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-Everyone roleplays as side characters.
-Be realistic.
-DO NOT comment on this thread until September 27th. Questions about it can go in the Confused and Questions thread.
-This thread will close October 4th (or likely October 5th because I won't be awake at 11:59 :'D). NO roleplaying in this mission will be allowed after that.

A training mission is set up by the adult agents at Phoenix Spy Academy. The students know that it isn't serious, but like a real mission it is very dangerous and must be taken seriously. Students don't know what to expect. All they know is that it is set up.

Mission Info: Before the mission begins, you will take a sleeping pill.


You've been kidnapped by your biggest opponent Academy--Panther. The mission starts out with you and your fellow Phoenix students in a pitch black area, bound at the wrists and ankles and gagged with a cloth. You don't know where you are, but, soon enough you will feel this black area that you and the other agents are in hit the ground. If you can unbind yourself and get out of your prison fast enough, you might be able to see what dropped you off here.

You will find yourself among cold, snowy mountains. It is your job to figure out where in the world you are. You will notice that Panther has disconnected your wristband from the others', meaning you cannot communicate with your classmates nor your trainers and the other adult agents.

Now, you will have to survive until you're found.

It won't be easy. You were dropped in these frigid mountains high, where there is little oxygen, and without food or water or any means of warmth but the clothes on your back. You will notice that you've been disarmed. Also, there will be obstacles set up there--dangerous ones. You will see what they are.

You'll be able to find food and water if you're smart enough. You'll be able to keep warm if you know how to find shelter. You'll be able to defeat these obstacles with your bare hands if you've trained well. But, it's near guaranteed that arguments will arise.

And if you can't survive out there, then you will be secretly rescued by the Phoenix agents and you will have failed the mission. Only, the agents still out there won't know of your rescue, and they will likely assume you're dead.

Place: Alaska (specific location is unknown to agents.)

Time Span: Thursday, September 27th at 12:00 am to Thursday, October 4th at 11:59 pm (Canada Eastern time zone)

Objective: Survive.

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S.C.  Savage (savagesc) | 16 comments This was just great. Cadi still had no idea where she was and hadn't gotten much information about anything. The next thing she knew was that she had taken a sleeping pill and ended up in the middle of snowy mountains. She was a spy so her first thought was to cover up her tracks. Then she went to find shelter. New Zealand had lots of mountains and had spent many missions on them finding her way through the snow. At least she had experience with this sort of thing but with little information about anything, she knew this would challenge her.

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Lilabeth had just woken up. That sleeping pill didn't go to well with her. Her eyes opened and sun beamed in her eyes. She hissed and she covered her eyes. Just what I need, wake up after taking the nasty sleeping pill and have sun stinging my eyes. This mission was getting off to a rough start.

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Prisma opened her eyes. She was lying on a piece of splintered wood. When she looked around, she noticed that there were more panels of wood around her, as if it was a disassembled box. And a large one at that. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. It was freezing. Where was she? Where was everyone else?

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((Do they have anything with them, like a backpack, something to carry food and water in maybe???))

Once Lilabeth was able to open her eyes she quickly went through ideas of things she could do. This first mission is a hard one, there's little food source, it's freezing cold and it's day time! She thought with a groan.

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((No, but there are things like that out there that they have to find.))

Prisma stood up. Her boots were deep in the snow. Luckily, Phoenix supplied high-tech gear that adjusted to different climates. Prisma felt her boots heat up, and her jacket. But her gloves didn't contain the same technology and her fingers were feeling numb.

Prisma felt for her gun. It wasn't there. Not even her belt. And, when she checked her pockets, every one of them was empty. She was completely disarmed except for her wristband, which had the words "No connection" blinking on its screen.

She shielded her eyes from the bright sun and looked around for clues, any clues, as to what dropped her off here.

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Lilabeth stood. She wasn't sure what to do so she just walked around hoping to find something, anything to help her.

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Prisma noticed a small black dot in the distance on a mountain cliff. Another agent? She proceeded to climb up the freezing mountains.

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Lilabeth wandered around a mountain for a while she wasn't positive what to do just yet. All she knew was that she wouldn't freeze to death. Since she was a vamp she was resistant to the cold.

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On her journey up the jagged mountain terrain, Prisma located a small, narrow cave that was completely black just a few feet in. Her wristband was disconnected from contacting Home Base, but the other functions worked perfectly fine. Prisma sent a signal to Lilabeth's wristband so that it would light up with her coordinates. Then, since Lilabeth was fast, she could meet her at the cave and they could take on whatever was inside.

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Lilabeth's wristband beeped. She looked at it, it was the coordinates to where Prisma was. Lilabeth got into a running position counted down from three then bolted into Prisma's direction. She was there in minutes.

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"Lilabeth," Prisma said. "Do you have any idea what's going on in this mission?"

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"I really don't. I'm so lost right now." Lilabeth said sadly. She wanted this to be a great mission, but it was getting off to a rough start. Lilabeth twisted her neck and hissed slightly. She could feel she eyes change to a red color and her fangs start to stick out. She hissed again then went back to normal.

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"Well, I know we're in the northern hemisphere." Prisma felt like an idiot. "And survival's gotta be one of the main objectives. Hey, I was thinking maybe we could take a look in this cave, see if it's empty. It maybe be our only hope for shelter."

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"Okay, but let me go first, i can see better in the dark then you." Lilabeth's neck twisted again. She slightly hissed then entered the cave.

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"Yeah, but I'm scarier than you. I'll scared off anyone lurking in there." Prisma pushed Lilabeth out of the way as she slunk inside.

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"your scarier then me?" Lilabeth hissed at her. "I'm a vampire! You`re a human, what sounds worse?" Lilabeth yelled.

