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King of the North!? will there be one?

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Jared do you think there will be a king of the north by the end of the series?
Sense the north had its taste of freedom i don't think they will go back to being under the command of the south

Justin Wilkerson I really don't like Shireen so I hope she doesn't it get it, although I doubt even Stannis would get it even if he lives.

I think that even despite all the other rumors and thoughts about Jon, he could end up as King in the North.

Or several years down the road it could be Rickon? That'd be crazy lol. I'm sure if anyone will end up as Lord of Winterfell and Ruler of the North it has to be a Stark child.

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Kat I think it will be Jon, it would almost seem fitting as he is 'the bastard' but actually he got to be lord of winterfell and become 'A stark', and he is leader of nights watch so he knows how to rule. Other than that out of the Starks, Rikkon is my next choice.
I would imagine it has to be a stark though as they were wardens of the North and that, someone like Theon better not try and be king again....

Davytron Rickon would be a terrible ruler. He's practically a feral child and he'll totally have abandonment issues coming out the ear. He'd be a frosty worg Targaryen, which is a horrifying thought for the realm.

Justin Wilkerson I only mentioned Rickon as a Stark child for whom we really don't know what the future holds. Heck, we don't know what his present holds because he hasn't been in the last couple books except as mentioned by other characters. And since he is so young, it is entirely possible he could be made into a strong ruler by the time he is of age.

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Kat I was thinking of rickon grown up! Not now of course it's just I don't think the other stark children will rule for some reason, rickon might have potential in the future, but I'm still holding out for jon to rule...

Jared I think rickon will grow up to be pretty badass character, he will have a bit of hate him in! all starks seem honorable and nice and caring, they need a gray character, take rickon, his parents were slaughtered, his grand parents and uncle were slaughtered, he is going to hate so many people. he just has the past to be a really interesting character. i think martin is saving rickon to be the stark revenge

Kelsey Rickon is being raised by a wildling woman who believes and is knowledgable about the magical elements beyond the wall. I think he'll become a sort of King Beyound the Wall, especially if Bran teaches him what the children of the forest taught him. Bran should be king of the North, if Jon wanted it he would of taken it. Bran is both wise and was becoming quite the little lord.

I think Dany will separate the kingdoms, I mean, she was heartbroken when one free city she left immediately fell into chaos and fighting. Even with dragons to ride, it'll be hard to manage seven kingdoms. Brandon could teach her to be a warg, and as a loyal servant will be gifted the North, as a King or a liege lord with a lot more power.

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Ted Perhaps after Arya wreaks her revenge (following her current helpful training) she will retire to rule Winterfell? If the Iron Islands can be ruled by a woman, why not Winterfell? Or perhaps Sansa will mature into a Cersei-type and reunite Winterfell and the Aerie? Rickon is another possibility. I don't see Bran doing it, his abilities take him down a different road.

Leniw I believe that Jon as half Tangaryen (if the rumors are true) will marry Dany and sit with her on the Iron throne. In this way, the remaining starks will be directly connected to the iron throne and have privileges.

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