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Please add your eBook giveaways here.

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Dean Johnston (dinojay2) Black Friday Ebook Giveaway!

Today is American Thanksgiving, so in honour (Cdn spelling - see what I did there?) of weekday football and unhealthy amounts of greasy turkey my book Random Acts of Travel is available FREE all weekend! Get the details at:

Happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to chew...

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Adele Ward (adeleward) | 5 comments For 5 days over Valentine's weekend we're giving away VG Lee's novel Diary of a Provincial Lesbian on Kindle. V.G. Lee's books are suitable for men, women and teenagers, and she was recently shortlisted along with Jeanette Winterson in the prestigious Stonewall Awards for Writer of the Year.

You need to download it from the Amazon site for your country and it's available on all Amazon sites around the world, including:



Free Kindle reading apps are available here

Diary of a Provincial Lesbian is a book that can be enjoyed by women and men, by anybody who has ever asked themselves the question: ‘What is love?’ The heroine, Margaret, thinks she has found love, until her partner Georgie gives her the classic book Diary of a Provincial Lady, and an empty diary where she can record her own life. The following year will bring changes she doesn’t expect, to her life and to herself. In this novel, filled with the comedy and sadness so typical of all our lives, VG Lee shows what love really is, if it’s expected to last beyond the first thrill of meeting. She also shows the importance of other types of love – the love of pets and of friends, and the importance of accepting those close to us with all their faults. As always, VG Lee makes the reader laugh out loud and also cry, and by the end of the novel the main character and the readers are no longer the same.

VG Lee’s novels have been endorsed by Sarah Waters, Stella Duffy and Time Out, and she was shortlisted in the Stonewall Awards for Writer of the Year at the end of 2012. She is also a stand-up comedian and regular comedy feature writer for The Lady magazine.

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