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((Roleplay here. This is the boundary for the Pridelanders and Outlanders.))

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((I'm going to do your river.))

Kayla bounced over to the river and dabbed the surface with a paw, sending in ripples.

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Kibswana walked towards the river, head lowered. He wasn't watching where he was going and the mud began to slip under his paws! He tried franticly to stop but couldnt, and before he knew it, he was in the water. Kibswana held his breath and when he got to the bottom, used his back legs to push himself to the surface again. "Help!" he cried just before he went under again, his paws slapping the water.

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Kayla pricked her ears and gasped, a lion was in the river. She went into the river slowly and began swimming over to the lion, "Hang on." She grunted as she grasped his scruff and hauled him to the bank, realizing she was in the Outlander's territory. Some lion just fell in the river and your worried about boundaries? This lion could be hurt. "Are you okay?" she asked.

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Kibswana coughed, lying on his stomach. Water dripped into his eyes and he blinked. Looking up, he saw a lioness, about his age, looking back at him, her eyes filled with worry. "Yeah," he coughed. "Thanks a bunch. I could've been aligator food!" He looked her up and down? "You're not an Outsider, are you?"

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Kayla shook her head, "No, I'm a Pridelander. I suppose your an Outlander." She didn't want to say outsider because that would be rude.

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"Yeah, that's right." Kibswana sat up. "I'm Kibswana. Who are you?"

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"Kayla." Kayla said.

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"Cool! Wanna play with me Kayla?" He wriggled his rump. "Please? I've been bored all day..."

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Kayla tilted her head This lion is cute, for a Outlander. "Okay!" Kayla sprang to her paws and one of her paws shot out from under her and knocked Kibswana to the ground, "Sorry, if I hurt you."

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Dark crouched in the shadows when he saw Kibswana with a lioness. He hissed softly, digging his claws into the earth.

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Kibswana's eyes were wide. For a Pridelander, she was pretty good so far! He rolled over, his paws on either side of her, gripping. He was on top now. He gave her a sly smile.

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Dark launched himself from the shadows, hissing, "Kibswana! What are you doing with a Pridelander!?" he snarled.

Kayla jumped backwards, her tail trembling when she saw Dark.

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When Night appeared she gasped, "Kayla!" She splashed over and growled, "What are you doing here?"

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Kibswana jumped at least three feet into the air. His fur stood on end as he tried to explain. "Dark! I was...I was just-"

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"You were playing with a Pridelander!" Dark spat.

"You were playing with him?" Night growled.

Kayla looked at her paws sheepishly.

Night snarled, "We gotta go!" then she shoved Kayla into the river. Kayla swam over and watched as Night did the same.

"Come on!" Night snarled, stalking away.

Kayla looked at Kibswana, "Sorry." She called, then bounded after Night.

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Kibswana watched her go, his eyes full of sorrow. Then he turned to Dark and spat, "Who cares! You wouldnt play with me! And I was bored. She saved me from drowning and-"

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"She saved you," Dark scoffed, "Come on, you gotta get back to camp and stay there."

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"Who said! You're not my mom." Kibswana stamped his paw, making dust.

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Dark growled, "Wait till Koomba hears about it." then he stalked away.

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"And what's he gonna do?" He shouted back at him. I cant stay here. I'm going after them! Making sure nobody was watching, Kibswana turned and ran back towards the river. He took a deep breath and jumped in, paddling hard to the other side. He got to the other side safely and looked around. He was in the Pridelands.

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Padding silently near the river's edge, Gypsy lowered her body slowly towards the water. The river wasn't a very safe place, so she kept her eyes wide open and ears flicked forward. Cautious, the lioness tried to lap up some water as fast as she could, hoping she wouldn't catch the attention of a certain reptilian creature in the water. After a few moments, Gypsy stood up abruptly and backed away. Bad enough in the day, at night proved a higher chance of being pulled in, whether it be crocodile or hippo.

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((hippos are scary O.O))

Kivra just sat down and watched, glaring at the Pridelands.

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Gypsy shook her head before turning to face Kivra. "No use crossings to get something bigger. we need more lions."

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"We could easily take a zebra. They only take two to three lions, depending on the health and age. We'll have to choose carefully." Kivra got to her paws and even more carefully crossed the river. Once on the other side she called quietly to Gypsy, "Are you coming?"

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((how wide is the river? And I think I'll adopt Dark into this too. You wanna adopt Lake?))

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((eh, sure :) ))

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((not trying to sound bossy, but since Kivra is queen, should She be bossy?))

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((yeah. she sounded that way in my head...i just didn't say she was being that way...I'll improve))

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((okay, no offense. I'll edit Dark's profile later. Me lazy :) ))
Gypsy gritted her teeth, not very fond of crossing the river at night. Knowing it better to listen at once, the lioness stepped cautiously forward.

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((it's all good. it's difficult to hurt my feelings, but i can take things the wrong way sometimes. so, thanks for being specific! XD))

"Oh will you come on? I sensed nothing where I crossed. Now get over here before I grab your sullen tail and drag you across!" She hissed across the water.

Lake emerged from the bushed. "Oh, look," he purred suspiciously. "A lake full of danger. Scared to cross, Gygsy?" he teased.

"Shut your muzzle and get over here, Lake. Before that, get Gypsy over here."

Lake looked at Gypsy slyly. Oh, he would get her over there all right, if she didn't cross by herself anyways.

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The Pianist (Alexis) wrote: "((it's all good. it's difficult to hurt my feelings, but i can take things the wrong way sometimes. so, thanks for being specific! XD))

"Oh will you come on? I sensed nothing where I crossed. Now ..."

