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they arrive and he buys the tickets

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Harrison smiles and leads them into The Possession.

Natalie takes a seat in the back.

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he lets harrison sit in the middle of them

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"This is going to be excellent." He says with a grin.

Natalie just looks at Josh.

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he gives her a 'i told you so' look as the movie starts

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((Sorry, I was having a dance party with my brother))

Natalie smiles and turns her attention to the movie.

Harry has a smile on his face the whole time.

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((oh cool))
josh closes his eyes and covers his ears

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he hates scary moves

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Natalie looks over at Josh and smiles a little bit.

Harrison's eyes are glued to the screen.

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he hears a scream and jumps

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Harrison leans over and whispers in Josh's ear, "I'm gonna go to the restroom." He jumps out from his seat and exits the theater. He doesn't really go to the bathroom, he leaves the building.

Natalie smiles over at Josh.

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he smiles at her "i should go check on him"

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"Go ahead."

Harrison walks to the cliff.

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he looks in the bathroom and sees hes not there and runs back in "he's not here"he says panicked

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"He's not? Dang, he's good..." Se gets out of her seat.

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he thinks "oh no..hes at the cliff isnt he"he takes her hand and pulls her out

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She smiles and lets herself be pulled.

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