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message 1: by Lady Day (new)

Lady Day (ladyday) | 228 comments Hi Ladies! I hope you're still enjoying this novel and you've finished the reading for this week. There is so much going on in chapters 12-15. Here are the discussion questions.
1. What do you believe was Dahlia's reason for reading romance novels to Lella?

2. Why is Valentine hypercritical of all Dahlia does for/with Lella?

3. Have you ever known a mother with similar character traits as Trician Boyer?

4. Do you think there's any truth to Charmaine Hopewell's statement relating church to direct-marketing...."If you're around the church long enough..."(pg. 178)

5. Do you agree or disagree with Charmaine's assessment of Drew's role in the destruction of Daisy? Why or why not?

6. In your opinion, who was the BIGGEST CRIMINAL in Daisy's debacle?

7. Doyou feel that the cosmetic surgeon failed in his responsibility to refuse providing more services to Daisy/Trician?

8. Did you find your self wondering why it took soooo long for Daisy to see what she'd become physically?

9. Did you find yourself anticipating Drew's reunion with Monica?

10. What did Monica mean by the statement "you(Drew) were the exhibition of God's faithfulness...?"

11. How was Drew lobbying for 'blessing upon blessing'?

12. Have you ever entrusted God to take care of someone or a situation in your life? What was the outsome?

13. Can you relate to Drew's expression to Monica..."Sometimes, Mom, God wants us to move forward when we see soemone drowning instead of waiting for a sign." (pg. 196)

14. Do you believe Drew was moved to learn that Monica prayed for him every morning? How so?

15. Were you surprised by Monica's reaction to seeing Drew's cigarette burn scars?

16. Why do you think Valentine never thought about doing some of the things for Lella that Dahlia has?

17. What does Rick's character add to the plot?

18. Why has Charmaine taken special interest in Daisy now?

19. Was it "REALLY" Daisy's intention to remove her face with Drano?

20. Do you think Trician Boyer ever loved Daisy?

21. Did you guess that Drew was Augustine prior to pg. 221? How did you draw that conclusion?

22. Have you ever experienced your own "personal pentecost?" When?

message 2: by Connie (new)

Connie Beard (ConnieB5254) | 51 comments 1. Maybe Dahlia was trying to give Lella a bit of something she thought Lell might never have. Or maybe she was trying to make a connection, like "These are the books I like, so maybe you like them, too."

2. Valentine was feeling replaced by Dahlia. It's like Lella was the only person Valentine felt needed her.

3. I've heard of mothers like that, but I don't think I've ever really known one.

4. Not in the Church, as a whole, but in certain churches, I think it's probably true. I've never been personally involved with a church like that, but I have an idea of some that may be.

5. I'd have to go back and read it again to give you a really good answer, but I remember thinking that Charmaine was right as I read it.

6. Trician. It seemed to me, that Drew went along with what Trician said. Daisy had given up basically all control over her own life. Not even Daisy was innocent in the matter. She made a decision, at some point, that she would let her mother make the calls. At any time, Daisy could have said "No" and regained control over her life. I guess she was so far down that she thought she'd never be able to crawl out.

7. Absolutely! I understand that some people need drastic reconstructive surgery, but a good, ethical plastic surgeon will draw a line and say no more.

8. I did. Had she convinced herself that this last surgery would be the answer or was she secretly hoping that it would backfire?

9. I did, pretty much from the moment he realized it was his mother that was calling him.

10. If I'm remembering the conversation correctly, Monica was saying that Drew's birth was God's reward to her for being faithful to Drew's father.

11. His messages to his church, encouraging them to give more and more so they could receive more and more blessings from God.

12. I have. God has never failed me. When I really trust him with something and don't keep trying to take it back, He always works it out in His will. I'm not always happy with it immediately, but I'm not seeing the big picture. In the whole situation when my husband lost his job with the same company I still work for (long, long story), we gave it to God. We ended up having to move in with my mom and stepdad for a few months before my husband finally found a job and we could afford to pay rent. It was not at all what I had in mind or the job we would have chosen, but I think God is using him there. I have many stories of God's faithfulness to me when I trust Him to be in control of my life.

13. I can. I believe we don't always have to wait for God to speak before we act. He has told us certain things that we should be doing. If we are in the Bible and we are living a lifestyle of prayer, we often know what the next right thing to do is; we don't necessarily have to wait for Him to tell us.

14. Yes, I do. Drew seemed to have lost faith in himself and God. Maybe he thought he was beyond help. Maybe learning that Monica prayed for him every morning began his path to realizing that he was not beyond God's reach.

15. I guess I expected her to act more like I think my mom would; shocked and hysterical. In retrospect, I think maybe Monica already had an idea for covering them.

16. Valentine needed Lella to depend on her.

17. I think Rick proves that, no matter how hideous we think we look or how pathetic we think we are, there is always someone that thinks we're beautiful and worthy.

18. Maybe Charmaine's special interest in Daisy is to assuage the guilt she feels for what she considers to be her part in the travesty. She's also trying to show Daisy that someone still cares about her.

19. I don't think Daisy was really trying to remove her face with the Drano. She was acting impulsively out of emotion. Daisy just wanted to change herself, to make herself anything but what Tristan wanted to make her.

20. No, I don't think Trician ever loved anyone but Trician.

21. No! I was totally shocked! I think I read that sentence about 5 times before I was really convinced that I had read it right.

22. I'm not sure that I have. Maybe I'm looking for something more dramatic than what has already happened. My guess is that the "personal pentecost" is kind of like the "spiritual awakening" we experience in recovery; it's different for everyone and some people miss it at first because it wasn't what they expected.

Maranda (addlebrained_reader) (mannadonn) | 367 comments Mod
By the time I got to the week 3 reading I flew through the end of the book. Since I know how it ends I don't want to answer any questions in this week for fear that my responses would be tainted by my knowledge of the end of the book.

I will say that I ended up really enjoying this book and I can't wait for the final week's discussion!

message 4: by Connie (new)

Connie Beard (ConnieB5254) | 51 comments I almost kept going myself. It was really hard to stop at the right spot.

message 5: by Connie (new)

Connie Beard (ConnieB5254) | 51 comments Maranda wrote: "By the time I got to the week 3 reading I flew through the end of the book. Since I know how it ends I don't want to answer any questions in this week for fear that my responses would be tainted by..."

I just have to know. Did you realize Augustine was Drew before he said so?

message 6: by Connie (new)

Connie Beard (ConnieB5254) | 51 comments Ok. I just finished Embrace Me. I love this book and I'm sad it's over. I can hardly wait for this week's discussion.

message 7: by Lady Day (new)

Lady Day (ladyday) | 228 comments Ha ha ladies are hilarious! This is the first time EVER that I've practiced restraint with a good book. I finished it last night and my my my was it good.

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