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Does Renesmee Ever Stop Aging?
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Renesmee ages faster than most people. This is probably because she's half vampire (just a guess ;)). Will she every come to a point where she stops aging and stays the same age forever, like all the other vampires? Do you think she'll become an old lady and pass away?
Thoughts guys?

P.S. Yes, I have read the book. I read it a while ago, so I don't remember everything. I am asking this because I forgot and I was curious. It never hurts to ask.

Yes, of course Renesmee will stop aging. The whole Renesmee thing was incredibly stupid and not very well thought out; it was just Stephenie Meyer’s way of making sure everyone got their happy fairytale ending. Seeing as she’s half vampire, one would think she would age much slower than humans, since vampires can’t age at all. However, poor unloved Jacob shouldn’t have to wait eighteen years for his happily ever after, so Renesmee grows abnormally fast, and will magically stop aging once she reaches sexual maturity.

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It states in the book, that by the time she's seven, Renesmee will be a fully grown woman, physically AND mentally. She would stop aging from that point.

i dont think so.

yh if u read the buk properly near the end alice brings a hybrid vamp bak w/ her and he tells wen he stopped aging at a certain age and renesmee will do the same

yes i think when she is 17 if i remember rightly

good question i think we should ask the authoer lol!!!<3

Once Renesmee's bone age reaches around 17 or 18, she will stop aging.

(Since Renesmee ages rapidly, it will only take 7 years, not 17 or 18.)

No, she won't waste away, the book clearly stated that Renesmee will stop growing at a certain point; she will remain youthful forever.

*Sigh* Did you read this book?


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no they need her to maintain Jacob in a healthy mental state... Jacob should have just left the town have some dignity, Hate how the treated him. Well never mind ... next book

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Don't even get me started with the holes in the Twilight series.

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