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Harrison waits on the couch for his brother.

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Josh opens the door

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Natalie follows.

A smile creeps up on Harrison's face. "Josh!" He came running towards his big brother.

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"harry.."he picks him up

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Natalie smiles. "He's so sweet."

Harry smiles evilly at Josh.

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he puts him down "for now"

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She laughs and looks down at Harrison.

"Where are you taking me today, Josh?"

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"where do you want to go...can my new friend come with us"he asked

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"Take me to the movies. And yes, your 'friend' can come." He smiles.

Natalie chuckles. "Too cute."

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he smiles "ok come on buddy"he holds out his hand

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He takes his hand and smiles adorably at Natalie, then evilly at Josh.

Natalie smiles back. He got her.

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he leads them out and locks the door "what do you want see"he asked him and looks over at her

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"The House at the End of the Street? Or maybe The Possession..." He smiles.

Natalie looked at him with surprised eyes.

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"you know i cant watch scary movies"he says to him

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"That's because you're a baby, Josh. Are you really going to let a five year old be more man than you?"

Natalie chuckled in disbelief.

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"no..fine will see your movie"he says blushing a little

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"Good. Let's go." He smiled victoriously.

Natalie followed behind, surprised.


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they go

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