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**If you haven't read all of the books in this series that are out there might be spoilers here!!**

So in this book it tells that James was in love with a mortal girl and when she was killed he loved her all his life. But in the other books it seems like he has a major crush on Kate. What do you think is up with all of that? Do you think he is still in love with the girl that dies in his story or did he move on?

He probably moved on, and eventually forgot about her or liked Kate better. Though If I ever met him I would say back off from Kate because Henry deserves her after what eh and Persephone went through.

I think he moved on. He's all over Kate wanting her not to be with Henry, and trying to make Henry miserable. If he really still Loved the mortal girl he should have tried the same thing Persephone did for Adonis

Shannon he didn't have to give up his immortality for tuck because she was already happy in her after life and he can visit her when he wants, but with Adonis ...more
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I agree with the the comments above. If he wasn't over Tuck, he wouldn't say the things to Kate which he did during the beginning of the Goddess Interrupted .
Firstly, he tried to sidetrack her from her choice of choosing henry and some scenes from Goddess Legacy shown that he was mostly trying to make Henry jealous or whatever he wants to achieve. I don't think James really 'love' kate. He just wants what he couldn't have.

I agree, I think he moved on because it is almost impossible for him to be with the mortal because he recognizes that he cannot "die" to be in the Underworld with her: his job as a God is too important.

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