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ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 4016 comments Mod
I think OSE is a big inside joke of this group. Considering that it makes no sense.
I don't have many inside jokes with specific people though.

♥nafi~hateandbehatedon~♥ ;3 idk??? (im_curently_hungry) | 401 comments They wouldn't be inside joke's if I told would they?...

I was at my best friend's "naadia's" house. Me and her sister went down stairs to get some muffins for breakfast. I say, "naadia, I love your muffins!" Me and Jessica (sister) look at each other and laugh forever. Hahaha! I love your muffins!

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Sierra~Kelley | 771 comments Mod
I don't have all that many inside jokes with people but I guess I have one with Erylla..that is if she remembers this: "" :P

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ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 4016 comments Mod
Omg I remember I kind of had one someone made up this face ;:D

Oh and @Maria: SOCKS!

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ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 4016 comments Mod
And for real life jokes: BANK IT OFF THE BIG TOE!!!!

♥nafi~hateandbehatedon~♥ ;3 idk??? (im_curently_hungry) | 401 comments ℂᖺᗩᖇᒪἷᙓ ~Chaos Walking~ wrote: "Omg I remember I kind of had one someone made up this face ;:D

Oh and @Maria: SOCKS!"

O.O what's the icon represent??

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ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 4016 comments Mod
:;D you mean? It's a four eyed monster.

♥nafi~hateandbehatedon~♥ ;3 idk??? (im_curently_hungry) | 401 comments *Face slap... Oh!!! O.O

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ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 4016 comments Mod

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Finley Mac | 172 comments At my old school, every time we saw a bad piece of art, we would shout "MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART" because nobody liked the art at said museum because it was very odd. Odd as it leaning a metal thing against a wall and calling it art.

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Leah | 1285 comments Mod
Haha! :)

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Rinasa1234 Stalker!

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Tab Defarge | 1183 comments The butler!

~Akweley♡Mazarae♥~★☆★oblivion★☆★~I CAN'T BREATHE~ (nala13) | 1171 comments Wicked Witch of the West(don't ask where that's from...if you don't know, that's sad.)

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Sauron pie. o.O

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I've got one from real life: Whenever they call for seconds in the cafeteria, my friends and I say NYC Twinkie! Because one time there was icecream and they said seconds and it was like TIDALWAVE! And my friend Josh said Like dropping a Twinkie in Central Park and the hobbos come running. And that was how the NYC Twinkie was born. I dare somebody to say that loudly in a cafeteria, school or public.

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Reann Ohh I have so many inside jokes with my friends but here's one of my favourites.

Before school ended and summer began me and my two friends, Jasmine and Lauren, were sitting in what we liked to call The Hood (it was just the three of us in a corner separated from our other friends so we were trying to be cool) and I told a joke and Lauren was laughing so hard she was crying and she was leaning on Jasmine for support and right then and there she let out the biggest, loudest fart humanly possible and time just stopped. We all looked around to see if anyone else had heard it but no one did (to Lauren's great relief!) and we were dying again. Now whenever someone mentions embarrassing moments or farting or even just the name Lauren we all start laughing.

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Yeah, me and my friend had a contest one day to see how many people we could to that to. We tied.

νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 2197 comments Skypee/Skype-y/Skype-i

You don't get it do you? ;)

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I get it. Facebook=Facepalm

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My sister and I call Facebook Bookface. Dunno why.

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I call it F**k Face. LOLXD It's so boring and repetitive. I don't see why people bother. I call Twitter Twatter. Another boring site that really means nothing. I mean, who cares what people tweet? I'll stick with good old GR.

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Twitter is so incredibly stupid, I have no patience for it. Same with people's statuses on Bookface - sorry, but I dON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND TROUBLES. The only reason I have an account is because it's easier to message people than to email them.

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It really is. Twitter is for twats. I'm deleting my account soon. IKR? Who cares about your dating problems????

I hate Twitter and F**kbook!

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Allison Cutting Dex in half....

Yeah. Me and my friends are weird. Whenever something's sad, we say, "It's like cutting Dex in half," and then we all start laughing.

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Today is my last day on GR. Those with my email, please keep in touch.

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You will not be missed

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Fuck off you little piece of shit. You're not even welcome on this site. Go climb back under your rock!

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Wow. Good thing Aaron is gone already or I'd find a way to get him kicked out of this group for his comments.

νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 2197 comments Maria wrote: "Wow. Good thing Aaron is gone already or I'd find a way to get him kicked out of this group for his comments."

But I don't understand what made him so weird, he was fine before he started calling people things, I wonder what changed... :/ O.o

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Yeah, it was so sudden. :/

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Inside joke-

This one time a friend of mine and I had tried to go to a football game because she needed to sing in the choir, but when we got there we were too late. Neither of us like football, so she texted her mom to come back and get us. Her mom texted back that she was at the gas station down the street, so we took that as a command to go to the gas station. So we're walking down the highway past these giant sacks. She asks what they are, and I say corn. She's like, why corn? And I'm like WE ARE IN MIDWESTERN AMERICA WE GROW CORN. Then she says I bet they used chemicals. And I said, nah man it's all organic. And then I started shouting at random cars passing by, ORGANIC! ORGANIC!! ORGANIC!!! So now any time we are in a place where it's really quiet, one of us starts shouting ORGANIC! And that is why I have never shouted SOCKS! at people passing by. Oh yeah, turns out her mom DIDN'T want us to walk to the gas station and she pulls up next to us like, why are you both screaming and walking down the highway like crazy hippies?!

