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RP in the Arena...

((Hadley, Calamity, Megan, we could decide together what the arena will be like?))

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments ((Can I help you guys pick out an arena?))

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((fine by me, but its up to calamity and hadley!))

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments ((I know.))

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((how about something like this:

a very dense jungle filled with all kinds of mutts and wild animals...very mucky, boggy, wet, and hot, sticky, etc...))

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments ((What about this

A desert landscape, very dry, very little water and trees.))

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((could work...))

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments ((I like yours too))

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((Hmm... I really like jungles, but the idea of a desert tempts me... Maybe a jungle, with a little bit of desert just by the Cornucopia? So the tributes have to hurry and get to the jungle for shelter?))

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((That'd be awesome!! :) ))

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((Cool :D))

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((Can we start roleplaying yet???))

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(just curious but when are we going to start pre arena events??)

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Jacqueline (blueswordance) ((We need to get the word out throughout the forum so the rest of the charrie slots can b filled!))

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments ((can we start? I mean, there are only 7 open left and most people like playing as girls.))

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments ((People need to make more cherries.))

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((How abou we wait a while more and if they still don't fill we can maybe start? I mean, we can always make charries who'll die in the bloodbath. I'll do that, actually))

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments ((Alright.))

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(do you want me to make a charrie for the bloodbath to make this thing go quicker?)

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((If you'd like to. :) ))

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(ok i will:))

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((We have all twenty four tributes now, I think we should start! What say you, Hadley, Calamity?))

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((Perfect! Let the Hunger Games begin!!))

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Dax leaned forward, ready to leap into action as soon as the bell rang. The gong rang, and Dax bolted forward, heading straight towards the Cornucopia where he knew the best weapons would be. He snatched up a wicked looking knife without breaking his stride. What he needed was a trident, but for now, he supposed a knife would do.

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Nikki sprinted off the pedistol as soon as the gong rang she pick up a little bag with 2 daggers and 4 knives she threw into a back pack and walked to the edge of the cornucopia holding a dagger

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Artremis sprinted straight to the cornucopia picked up a backpack a nice looking sword and a bow and quiver he didn't care if he was greedy he was a career no helpless tribute could kill him
((die soon tribute))
jack ran off his pedistol scared with no alliance he knew he was going to die but he didn't want to at the cornucopia but he went straight there anyway he bumped into a boy a lot older than him he remembered that this was the boy from four with his dark hair jacks eyes widened as he tried to turn and run but it was hopeless he couldn't move he was in shock he was dead he thought to himself

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Aislyn sprinted as the gong rang, heading for a pack and knife near a forested area. She snatched both, stumbling slightly as her foot caught a root, but she quickly regained her balance and bolted towards the forest.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments Zoria quickly sprinted towards the cornucopia. She decided to take a small risk and go for the center. She was glad she did, since she was able to raid two packs, one with a small dagger and the other a bow and a quiver of arrows. She decided to count how many she had later on as she runs towards the forest.

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Dax's arm drew back, his fingers tightening on the hilt of the knife. The knife flashed, plunged, as he drove it without hesitation straight through Jack's chest.

Dextra ran straight towards the Cornucopia. She stopped only when she was half hidden in the shadow of the huge Cornucopia. She looked well around, then spotted an axe. Perfect. She knew she had only seconds to act. She dove for the axe, snatched it up, and rolled to her feet with the axe raised in a defensive position.

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jack could see his life fading before him he could say anything just fall to the ground and nothing happened after that

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max ran to the cornucopia hiding side he heard a voice coming towards him and he panicked

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artremis noticed that someone hiding in side the cornucopia so he followed them in sword in hand he found a scrawny little boy panicking and shoved the sword right through the boy

max turned around to find a sword in him and fell to the ground he was dead already he'd never see anyone he loved ever again

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artremis came back out of the cornucopia to see a boy from four and his district partner he went over to the boy from four holding his sword tight just in case "hi i'm artremis but you can call me trem or tremis" he said holding out his haand for a hand shake

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Han ran for the closest thing he could find: a small backpack. He grabbed it, then spun around, bolting for the forest.
Dax pulled his knife out. Blood spattered in the ground. He kicked Jack's body away. Dax didn't take Artremis' hand, but nodded. "Dax." Not waiting for more chit chat, he spun around as he saw Han run from the Cornucopia. Dax drew his arm back then threw the knife. It flew with unnerving precision straight towards Han, who dove out of the way, straight into Dextra's path. Dextra didn't miss a beat. She swung the axe, and the double blade hit Han right in the stomach. He flew backwards and collapsed. He didn't get up again.
Dax scooped up another knife, a smaller one this time, and threw, his powerful arm sending the knife straight at Dextra's head. She ducked and he saw her snatch up a knife as well.

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tremis nodded back

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments As Zoria climbed up a tree, seeing a boy kill another. Why..... She thought, suddenly snapping out on her daze.

((Can anyone ally with her?))

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Denver ran to the Cornucopia, a sure smirk on her face. She grabbed a pack and a short sword and looked around for others Career tributes.

Aislyn watched from the safety of a tree the battle raging on below. She spied a black-haired boy kill another boy, and caught her breath. A small gasp escaped her lips, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the mass of people below.

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tremis pulled max out of the cornucopia and dumped him on a pile of dead tributes "that's 3 dead haha"

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Dextra snatched up a backpack, and still clutching her axe, she bolted for the trees, not wanting to get caught in a fight with the careers. Dax threw one last knife at her, but it just missed by a few inches.

((Dextra can ally with Zoria))

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments Zoria noticed a career trying to hit someone. She quickly shot an arrow around his knee, moving behind the tree. She signaled to the person who he hit, hoping she would come up.

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Nikki wasn't sure if she still wanted to stay with tremis after seeing what he did

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Dax jumped aside, and the arrow missed. He watched angrily as Dextra disappeared into the trees.
Dextra saw Zoria and hesitated, then made a split second decision and climbed up the tree.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments Zoria smiled at Dextra. "Hey there.I'm Zoria. Here, have this." She said, giving her the dagger.

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments Okanomi ran off the plate and ran in a random directions looking for a place to hide and eat, staying as far away from the cornucopia as possible.

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Dextra nodded but didn't smile, serious as she always was. "Dextra." She took the dagger and stuck it in her belt, then hefted the heavy axe over her shoulder. "Allies?"

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments Zoria nodded. "There's the careers we've got to avoid, they usually stay in the cornucopia. Do you have a water bottle?" She asked.

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Okanomi Я не понимаю, как это сделать ... Мне нужна помощь (okanomihonda) | 251 comments Okanomi turned his head around slowing down a bit to look behind him seeing if anyone was following him.

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Dextra shrugged and unzipped the backpack. She fished around in it and came up with a tiny water bottle. She held it up. "Enough for only a day or two," she said doubtfully.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments "Then we should find a lake. Can you walk on branches? It'll be safer." Zoria said, starting to move to another branch.

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