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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo walked in and sat down with his guitar

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Darcy walked into class and set up her clarinet. She sat in her arranged seat an stared vacantly at her instrument

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) He started to tune his instrument as he looked around at everyone else.

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The sound of the guitar made Darcy snap back to reality, and she shuffled through her sheet music, looking for a specific song

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) He finished tunning his instrument then started to play a song that he wrote.

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Darcy was about to start playing, but she heard the song and turned- it was good. She looked at the guy playing for a minute, but quickly turned back to her music

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo quickly stopped. He still needed lyrics to his music but couldn't think of any at the moment. He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down something.

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Darcy started to play her clarinet- one of the songs the band had played last year. She always keeps the song in her folder, she still loved it.

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo looked at the girl playing the clarinet. She was good. He quickly looked away so she wouldn't notice him

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Darcy was lost in the song, her fingers flitting quickly to the different keys. She thought she felt eyes on her but dismissed the thought, no one ever looked at her

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo was playing with his pencil, thinking of more lyrics put it flew out of his hand and hit Darcy in the head.

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Darcy jumped when the pencil hit her, stopping her song abruptly. She bent down and picked it up. She turned and handed it to Theo silently

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "Thanks and sorry for hitting you" Theo grabbed the pencil from her.

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Darcy shrugged "it's okay, you didn't mean it." she was about to turn back to her music, but looked at theo "your song is really good, by the way" she said quietly

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "Thanks. So is yours" Theo said looking at her.

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Darcy smiled softly "thanks" she turned back to her music and scribbled some notes in the margins, forgetting to introduce herself

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) He smiled at her. "I'm Theo by the way" He turned back to his piece of paper and wrote down some more lyrics.

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"I'm Darcy" she smiled at him

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "Nice to meet you" Theo said as he looked back at her.

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Darcy smiled and nodded, but turned shyly back to her music. She'd already talked too much.

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo looked back at his piece of paper and finished the lyrics. He wamted to try them out but not infront of all these people. He just wanted a person to say that it was good. He turned back to Darcy. "Can you help me with something?"

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Darcy turned back to Theo "uh yeah sure, what do you need help with?" she asked, her voice staying at its usual quiet tone

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "I need you to listen to my song and tell me if it's good." Theo said

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Darcy smiled "yeah I can do that if you want me to"

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "Thanks" Theo started to play his song and sing it. When he was done, The whole room was silent. He looked back at her. "How was it?"

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Darcy looked at him with wide eyes "good. Really good" she nodded as she spoke "you wrote that yourself?" she asked

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "Yeah" Theo said. "I just wrote it actually."

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"it's damn good" Darcy said honestly

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) "Thanks" Theo looked around and the people that were in there were now saying how good he was.

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Darcy looked around at the people. This was generally when she started to disappear, and people stopped noticing her, if they ever had. She turned back to her music without another word

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo smiled and started to write another song.

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'business as usual' Darcy thought as she started to play he clarinet again

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) The bell rang and Theo stood up

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Darcy put away her clarinet, and walked quickly out of the room.

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Theo walked put his guitar away and walked out

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) Millie walked into class with a Base Guitar noticing that no one was her yet. She thought that was a good sign.

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