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Pottermore names

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Bettina Pottermore names, Add me or write your own name name and i will add you ;p

I'm Wolfsnitch17676 - Gryffindor

Becca Wolfsbane97 Ravenclaw

Bettina Becca wrote: "Wolfsbane97 Ravenclaw"

Can't find you??

Marta LightCrimson30175
Gryffindor! :)

message 5: by Trine (new) - added it

Trine RainDust94

Hufflepuff :)

Heather ScarletHallow9007 - Gryffindor!!!

Ayah ScarletFrog22185 - Slytherin :)

Kelsey StrikePixie7628 - Ravenclaw!

Rachael NightSparks2322-Hufflepuff:)

Brinlee EchoHazel7945- GRYFFINDOR! (sorry I was mentaly saying that in the Sorting Hat's voice) :)

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Laura FireboltCrimson17 - Ravenclaw

Farheen SparksKey9614.......slytherin..

Colleen Stitch witchwillow 30534....griffindor

Sykins OwlMarauder26579 - Slytherin

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OakAvis31719 - Gryffindor

Kaitlin NightBat262- Ravenclaw

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SpiritDawn14579- Ravenclaw

Michelle ChestnutPatronus17119 - Ravenclaw! :)

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Nellie ☾ SpellGoblet17797 - Slytherin :)

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Nae SickleSky24693- Slytherin!!

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