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Darcy sat at a table in the corner by herself, sketching in one of her notebooks. She'd planned on doing her homework, but got distracted

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josh walks in and sits alone taking pictures with his camera

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Darcy sees the guy with a camera and wishes she could blend into the walls, not wanting to have her picture taken. She shook her head and continued to work on the sketch

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he sees a girl in the corner and zooms in and takes a picture of her"

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Darcy's eyes flicked up towards the guy, and grew wide when she saw he'd taken a picture of her. She cursed under her breath

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he looks at the picture which turned out great he walks up to her

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Darcy saw him coming towards her and looked down, hoping he was going to walk by her

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"um..hey"he says to her

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Darcy looked up at him "hi" she smiled slightly, her eyes still wide

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"um...i saw that you where drawing"

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She nodded "yeah, I do that a lot....."

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"well it seems good'he says

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Natalie walks in and sits down at a table with Juno, sketching in her sketchbook, ignoring all the girls staring at her brother.

Quite a few heads turned as Juno walked by, for, in one word, Juno was adorable. He took a seat across from Natalie and scanned the room, smiling.

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Sarah walked in she was the school bully so most people where scared of her

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Darcy looked down at her notebook, observing the scene shed drawn that represented loneliness. She quickly snapped it shut "thanks...."

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he looks at her and fixes his glasses "yea"

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Darcy thought the guy seemed nice "I'm Darcy" she said sweetly, her nerves practically killing her

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"im josh"he says

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Natalie drew a magical forest, with a castle, and unicorns, and princesses.

Juno continued to look around for anyone that he might find of interest.

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sarah scares some of the other kids and laughs "wimps"

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Darcy smiled "hi josh, want to um...sit?" she gestured to all the empty seats around her

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he smiles "sure"he sits down

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Natalie continued to draw, her mind being warped to a land of fairy tales.

Juno raised an eyebrow at the bully, and turned back to his own buisiness.

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"so um... I guess you're a photographer?" Darcy tried to make conversation, something she was terrible at

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"yea..i love to take pictures"he says
sarah sees juno and natalie at her table and stomps over "thats my table"

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Darcy nodded "cool...." she had no clue what to say, and started toying with her hair- a nervous habit

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"yea what do you draw"he asked

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Darcy shrugged "my favorite is like encrypted pictures, things that have deeper meaning than what you see. But I draw pretty much anything"

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Natalie doesn't hear her, she is lost in her little world of drawing.

Juno cringes, gets up, and moves to another table.

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"thats really cool"he says
sarah looks at the girl and then the boy. the boy was really cute though

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Darcy smiled "thanks" she put her chin in her hands, and her sleeve fell down a bit, exposing her wrist tattoo

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he takes a pic of her tattoo

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"Natalie!" He shouts.

Natalie jumps a bit, looks at her surroundings, and figures out what's going on. She gets her stuff and moves.

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Darcy was confused "what did you ju-" she looked down at her arm "ohhh, that" she pulled up the sleeve

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she looks at him "you know what its fine you can have the table"

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"its cool"he says

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Juno shrugs. "It's just a table, it's all yours."

Natalie sits down and starts drawing again.

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Darcy smiled slightly "people just judge me for it, I try to cover it up" she blurted out, immediately wishing she hadn't

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he looks at her "oh...thats to bad i think its cool"
she shrugs "oh well"she sits down when she acted normal she looked like normal nice girl

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Juno smiled. "I'm gonna go to the park before school starts, okay, Nat?"

Natalie nods and continues drawing.

Juno leaves.

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Darcy smiled "I got it for my 13 birthday, my brother took me, without adult permission" she chuckled, she always felt bad ass when she thought of it

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"thats so parents dont even let me out of the house"

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Darcy sighed "that sucks, why?"

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"you know the little girl that died"

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Darcy shuddered "oh yeah, my parents had my brother walk me everywhere after that, they got me mace and stuff...." she hated to think about that poor girl

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"yea my parents wouldnt let me leave the house after that"

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"how long did it take for them to let you?" Darcy asked

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"um..they still dont"he says

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Darcy winced "damn...."

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