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message 1: by Vic (new)

Vic Robbie (vic_robbie) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite, Andrea.

May I mention my new thriller here - IN PURSUIT OF PLATINUM, published by Principium Press and available as an eBook or paperback at or

Based on a true story, it reveals The Shocking Secret of World War II and recounts the amazing bravery of the heroes and heroines who fought the Nazis and won.

A reviewer wrote ‘It will leave you wondering right to the end – and afterwards’

It’s the secret they don’t want you to find out – buried in government archives and not to be revealed until 2045. Now you can read the real story about the attempt to smuggle a fortune in platinum out of Paris in the legendary Bullion Bentley. And its even more valuable human cargo, a mysterious Frenchwoman with a secret that could change the course of the Second World War. Alena and American Ben Peters are targets of Hitler’s ruthless investigator Ludwig Weber, whose family will be executed if he fails. His orders are to silence Alena before she can reveal her secret; capture her young son and take him back to Berlin; and recover the Banque de France’s platinum. As they flee their hunter, they experience the stark and tragic realities of war and the raw emotions of two brave people living on the edge of fear. And not everything is as it seems. Who is Alena and what is her secret that could destroy everything the Nazi movement stands for?

In Pursuit of Platinum by Vic Robbie

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie Casey | 6 comments That looks really good and the first few pages are very well written. I'm going to add it to my wish list and hopefully get to read it in a couple of months. Thanks for sharing it.

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