Gypsy whipped her head back to glare at Lake, thinking of how lovely it would be to give him a swipe across the face. "You wish, and don't you dare touch me!" With a huff and head held high, Gypsy marched into the river. After a few steps in she was forced to paddle. Gypsy grimaced at how loud her splashing was, thinking it would certainly be noticed. Once she had to hold back a pitiful mewl as she felt a fish scrape against her legs. Finally reaching the other side of the bank, Gypsy wasted no time pulling herself out. Water was obviously not her comfort zone, but once on land, all signs of nervousness disappeared.

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Lake smirked and jumped in. "Woo hoo! Take that water!"

Kivra turned and snarled, sharp teeth bared. "Shut up! Do you want us to be caught?"

"What? The Pridelanders? Take us down? No way." He paddled over to the other bank and shook himself dry. "Where to, oh High Mighty One?" he joked with a bow.

Kivra would have ripped out his throat, but being in the Pridelands was dangerous, and little noise was needed most. Instead, she smacked him with her tail when she turned around to hunt with Gypsy.

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Gypsy smirked at the stupidity of Lake. After Kivra had turned her back on them, starting out in the search for something, Gypsy whispered to Lake "Smooth." Done, the lioness turned to follow Kivra, keeping her body low and mouth open to catch a scent. The scent of Warthogs drifted down from the wind, but the scent was weak, proving they were deep in the territory. Gypsy shook her head, shaking the thought out and some water. Warthogs were too noisy when being chased anyway.

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((should we continue in pridelands?))

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Midnight strayed from her Mother's side and walked to the River, Then swam across, She was big enough now that she could swim easily, And she didn't fear the Water Reptiles lik the rest of her family did. Climbing out on the Pridelander's side of the river she shook herself off and ran off into the Grasslands.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Tala walked onto the Shore of the Outlands and waited for Kivra and Gypsy.

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Gypsy once again hesitated before the river, staring across the water warily. The others passed right by her, paying no heed. The thoughts of Lake insulting her before the water, ruining the hunt, and abandoning them swirled in her mind. The spark of rage growing stronger, the lioness quickly slipped into the murky water before having second thoughts. The longer she waited the worse it might get. Midway, the Sun began to peek itself over the horizon, slightly illuminating her surroundings. Suddenly, the feeling of something solid scraped against the end of one of her paddling paws. An uneasy feeling swept over the lioness. Before she knew it, a wave of panic rushed through her causing her to paw hysterically at the surface and let out a yelp for help. The comforting touch of solid ground was under her and she pushed off it in a soaring leap to dry land. Gypsy landed with a thud, crashing harshly into the ground, but she rolled and was on her feet, fur puffed out, claws unseathed, and eyes widened in horror to what gazed back at her from the water. ( )

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((AH! Beware da hippos! they're scary...))

Kivra turned to Gypsy. "What is it now?" She was irritated and wanted to get home.

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((Hehe they verry badd))
Gypsy was jerked from her thoughts, ripping her sight away from the water. Chest still heaving and with dirt clinging to her pelt, the lioness just shook her head and grumbled, "nothing." Before anyone could ask any questions, she snorted and stalked off ahead. Mentally humiliated, she was looking for a fight and had a perfect excuse with Lake. Without any sign of warning, she picked up her pace to a jog, intent on arriving at camp ahead of the others.

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Kivra followed back to camp, though more slowly.

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) Mamela padded up to the river and lay her dark head down to take a drink. She felt at ease because she couldn't smell any other lions around.

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) ((BACK to elephant graveyard))

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Gypsy stepped forward slowly, her eyes carefully watching the few basking crocodiles across the river. The great reptiles played no heed to the lioness, which Gypsy took as a silent permission to drink. Still suspicious, she lowered her head and her tongue flicked out, scooping up a few drops of precious water. Best to have all the water you could before summer arrived.

Deeka appeared from the blooming brush, pushing her way through the clawing branches and prickly thorns. After she stumbled out into the open, she sighed in relief. "Finally! A river!" Common sense told her that if she followed the river, she would eventually come upon a pride. As if her wish was granted, in the distance, the figure of a lion drinking shifted into view. Oddly, this stranger had a dark colored pelt, unlike the normal cream or tan. "Huh" Then it snapped, "Hey!"

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((I love her name! :D I don't have any other lions to post here, unless I brought Kivra.))

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((That's Olay. I'll try to be quick))
Gypsy looked up at the sudden calling, instinctively becoming tense an narrowing her eyes. A young lioness with a Cinnamon completed coat skidded to a stop in front of her. The hasty halt sprayed gravel at Gypsy, who turned her head and let out a grunt of annoyance.

"Oops!" Deeka looked down at her paws with an abashed smile. Brilliant, already ticked off a lioness. Looking back up, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to I just was excited to find another lion. You see..." Deeka scrunched up her face and widened her pupils to moons for a puppy face, "I'm looking for a pride."

Before Gypsy could answer, the stranger let out a gasp and strode forward to Gypsy. Before she knew what was happening, Gypsy felt a soothing massage against her scalp. Ohhh did it feel great. After a few moments, Gypsy jerked at the realization of her purring. Me purring? Gypsy growled at herself in disgust, and with an angered tone, "Come on!" Pulling back without warning, Gypsy began stalking away towards camp, head low and temper high.

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Gypsy trudged along the water's edge, for once forgetting her fear of the beasts that lay within the murky river. Trailing along behind her was the mindless Lake. Gypsy figured their best chance for a meal was by the river. Unlike most of their territory, fish shrubs grew near the river, providing a relief to the paws underfoot and for a catch of a bird or rodent. Possibly even a warring or antelope of a form.

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Lake trudged behind Gypsy irritably. He hated having to have a babysitter...His ear twitched. "Hey," he whispered, "over there, in the reeds. Heron."

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