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message 1: by Joey (last edited Sep 22, 2012 08:34PM) (new)

Joey Cruz (neverwanderer) | 63 comments is an awesome serial fiction site that just went live this weekend. On the front page, you'll find a shuffling grid of book covers representing the first chapters of 112 serial novels waiting to take flight.

Mine is number 51.

The synopsis goes a little something like this:
"Heir to a legacy he never imagined, hunted by an enemy he cannot see, one boy’s only hope for survival rests in the hands of a powerless wizard and the blades of a master assassin.


Brian Donovan never knew his real parents. He’s never seen his true home. He leads the life of an ordinary New York teen; riding subways to and from school, exploring worlds of fantasy through books and art, and trying to muster up enough courage to talk to that one girl...

When a random act of violence brings that reality crashing down around him, the veil is lifted and Brian’s true destiny is revealed. Now on the run from an otherworldly threat, Brian must endure physical, emotional, and psychological trials as he uncovers the secrets kept from him his entire life.

For in this new world of danger and magic, sacrifice is only the beginning."

If it piques your interest, please take a look and vote it up. Voting is a way of helping the JukePop authors get paid for their work each month.

It's all explained on their About page -

Thanks for your time! Hope you enjoy!

message 2: by Joey (new)

Joey Cruz (neverwanderer) | 63 comments Just posted the second chapter of Gatewalker on JukePop! Please come check it out!

If you like it, give 'er a Vote. And be sure to visit the Bonus Features blog, where I talk about all the stuff behind the stuff!

message 3: by Joey (last edited Oct 25, 2012 05:16PM) (new)

Joey Cruz (neverwanderer) | 63 comments Gatewalker Chapter 3 is up!

When you're done reading, be sure to check out the Bonus Features blog.

The end of October will mark the first tally of the top 30 voted stories. Gatewalker has a VERY good chance of being in the top 10, which means I'd be in the highest payment bracket. All money I make off of this story will go to the artist fund for a new comic book indie creator Mike Murphy and I are writing. Keeping the money in the creative community just feels like the right thing to do, since it's the generosity and goodwill of readers that got me that money in the first place.

So, PLEASE, if you have been considering looking at this story and just haven't gotten around to it, now is the time. Every vote counts and every chapter can be voted for.

The site is set up so that you have to be logged in to read beyond the first chapter of any story. It's still 100% free, and registration is quick and painless. You provide your email and make up a password for the site, they send you a confirmation email, you click the confirmation link, and you're in. You won't hear from them again unless you add stories to your "Bookshelf", which means you'd receive an email whenever those stories are updated (but you can set it to email you daily or weekly to minimize the email you receive, or just to never receive emails). They're very good about being nonintrusive - they don't want to annoy people.

Please give it a look, and if you like it, please click that +Vote button. It will help me, Mike, and whatever artist we choose for our comic book.


message 4: by Joey (new)

Joey Cruz (neverwanderer) | 63 comments Chapter 4 of Gatewalker has been posted!

As has the Bonus Features blog!

And if anyone was wondering, Gatewalker finished the month of October at lucky number 13 on the most voted list! Thanks so much to everyone who voted, and I hope you continue to vote and enjoy as the story moves forward.

message 5: by Thurman (new)

Thurman (nycblkboy) | 146 comments Hello sorry sorry to be rude but is this ever going to be a full formed book? I just don't like getting stories peace meal especially if I like them.

message 6: by Joey (new)

Joey Cruz (neverwanderer) | 63 comments Thurman wrote: "Hello sorry sorry to be rude but is this ever going to be a full formed book? I just don't like getting stories peace meal especially if I like them."

Hi! You're not being rude at all, no worries. :) Gatewalker is intended to be a full, novel-length story, but it is being written and published online one chapter at a time. JukePop's goal is to recreate the spirit of serialized storytelling that Charles Dickens or H.P. Lovecraft (to name a few random examples) built many of their novels off of.

Someday, it will be complete and in print, but that day is a ways down the line. Right now, I'm trying to offer people a decent chunk of story every few weeks -- sort of like a comic book issue. If that's not your thing, I totally understand. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the final product in one fell swoop when it's complete. :)

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