September for a book club that I have only just joined.

Lily (last edited Sep 24, 2012 08:08PM ) Sep 24, 2012 08:07PM   0 votes
If you are a speed reader and have a fair amount of time to devote over the next six days, you might get enough sense of the book to be able to discuss it. But do return to it again to savor the writing, the nuances, the insights,....

When you do get to re-reading, I recommend borrowing Nabokov's Lectures on Russian Literature. His enthusiasm for Anna K is infectious and he offers some wonderful insights on what to look for and notice as one reads. In fact, do check if any members of your book club used it. If even one of them later looks at it, you will have contributed to the group discussion. If you had even one more day before the end of September and the book was in your local library, I'd say go read the chapter on AK the day before your meeting. (It would have spoilers, so if you prefer reading for the plot, read AK itself first.)

Jennifer Thanks Lily. That is really helpful. I am going to check my library's online card catalogue to see if they have a copy in circulation. ...more
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D Cox Took me months.....but...not really. I went at it for a week and got halfway and during a long winded political section lost the will to go on. I stop ...more
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