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((Roleplay here. This is the boundary for Pridelanders and Outlanders.))

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Kibswana shook himself of water and tried to follow Kayla's scent. He follwed it. He came across her scent, then it changed direction and made towards the gorge.

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Kayla stopped by the river, crouching down. She leapt over the river and sniffed, and charged into the Outlands.

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Kibswana followed. "Kayla, wait! You cant go out there! They'll rip you to pieces."

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"And you care?" Kayla skidded to a halt and looked over at him.

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"Why shouldn't I? Your part of the Pride. And they will not kill you swiftly, you can bet on that!"

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"I'm faster than any lion." Kayla snorted.

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"That will make no difference. They are very smart. If they cant catch you, they will ambush you." He jumped in front of her. "I cant let you go. What would Talon say if he knew we were out here?"

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Before any lion could reply Night appeared, "What are you doing here?" she growled.

"What are you doing in the Outlands?" Kayla growled stalking up to her.

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Kibswana bristled. "What are you doing here Night. Go back. You're going to get both you and Kayla killed."

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Night growled, "Don't tell me what to do." But she jumped the river and stalked off.

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Kibswana nodded curtly, as if he proved his point. Then he turned to Kayla. "Come on. Let's go back." He nudged her shoulder.

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Kayla sniffed suspiciously before leaping over the stream and looking back if Kibswana was coming.

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Kibswana followed. When he got to the other side, he sighed.

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"See, you need a nap." Kayla said, nudging his shoulder.

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"No, I don't. There was a lion watching us from the other side. I think it was their leader... I'm just relieved to be back on our side."

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Kayla shrugged and padded off, "Well, okay."

((The Watering Hole))

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Kibswana followed.

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Night leaped across just when Kayla appeared, "Where are you going?" She asked.

Night stopped dead and turned to see Kayla jump across and land beside her, "Somewhere."

Kayla narrowed her eyes, "Let's go then." She padded deeper into the outlands.

Night tipped her head from one side but bounded after her.

((Continued in Outland camp.))

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