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Esther | 15 comments Hello all,

My husband and I co-write fantasy works over in Eastern Washington. We have several short stories that have been accepted for publication, and a novel that is coming out sometime around November. Only one of our short stories is currently available, called "Curse of Khenti-Amentiu" in Zombiefied! An Anthology of All Things Zombie

Our forthcoming novel, "Grace Under Fire" is an urban fantasy geared toward adults, but that should appeal to older teens as well. One of the protagonists, Robert, is 17 years old. If I had to sum it up in one sentence: It's an odd-couple buddy adventure with demons thrown in. It's also the first book in a trilogy. :)
We have a sample chapter up at our website.

We're also happy to coordinate with other authors for blog tours. Our blog can be found at

On the side, Frog and I host a shared world project called "Digital Glamour." If anyone's interested in participating, they should check out the project page and then get a hold of Frog at the e-mail provided there.

All of our works so far are published through a small press: Sky Warrior Books.

I look forward to talking more with you all! Thank you for providing such a great community for authors.

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Sheri | 6160 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Esther! Congratulations on your new book :)

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