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"You don't have a scary face. I do. You always look emotionless, and I" She smirked in the gloom and turned the flashlight on on her wristband.

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"You want to see a scarey face?" lilabeth hissed. She curled her back into a croutch. her eyes flashed then changed to a bloody red, her fangs popped out and she looked up at Prisma like she wanted to eat her.

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"Cool. But I still win." Prisma swept the cave with her flashlight. Animal bones, and...footsteps.

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"I guess you never had to dress up for halloween." lilabeth laughed then slid past Prisma.

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((Footsteps, not prints! Lol.))

Prisma shone her flashlight over again, feeling vulnerable without her weapons. "Who's there?" she called loudly.

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Obstacle 0049: Genetically mutated wolf pack jumps out from in cave.

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((fixed it.))

Lilabeth got into an attack position. She was ready to bite threw some neck.

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Prisma cried out and sprinted out of the cave, hopping on the top of the cliff it lay within and peering over the edge. Her heart raced.

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Lilabeth thought she should run too , but realized no need. She needed blood and this is where she would get it. She attacked the wolves with all her strength.

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"Don't be too rough, I could eat part of one too!"

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"Don't worry-" "there will be-" plenty of wolf for-" you," She said between breathes, she was weak during the day so it was harder then it normally would.

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"Mmkay." Prisma waited for Lilabeth to get the job done.

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Lilabeth slammed 2 of the wolves with all her might against the wall. She bit threw the third ones neck. She drained it's blood fast. It died instantly. She snapped the other two wolves necks. "You can come in now." She called to prisma, then started to drink the one wolf's blood.

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((I gtg))

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Prisma stepped back into the cave. "That's gotta be one of the easy obstacles. Those wolves were slow." She watched as the rest of the pack disappeared down the mountain, then turned back to Lilabeth. "Three carcasses, huh? That should last a while." She shifted all the animal bones out of the cave with her boot and then scanned once more with her flashlight and LifeScan before she sat down against the wall of the cave. Prisma could barely feel her fingers. She noticed oddly sudden clouds shield the sun outside the cave, and winds picked up. "Let's try and get a fire going," she said. "And then try to figure out what's going on."

Obstacle 0002: Blizzard approaches.

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"Alright." lilabeth said as she finished up the second wolf's blood. I'll go look for some fire starter. be back in a few." She said leaving the cave.

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"Lilabeth," Prisma said, "There's a flame thrower on my wristband. Just find some dry sticks." When she checked her wristband, she saw the power was low. She shut it off.

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"That's what I meant by fire starter. Like kindling and and brush." She said as she scurried off to find some fire starter.

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"Pssh, thought she wanted some matches or something." And then, all of a sudden, snow began to fall heavily from the sky. So heavily that Prisma couldn't see out the mouth of the cave in any direction.

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Snow was blowing furiously around Lilabeth's head, but it didn't bother her. She trudged threw the deep snow. Some goggles what be perfect right now. Lilabeth thought. Okay this is going to slow, i need to run. She got into a running position and sprinted for 20 straight minutes. She ended up at the bottom on a mountain where it was some what grassy. She saw some twins and branches on the ground and started to collect them. She turned to the mountain. Now how to i get back? She wondered then started, slowly, up the mountain.

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Prisma slid deeper into the cave to keep dry. She waited for Lilabeth.

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Once Lilabeth was onto the mountain the blizzard picked up rapidly. She couldn't see where she was going. She didn't want to run just in case she ran off a cliff. Walking through snow is so hard! She thought with a groan. And i don't know where I'm going. She pulled out her wrist band. She had a small connection. She tried to call Prisma.

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Prisma was curious as to how deep the cave went. She got up and stuck her hands out, not wanting to use up the wristband power on the flasshlight, and began her exploration.

((It was off so she didn't get the call :O))

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((Oh no! What is Lilabeth going to do:O lmao))

Lilabeth sighed. "She didn't get it." She sighed then kept walking. She walked for what felt like forever, getting no where. and the blizzard was only getting worse. Snow flung around her wildly. That's when she spotted something black. She ran over to it. "Omg! It a backpack!' She cried. ((they can find things like this out there right? Or not?))

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((Yeah they can.))

Prisma kept on walking until she couldn't see her hand when it was in front of her face in the darkness. Where did the cave end?

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Lilabeth opened up the black back pack. Inside was a match box, newspaper, rope, three water bottles have frozen, two cans of soup, and a pair of mittens. She picked up the back pack, she looked up, just a little ways in front of her was a cave. It doesn't look like the same one. She thought. She walked over and into the cave.

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Prisma continued to walk until there was no ground under her. The cave dropped off. She fell down, crying out. She knew to land without shattering her bones that she had to roll as soon as she hit the ground. Prisma couldn't tell where the ground was so she just started somersaulting mid-air until she touched the cold stone floor.

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lilabeth set the backpack on the ground. Ahh! She heard a cry within the cave. She got to her feet and ran further into the cave looking for the noise. She wasn't to far into the cave when she saw a drop off. "Hello!" She called down into the drop off.

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"Hey Lilabeth. I found a hole. Send something down that I can climb back up or do something vampire-ish. I don't know what's down here."

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"One sec! I'll be right back!" Lilabeth called down, then ran back to the entrance of the cave she grabbed the rope from the bag along with the backpack so no one would take it. She ran back to the drop off, She tied the rope to a tall pointed rock then flung it over the edge. Lilabeth leaped over the edge of the drop off, not caring 'bout the rope. She didn't need it. She could see Prisma and the ground as soon as she jumped. Her vision was very helpful. She rolled as soon as she hit ground. "Hey!" She said a little to perky. She looked up. that's when she realize the rope wasn't long enough. "Uh, we're gonna have to climb the wall to get to the rope." She said as she pointed up to it.

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((Sorry had to go for lunch))

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