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Jennifer This book was on the read list for an entire school district, a must read book about bullying.

Suzanne I agree this book is a must read, but I think it is a must read because of its lessons in kindness and love.

Gabrielle This book was so good! I found it randomly at my library over the summmer and am so glad I did.

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Tater I just got done reading this book and it changed my life. I'm not even kiding, this out into perspective everything that I have ever said about someone that could have hurt their feelings.

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Logan jones I think that this story was inspiring to kids that are bullied and it also has an important lesson "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover".I belive that is true becuse Augus was a butiful child on the inside but no one wanted to see.

Savannah I stayed up all night reading thiss "must read", amazing book!

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Kirstina Popey Do you think that kids will like this book as much as adults ? I agree it is a good classroom read with an important lesson.

Gabby I liked it. I'm in high school.

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I enjoyed it

Maria LOVED this book!!!!!!

Tessa I absolutely love this book. One of my all-time favourites. I randomly found it at a local, cheap bookstore for $5 and didn't expect it to be as amazing as it actually is! Definitely a bargain! This book doesn't only have an amazing plot, but also such a great lesson behind it. I recommend this book to anyone of any age.

Amanda Rudolph I loved the book SO much! We read it as a class and I love Auggie!!

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