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Virtual | 435 comments Mod
Please add your details here.

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L.A. Taylor (mrwriterman) | 3 comments Hello, I am an author of 2 novels to date. My first novel - CLIFTON FALLS - is out now on amazon kindle, with my second novel - BEDBUGS (Can you see them?) Due for release in October 2012.
I am looking for reviews for my first novel, so if you like zombie horror, action, romance, with a touch of silly humor, then why not take a look...
I have a website - - If you want to check me out.
Get back to me.....

message 3: by Lisa Marie (new)

Lisa Marie Main (Lisa_Marie53) | 4 comments Hey Lee, I too have my first novel out in my first series and it too is now available in ebook, amazon kindle, and all online bookstores, here is my website if you or anyone else would be willing to check it out on my website and if you would be gracious to read and review my book, I'll be more then happy to do the same for you. my book is ya fiction about twin witches who are chosen as champions basically to save the balance of light and dark to bring the queen of the underworld back to the good graces of her's awesome and the second one will be out soon..Let me know what any of you all think, I would be more then willing to help anyone out, not just Lee but anyone, we all need to stick together....thanks, Lisa Marie..oh my book is called Morning Light Coven Old Grudges New Wars Book 1 of the Grace Reborn Series...thx

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy Metz (amymetz) | 1 comments My novel, Murder & Mayhem In Goose Pimple Junction, was released in August. It's a humorous southern mystery, and I would love to have more reviewers. My website is: I can be reached by message from Goodreads, or at my email address:
Thanks for inviting me to this group, Andrea!

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim | 4 comments I published my first novel, PURGATORY, in May. It's a comedy about the afterlife. An arrogant businessman returns to earth after his death to make amends to his daughter and get to heaven, but an enemy he made in life wants to thwart him. It's the businessman, a 19th century writer and a beach bum vs. the enemy and a loser with a gambling problem in a showdown at a Las Vegas coffee shop.

I'd love to have some more reviews. Information is at, I'm here on Goodreads, and my email address is Thanks!

message 6: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Chrisman | 2 comments My debut novel, The Legend of the Seer, is an epic, fantasy fiction tale about William Ore and his quest to discover his true powers and abilities of being a Seer! If you liked the Inheritance saga or The Chronicles of Narnia series, you'll want to read and review this novel. Check it out at my website at and if you have any questions, just email me at

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Brittney Canna (brittney_canna) | 1 comments Hello!

My debut to volume one of my novelette has been recently published titled, BANDIT. Despite her confident and determined personality, nineteen-year-old Harley is actually naive and cheerful at heart. However, after the brutal murder of her family, darkness has made its way into her heart, and revenge now moves her forward. With sheer willpower, she convinces Axel, a gruff and enigmatic wanted criminal, to help aid her. As the two go on their journey, the different dynamics of their surroundings grow more intense as they draw nearer to their goal.

I'd love to have more reviews for it, much appreciated! You can find the book here:

I can be reached here on Goodreads or by email,, if you have any questions or would like to set up an interview.

Thank you~

message 8: by Matthew (new)

Matthew McFarland (matthewwmcfarland) | 7 comments Hi,

I'm looking for reviewers of my short story collection Fifty/Fifty and other stories. I'm offering free ebooks in whatever format takes your fancy, just pm me your email address.

here's the synopsis:

Fifty/Fifty and Other Stories is a collection of eleven outstanding short stories by Northern Irish author Matthew W. McFarland.

In 'Fifty/Fifty', a policeman is called out to an attempted suicide on the iconic Forth Rail Bridge. His previous experience with 'jumpers' has led to one death and one life saved - his current record is fifty/fifty, but all that is about to change.

In 'Defenestration', a man is thrown from the twelfth storey of a building in mysterious circumstances. As he falls towards almost certain death, he contemplates his fate, killer whales, flying cats, and the untapped potential of the human mind.

In 'The Burning Bar', a man enters a burning building to rescue the love of his life, and becomes trapped, as the whole place collapses around him. Will he manage to escape before it is too late?

'What Have You Done?' deals with the legacy of the conflict in Northern Ireland, as a civil servant comes face to face with an ex-terrorist, leading him to discover how the previous generation coped with living through the worst of the Troubles.

These, and seven other stories, touching on sport, fatherhood, arachnophobia, faith, and cannibalism, make up an exciting collection of short fiction which will leave readers wanting more.



message 9: by Christie (new)

Christie Palmer | 7 comments Hi to everyone out there. I am looking for reviews for my new urban fantasy romance. Lost In Time, if you are interested please email me at

message 10: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Brink (jenn_brink) Hi everyone! My debut novel, Black Roses was released just yesterday! It is a dark, comedic, mystery and although I may be biased, one of the best books of 2013. I am definitely in need of people to read & review it. If you're interested, send me a message



message 11: by John (last edited Jul 04, 2013 04:26PM) (new)

John Rachel (johndrachel) | 11 comments Blinders Keepers by John Rachel Blinders Keepers by John Rachel Blinders Keepers by John Rachel Blinders Keepers by John Rachel Blinders Keepers by John Rachel Blinders Keepers by John Rachel

Please review my book! Let me know what ebook format you prefer ...

