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message 1: by Ali (new)

Ali (alialghamdi) | 124 comments Mod
"In this thread, everyone will post their reviews/opinions of the book they have read this week AFTER you rate/review it on your page. The purpose of this is so everyone can see what you read this week and read your review without having to visit each profile. Some of you have their profiles locked, so this saves you the trouble of unlocking it.


The format will be like this:

Name of book.
n/5 stars.

"Your simple opinion/extended review/one word that expresses what you thought of the book. GO CRAZY! Anything counts. Don't feel pressured."

Link to your review.

Also, this allows us to be organized, so even if a member didn't log in for about a month, they can add the book they've read to the appropriate thread.


As I've mentioned in the guidelines, one word or a simple opinion counts as a 'review'. I only called it that because Goodreads calls it that."

Now let's see your achievements, awesome people.

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara (sarasization) | 53 comments تلك العتمة الباهرة by Tahar Ben Jelloun

تلك العتمة الباهرة
by Tahar Ben Jelloun

الكتاب يحكي قصة أحد السجناء في سجن تزمامارت المخفي في المغرب بسبب سوء الأحوال فيه و أنه يتعدى على حقوق الإنسان
وصف الكاتب يجعلك ترى الصورة وتعيش مع الشخصيات وتحزن وتشعر بالاشمئزاز و تشعر بالاشمئزار كثيييرا! فالمكان غير صالح للحياة البشرية!
الكتاب باختصار يؤثر في النفسية والشهية فقد كانت الأحداث قاسية جدًا بالنسبة لي
لا يمكني القول أني استمتعت بقراءة الكتاب كوني كنت أقرأ معاناة لكني استفدت و أحسست بالنعمة التي أنا فيه

message 3: by M (new)

M Naser (modidoody) | 54 comments RECOMMENDED
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter: and The Deathly Hallows #7
A book? a piece of art? it may be one of the few parts that the movie did it it justice :) i loved so very much i loved every tiny little detail that made me feel like J.K.Rowling was actually a witch :D i'm really sad that there is not another HP book ... and i really doubt that i'll find a series as amazing.

message 4: by Ali (new)

Ali (alialghamdi) | 124 comments Mod
رجل تحت الصفر
مصطفى محمود
3/5 stars

رجل تحت الصفر by مصطفى محمود

كتاب ممتع كعادة كتب مصطفى محمود رحمه الله.

ماعابه، كان السرد الممل للقصة. القصة تعتبر من قصص الخيال العلمي، والفكرة التي خلفها جميلة جدًّا. ولكن يبدو أني لست ممن يحبون قصص الخيال العلمي، فهذه تعتبر محاولة من محاولات كثيرة لقراءة كتب الخيال العلمي.

إذا كنت تحب روايات الخيال العلمي، أنصحك بأن تقرأ هذه الرواية.

message 5: by Johara (new)

Johara Almogbel | 52 comments At Bertram's Hotel At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brilliant. Absolutely enjoyable. If you're a fan of Agatha Christie's mysteries, I can most definitely and confidently (that doesn't happen very often) recommend this one.

The hotel is an excellent setting, and I hate the fact that somewhere as perfect as that wouldn't exist. Not to mention the slightly creepy air it through over the story. The characters, the intricate plot, it was all executed well. Miss Marple features a bit, too, though I'm starting to notice in her own stories she's almost never there unless it's to link it all together. I liked the Chief-Inspector Davy, too, it's been a while since I've read a story where the detective isn't doddering or a complete ignorant.

All in all, a very good read. And don't even get me started on the cover. Too pretty for words!

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