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Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 60 comments Mod
Here is where you can write stories about experiences they've had, or use your imagination and make up a story about Sasuke and Sakura!

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Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 60 comments Mod
Sasuke's Past
I ran into town, knowing it was late. Suddenly, I felt eyes burning into my skin. My head jerked up, but nothing was there. I walked on more cautiously. Looking around me, I noticed all the lights were out. But it wasn't time for bed yet! I quickened my pace, heading for my house. Mother, Father! The words kept popping in my head. I pulled open my door, took my shoes off, and slowly stepped in. No one was there. Suddenly, I heard another bang coming from upstairs. I scrambled up and heard another bang coming from the room in front of me. Someone was in there! I was frozen to the floor. Move! I urged myself. Quickly, I yanked open the doors crying, "Mother! Father!" My eyes widened as I saw them laying there, lifeless. Itachi was standing over them. "Itachi! Mother and Father are-" Itachi threw a shurikan at me, cutting me off. It went past my arm, slicing it. I stepped back in shock. Then the truth dawned on me. "Itachi!" I cried, "How could you!" Itachi looked at me and simply said, "I had to." I narrowed my eyes and yelled, "Don't mess with me!" I started running towards him, my hand stretched out in a punch. Before I could move, Itachi punched me hard in my stomach. I fell to the ground, stunned. I looked up at him, tears rolling down my cheeks. I narrowed my eyes through the tears. Itachi took a step towards me towards me, and I jumped. Leaning back on one arm, I yelled, "I'm scared!" and ran out of the room. I ran through the street towards the entrance screaming, "Don't kill me!" Itachi suddenly appeared in front of me. He used his maringan sharingan. Pictures of him killing the Clan appeared in my mind. "Don't show me this, Brother!" I cried. "I'll spare you." He said, "You've always wanted to prove yourself, to surpass me. And for that, I will let you live. Anyways, I wouldn't waste my time on you, Sasuke." Itachi released me from the sharingan. "The way to obtain this is by killing...your best friend." I stared at him, bewildered. 'So it was you. You killed-" Itachi inturrupted me, "Yes. That was me." He then added, "You must hate me, you must avenge me. Then, when you obtain the maringan sharingan, you shall come before me. Now run. Run and cling to life." Itachi opened the maringan sharingan, and I fainted.

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Hazel Haruno | 18 comments Nice story, Ashley!

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Mari Hidame | 93 comments Mod
nice your commenting your own story!

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Mari Hidame | 93 comments Mod
Sasuke was in the middle of a fierce battle with the half- snake- half- man, Orochimaru. All I could do was sit here and watch on the top of this treebranch. I felt so helpless, I wanted to help, but I knew I would only be a burden... Moments later, heat lingered on my peachy skin. I looked down towards Sasuke and Orochimaru. Orochimaru was burned to the point were he MUST have been defeated. I hopped down from the treebranch towards Sasuke. "You did it!" I encouraged him. He stood, breathing heavily, that last hit must have taken up alot of his chakra. "It's okay it's all over now," I said as he continued to gasp for more air. All of the sudden I heard Orochimaru break the rope he was tied up in. Impossible. His face was burned badly, but behind his scaled face was a new one. He used a jutsu causing me to fall to the dirt floor. Sasuke had the strength and will to hold himslf together. I almost started crying as the immense pain stabbed my chest. Then, Orochimaru's neck grew almost ten times as long. It streched across the forest floor to Sasuke's neck. All I heard was screaming after that. Sasuke's screaming. Sasuke fell to the floor grasping his neck. "What did you do to Sasuke and why Sasuke?" I asked the grinning Orochimaru. "Let's just say it was a parting gift," Orochimaru replied. "Sasuke will come to me for power..." Orochimaru concluded as he dissapeared into the trees. "Sasuke!" I yelled as I ran towards him. He grabbed my hand and screamed in horror. "What am I supposed to do?" I mummbled to myself. Tears formed in my green eyes. Sasuke fell into my arms and fell into a deep sleep. I grasped him, protected him. Now, it was my turn to protect everyone.

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