In this dark comedy, a young man who escapes his hopelessly hayseed home town in Missouri is mistakenly labeled a terrorist and must survive a manhunt by government security agencies, while the President of an America in chaos and collapse perpetrates an end-of-the-world hoax, attempting to reclaim control and get himself re-elected.

Blinders Keepers is social-political satire in the tradition of Jonathan Swift, Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller, but revved up and spit-shined to take on the historic new levels of absurdity and dysfunction of the 21st Century. It is one young man's laugh-out-loud struggle to survive the epic disintegration of the American Dream.


message 12: by Lorrie (new)

Lorrie Farrelly (goodreadscomlorrie_farrelly) | 1 comments I would greatly appreciate reviews for any of my novels, but if you aren't familiar with my books, I would recommend TERMS OF SURRENDER (Post-Civil War Western historical romance) or TIMELAPSE (time-travel/alternate reality, romantic adventure). Here are the blurbs:

TERMS OF SURRENDER: The War Between the States not only destroyed all Michael Cantrell loved, it left the young, former Confederate cavalry officer without faith or hope, a solitary, haunted man trying to escape his demons in the vast western frontier. Then, one spring day along the Wind River, he finds himself suddenly in the thick of another life-and-death struggle – Annie Devlin’s war.

Desperate to hang on to her ranch and her life, waylaid by gunmen hired by a powerful rancher who covets her land, Annie and her young brother, Robbie, fight a furious, rapidly losing battle for their lives.

When all seems lost, into the fray steps a cold-eyed, steel-nerved stranger – Michael Cantrell – who saves Annie and Robbie, but is himself grievously wounded.

With Annie’s care, Michael recovers not only his strength but a portion of his embittered soul as well. Fighting his powerful feelings for her, convinced he has nothing to give, Michael determines to stay with the Devlins only long enough to ensure their safety against the treachery that would destroy them.

Reluctantly, Michael, who for years has known only loss, allies himself with a stubborn, courageous young woman who will take his heart by storm and test the limit of his honor, his mettle – and his passion.

A finalist for the prestigious Orange Rose Award, TERMS OF SURRENDER takes the reader on a stirring adventure that is also a heartfelt, emotional journey.

TIMELAPSE: The accidental death of his beloved wife sent Alex Morgan into a numbing world of suppressed grief and rage, eased only by a profound bond with his son. Suddenly his life is shattered again when a chance discovery propels him into a world gone horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

Piecing together clues in this new nightmare, Alex suspects a colleague of taking a few, meddling steps back in time, changing the course of history - destroying Alex's family and his world. Desperately clinging to his sanity, he searches for any evidence his young son still exists.

Jessica O'Neil is fighting a nightmare of her own, captured and facing execution for freedom-fighting heroics in her grim, oppressive world. When Alex rescues the feisty young rebel, she resists her dangerous attraction to him - a man who's clearly crazy, literally in a world of his own.

Bound together first by chance and desperation, then by growing purpose, respect, and emotion, Alex and Jessie must depend on each other to survive. More than that, they must find a way to prevent a terrible crime from taking place - a crime that plunged both their worlds into nightmare - over a hundred years before. To have a future, they will have to find their way to the past.

If you are interested in these or any other of my books, please email me at Many thanks! Terms of Surrender Timelapse

message 13: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Grace Hi everyone. I'm looking for reviews for my book too! It's a paranormal romance and you can find it at
I can be reached here or on my blog for any questions or an interview:

message 14: by Fey (new)

Fey Truet (FeyTruet) | 1 comments Hey Everyone,

Authors and reviewers alike, I need reviews for the story you've all been waiting for: Altered World: A Girl Named Trouble. For a free copy email me at, or check out and see if this book can win you over. Thanks and good luck everyone. Oh, and look out for Trouble.

message 15: by V. (new)

V. Pain (Vpain) | 4 comments It's poet Vpain... I would like to introduce
Hear Me Roar by VPain
a poetry collection of writings from my teenage years until my late twenties. Instead of being a memoir, it's a reflection, a confession, and a survivor's celebration through lyrics. Some of the poetry does rhyme, but you will find it ranges from raw to romantic; sad, to sassy, and more of the mixture of emotions we all feel as we first attempt actualization. Toward the end, a letter to reader, tells more about what inspires me. I invite you to get a feel for my flava in the e-books section of my author page, a few of my favorite poems are there to be read for free.

I am also on Youtube.

message 16: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Jeremiah | 1 comments Hey everyone! I'm looking for reviewers for my book I published recently. It's a contemporary romance called 'Reunion of the Heart'. I'm happy to send a free copy to anyone who'd be willing to write a fair and honest review.

Let me know if you're interested. My email address is elaine (dot) jeremiah (at) gmail (dot) com

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