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Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling, #1)
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Jo (jo_vbc) | 25 comments Mod
Spoilers for Slave to Sensation are welcome in this post, but please try not to give any for later books in the series, thanks guys

Hope everyone is enjoying this months group read! In the last discussion post we were talking about the overall creepiness of the psynet. This time we're going to be talking all things sexy shifter, i.e. the changelings.

Here are some starter topics to get the ball rolling:

Where the Psys are ice cold, everything about the Changelings is red hot. Ruled by their emotions, family and pack means everything.

The changelings are clearly very tactile, did you enjoy watching Lucas use his 'skin privileges' to break down Sascha's already crumbling Psy nature?

What was your favourite traits/aspect of the pack dynamics?

With the events of the serial killer, do you think the Changelings will ever be able to trust the psy, even knowing there are others like Sascha's out there?

There were plenty of Changelings introduced in StS, so other than the lead Lucas, who was your favourite and who's story are you most looking forward to?

Karen Wapinski | 39 comments I loved his skin privileges thing. Partly because Sascha is desperate for touch and closeness, and being able to experience it means a lot to her; and it's less threatening because she can see interactions with other pack members.
What I liked best about the pack dynamics was the hierarchy. I love that scene where the female soldior (can't remember her name) is all 'oh, so we can't even question the psy now?' and they're like 'considering your rank; you, personally, can't. Butt out."
I like that because since they do have the tendancy to be very emotional that if they didn't have a definative hierarchy and control the pack could very well descend into chaos.
I don't think they;ll ever be able to trust the psy completely, especially knowing the extent of the emotionless nature of the psy (such as Sascha's mothers willingness to kill her, the council keeping serial killers like dangerous pets)
I love Dorian, can't wait for his book

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