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Another inside joke-

At The beginning of the year, a person ran up and asked if I would go weird out her cousin who just moved here. (Yes, my crazy is so famous I have almost strangers coming up to ask me for crazy favors) Anyway, i agreed and was dragging my new friend along who'd also just moved here. We worked up something to say as we walked across the gym, and decided with, "will you help us I hide a body". So we climb the bleachers (this is in free time before class starts) and say to this older girl exactly that. She responds, "Sure, who were they?" And I say, "uh, Bob." And my friend hits my arm and says, "No, his name is Jojo! Get it right!" And I look thoughtful and say, "I'm sorry, I just kill SO many people..." And the girl says, "So where are we disposing of Jojo?" And I say, "Walmart." And my friend's like, "Yes, the Walmart parking lot." I look at her weird and say, "Um, I don't think we can bury a body in solid concrete." And the girl who is supposed to be weirded out is like, "I got tools to hide a body. Even in solid concrete." So then we walk away and the person who'd asked us to weird the girl out says, "I had no idea she would go along with your crazy."

So we kind of ended up becoming friends with the girl, who's name is Koti. Later on in class before the bell rang we were trying to create a backstory to why we killed Jojo. (This is actually STILL an ongoing discussion.) I said, "I was his wife and killed him because I needed the insurance money." (Koti's not in this class, she's two grades ahead of us) another girl overhears me and just jumps in saying, "YOU KILLED JOJO?!" And I calmly say, "I was broke. The new PS4 is expensive..." And she started fake strangling me saying "HE WAS MY SOULMATE!" And I say "I was his wife." and she says, "Well he loved ME!" And I said, "All the more reason to kill him. He's two timing me." And my friend says, "You're gonna look pretty guilty with all that motive." And like I mentioned earlier, our connections to jojo change over time: I have been his wife, sister, cousin, neighbor, stalker, and gay brother(don't ask) XD

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First I must explain that my friend is called Caitlyn for the sake of making this easier. She was the aforementioned friend that wasnt Koti.

Another person I must explain is Earl. His name is actually Hunter, but Caitlyn and ANOTHER person were writing him a birthday card. They gave it to him, and he said, "My birthday not here yet, but it will be soon. The other person grabbed the card back and scribbled 'early' onto the end so it read, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY early" and it looked like they meant his name was Early. It got shortened to Earl, and that's what we call him.
By the way, because this is important to our inside joke, I will mention that he is gay.

I was sitting by earl one time rereading one of the Percy Jackson books. Part of it said that Thanatos, the angel of death, was too beautiful to look at. I showed this to Earl. He said, "Yeah, if he's like Lucifer, he's a fallen angel, so I bet he's hot." (Please ignore the fact we literally jump from Thanatos to lucifer to the devil to satan, yes we know they're all different) I say "He's the devil, of course he's hot." (Pun intended) we continue to argue what Satan (no idea why we switched names so much) looked like. This eventually led to him saying, "I'd date him." And I agree. Then we start arguing over which of us would date him. From then on, no matter where we are, one of us will randomly tell the other, "He's mine." And the other responds, "No, he's mine." This looks really weird to any random passerby. One day Caitlyn over heard us and was like "What are you two doing?" And I grabbed Earl and said, "UNINVOLVED THIRD PARTY WHICH ONE US SHOULD DATE SATAN?!" And she just says "I am Satan." And after we are all dead from laughter, I look at her all serious and say, "I'm sorry Satan. I don't think this relationship will work out." And Earl is like, "Satan, can't you be gender neutral or something?!" And random passerby would be SO confused. We still pass by each others lockers like, "She's yours." And the other's like, "No, she's yours!" (If anyone's confused, I'm straight, he's gay, neither of us want to date a girl.)

νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 2197 comments Ahahahahahahaha the first two are hilarious. XD

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So I'm a freshman and I have a couple of friends who are 8th graders. I saw them at the end of the day one time and this all probably looked pretty weird from their perspective. So AFTER all the readers are properly confused I will explain it a bit more.

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I walk up to this guy and the two girls I know. The crazy conversation goes like this:
Me: "He's been stalking me, but no one sees him, so nobody believes me. And he refuses to admit it."
Him: "I have no idea what you are talking about."
Me: "See?!"
Him: "Let us settle this like the British." *Slaps me with his glove*
Me: *Slaps him back with my own glove* "Oh yeah did you get that glow stick I put in your locker?"
Him: "What glow stick?"
Me: *Starts looking through random lockers* "Well Satan and I had to fight off a ghost to get it from the head of a cyborg elf, so you better like it." *Finds it and holds it out to him*
Him: *Completely unfazed by the crazy* "I don't want a glowstick from the head of a cyborg elf."
He walks off and I continue walking with the girls, and see another guy I know.
Him: "What?"
Me: "Oh good you responded. Take this glowstick from a possibly haunted cyborg elf. And stay calm and think of the guy with the pants."
Him: "Seriously?! I just forgot about him! I will never get that image out of my head! And what cyborg elf?! Are you talking about Spock?!"*Throws glowstick*

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