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message 1: by Lisa, Group handmaid (new)

Lisa | 168 comments Mod
Are any of you familiar with audio sancto?

Here's a link to a homily on Confession. I thought it very good when I heard it and think this group would appreciate it too.

Help the priest to help you: Love of God and Confession

message 2: by Carlos (new)

Carlos Torres (catcubano) | 22 comments I love Audio Sancto as a resource! There are so many great homilies out there on a whole hose of topics. There is another one on confession that I just love that relates the priest as confessor to a person who has a pill that can cure anything, but you must ask for it.

Thanks for linking this one. I'll be sure to listen to it.

message 3: by Philip (new)

Philip | 13 comments Seems like a questionable site. Anonymous people recording anonymous sermons.

message 4: by Virginia (new)

Virginia | 10 comments I read the recommended books and they all seemed to be solidly Catholic. Looks good.

message 5: by Lynne (new)

Lynne | 17 comments These are good priests, in good standing with the Catholic Church.

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