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((Be your Starclan cat here and rp here))

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Silvershadow watched over her 2 daughters.

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She wondered how they were doing. She watched Silverpaw roaming around in the Riverclan camp.

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Slendertwig walked over to her. "Your daughters will be fine. you need not worry so much. they are on a wonderful path and we can't change that. you should be glad."

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Silvershadow nodded her head in a agreement.

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Slendertwig walked away wanting to leave Silvershadow in peace.

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Silvershadow watched her beautiful daughter.Why was some of the clan members leaving? Silvershadow askde her self. She then waited until night and for Silverpaw to be asleep and then sent a message to her.

"Members of your clan are silent and mad, find out what they're up to or things will be bad." Silvershadow whispered to her daughter. she licked her and then ended the connection.

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Slendertwig also delivered theis mesage to here friends, mooncrest ans vipersting in thunderclan telling them to beware of other clans restlest ness and warning htem of the profecy

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Silvershadow walked over to Slendertwig. Wanting to talk.

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"hello" slendertwig said, "is there something troubling you? if so will you please tell me!"

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"I just think that my daughter is growing up to be a lot like Spottedleaf, I mean she's beautiful, caring, kind of humerous, friendly, ect. I don't want to brag that much, vut I just wish I could of spent more time with her." Silvershadow said.

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"everyone wishes they can spend more time with there freinds and familey. She will be a great cat all you can to is wathch her until she comes to join you thne you will be together forever." slednertwig said, " i wish i could see mooncrest and vipersting. i would really love to meet your daught she seems like such a wonderful cat and she makes me think of you a lot

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"Thanks, Slendertwig. You are a great friend." Silvershadow meowed. "But I just feel that I did so little for them since I was only with them for a few days when they were kits. They're father was a......." Silvershadow stammered and then meowed, "a traitor. He lived in riverclan and then got rouges and dogs to join him to become leader of Riverclan, ((hmm...who does this remind you of, oh I know, Tigerstar.))he was a handsome strong musceled cat, with his pelt a handsome blue-gray." She continued. "But now sometimes when cats see Silverpaw they see my pelt but his eyes, and when they look at Bluepaw they see my eyes and his blue-gray pelt. I don't know why I liked him at all." Silvershadow finished.

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"it's ok everyone will run into somekind of trouble. You did all you could for your kits, they will always remember you for it. tigerstar was bad but everyone mistoke him. we can't make up for what others did, but we can try to ease the clan away from there troubles. brableclaw grew up just fine and he was tigerclaws son. your kits will grow up fine no matter who their father is. and i have personaly liked several people in my time and not all of them turned out the way i thought they would, some turned out pretty bad actualy but we can't dewl over those things. it just makes the troubles seem worse and silvershadow you are also a very, very good friend i don't know how i would survive without you."

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((it's not tigerstar, it's um, Sharkstar.)) "Thanks, you are such a good friend." Silvershadow said to her best friend.

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"and you are to" slendertwig replied.

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"Thanks Slendertwig." Silvershadow meowed.

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"no silver shadow thank you." slendertwig said.

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Silvershadow layed down resting her paws, she gazed at the pool.

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((do they hunt in starclan cuz slendertwig is gona go hunt but idk if they hunt so..))

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Thunderstar looked down solemnly at the remains of the destroyed StormClan camp.

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"I thought that StormClan would thrive and become as powerful as all the others, but I guess I was wrong," Thunderstar said as he turned away from his destroyed Clan

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slendertwig paded over to him. "A camp can be rebuilt but lives can't. how many are coming to join us?" She asked Thunderstar. "You seem to care for them or you wouldn't watch them so closely.

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"Very few unfortunately, the Clan was already short on prey, then the twolegs finished them off." Thunderstar answered solemnly.

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Thunderstar turned away and walked off to join the StormClan cats that were joining StarClan.

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Slendertwig padded over to silvershadow.

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"Would you like to go for a hunt?" The beautiful silver cat asked her friend.

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"sure" slendertwig said. "i need something to get my mind away from this.

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"same here." Silvershadow then walked off with her friend, wishing that her friend would get what it was like to have daughters that were Sharkstar's daughters, and how stupid she was to be his mate.

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Slendertwig pounced on a vole and brought it over to silvershadow, "wanna share or would you prefere not to?"

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"Sure, I'll share." Silvershadow started taking quick, swift bites of the vole.

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Slendertwig quickly started eating the vole to, she was ravonus.

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But when Thunderstar got to the entrance to starclan, he found no one there. He cried out in anger as he looked at the ruined camp again. "They're gone!!!!" He cried. "they're all gone." Thunderstar then sat down and began to weep.

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Slendertwig glanced up at Thunderstar and then looked at Silvershadow then back at Thunderstar then she put her head on her paws and pondered her thoughts.

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Salmontail looked down at his sister. "she has a hard life ahead of her" he sighed.

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Silvershadow looked at Thunderstar surprised. She then walked over to Salmontail and asked, "What will happen to her?"

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Slendertwig folowed her friend looking at salmontail.

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"They were sent to DarkClan," Thunderstar hissed in anger.

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"You are kidding right? Only the really bad, cold-hearted cats go there." Silvershadow meowed to her new friend.

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Slendertwig not liking the comotion wandered off to hunt. When she had cought and devoured a squierl she ran up a tree and watched the scene below.

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"that, or they moved to a place where StarClan does not walk." Thunderstar replied.

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"They better belive in Starclan, or...or...they may be like....Skyclan." Silvershadow chocked out.

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