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Jack walked into the abandoned train station

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"Okay, where should we start? We can't start attacking recklessly or else we'll die."

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A figure appeared out of nowhere "Ice make Thousand knife strike!" Jack pushed Regina out of the way and ducked

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"Ugghh...What happened?" she groaned.

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"I believe we just got attacked." He said as he picked up one of the knives "Ice make. He killed 300 people with this?! Intresting."

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"I can't see anyone. Where is he?" she said and sat up.

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"concealment magic" JAck said in disgust.

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Regina stood up shakily."I can take care of this.Solid Script: fire!" An inferno shot out of the words and covered the whole entire area.

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"Ice make shield!" Jaron said. Jack sent a beam of light towards Jaron the shield shattered as the two forces hit it

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"Solid Script: Wind and fire!"

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Jaron was blown back a few feet. Jack sat down n a chair and crossed his legs

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"Solid Script: four elemental combination! Fire, Water, Wind, Earth!" She jumped up into the air and shot the blasts right at him.

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Jaron was thrown onto the wall. He muttered a few swears then disappeared. Jaron stealthily crept up on Regina. Jack flicked his wrist and a wave of darkness hit Jaron and knocked him out before he could hurt Regina

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Regina jumped back, in defensive mode."It was a clone. The real one is still out there somewhere."

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Jack smiled "Why Regina you noticed! You'll make a very good S rank mage."

Jaron smiled as he took out a poisoned dagger from his coat pocket. He lunged for Jack. Jack simply sidestepped andnkicked him really hard in the neck. Jaron was unconcious before he even touched the ground

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Regina stepped back."I have a feeling we're not the only ones here."

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Jack cursed "You're right."

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"It must have been a trap. We have to get out of here. Now!"

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Jack knew a few dozen attacks that could kill all the others but decided to follow Regina Jack "Ok. Lets go." He said as he lifted Jaron like a sack of turnips

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"The entrances are probably sealed by runes. I can deal with that but there may be some traps." she said as she rewrote the runes. There was a big explosion and she was knocked backwards."I knew it. They're explosive runes. This doesn't look too pretty."

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"Eh. Explosive runes in an abandoned train station whats with these guys?!" Jack said

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"Darn it! The windows are blocked too! That mean we'll have to defeat whoever is in control of these runes first. Show yourself!"

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A cloaked man entered the scene "Very good. You're from Fairy Tail right?"

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"That's right! What do you want from us?"

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"Nothing. You're the one that came for my henchmen. Jaron was well hes not that important but still."

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"Then why are you keeping us here?"

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"I'd like hikm back." The cloaked man said
Jack's eyes narrowed "you. How could you still be alive?!" "because I'm powerful Jacky boy."

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"Do you know him?" she looked up at Jack.

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(gtg will be on later)

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"Yeah. We fought before." "Thats right in the war." The cloaked man grinned "in the war that cost you everything." he continued

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Regina jumped up onto the window sill."Solid script: wind!"

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The cloaked man raised his hand and created a shield of light aeound him.
"Come on lets go. We dont stand a chance against him" Jack threw a rock that had a complicated symbol at the rune "Thatll deactivate it for a while now lets go!"

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"We can't get out of here until we've beaten him! Solid script: four elemental combination! Fire, water, wind, earth!"

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"Look I've seen him fight! He killed armies with a flick of his hand! He was Zeref's Right hand man!" 'I shouldnt have said that' he thought

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Akito had followed them and saw them fighting."Hey need help!?"

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"What?! This is not good. But we can't get out of here without defeating him! What are we supposed to do?"

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"Nope we got this. We can get away I can disable the runes, buuut we'll have to run very quickly. On m count to ten one two ten!"

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"Solid script: wind!" Regina said and used the wind to boost her speed.

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((sorry was eating lunch))
Jack threw a gem at the rune which gave away a few sparks and faded

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Regina ran as fast as she could."We have to hurry! He's right behind us!"

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((sorry again I went to the barber's))
"I noticed." The cloaked man stopped and smiled "Do you know what happened to Zeref after the end of the war?" The cloaked man asked. "Yeah he got trapped on the 17th island." "no" "No?! What do you mean no?!" "If you want to know what happened to Zeref come face me ALONE."

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((I wont be on for 3 days cos I gotta go to camp))
Jack hesitated "Right you guys go ahead.... Oh if you hear anyone screaming that'll probably be me." He said

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"No! I can't just leave you here! No! I'd rather die fighting with you!"

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Jack blinked slightly moved "Sorry about this..." He said as he used the shadows to push Regina out as soon as Regina was out of the room and watched as the entranced sealed itself

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Regina slammed her fist against the door."No! Don't!" tears streaked down her face. She had seen enough people die in her life. She wasn't about to let it happen again.

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The cloaked man laughed "A noisy one isnt she?" "Enough small talk Marethyu just tell me what happened to Zeref."

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Regina gritted her teeth. It looked like she was going to have to use it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, concentrating all of her magic energy into the seal."I summon you, the ruler of heaven and hell. The giver and the taker of life, Come upon this land and release your fury. Lend me your power!" she chanted over and over again until the seal began to crack and burst into pieces."Oh, lord of the seas and skies, Strike down on this dust and scatter its fragments. Release your rage upon me like a storm. Come fourth! the Light of the heavens!" she chanted as the light grew stronger and stronger.

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