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Natalie walks in and sits down, thinking.

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She jumps when she hears the bell, and runs to math.

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Darcy shuffled into the art room and sat by a canvas in the back

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Day walks in

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Darcy started to paint the northern lights, swirling colors together and then adding them to the canvas

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he paints a coffin with a gut in it

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Darcy looked over at his painting, but quickly turned back to her own.

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he starts over and draws a skeleton wearing and top hat dancing

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((Everyone here is so dark... *Sigh* Lol))

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((yeah I didn't have a dark charrie yet :) perfect opportunity))

Darcy chuckled at the skeleton, but then clamped a hand over her mouth and looked away

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he smiles and looks at her he loves making people laugh his next drawing is a pumkin eating pumkin pies

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Darcy raised an eyebrow "that went from entertaining to cannibalistic very quickly" she said quietly

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he smirks he was weird but he didnt care he draws a spider web in the shape of a heart

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Darcy nodded in approval at that one; she thought it was a cool idea. She continued to swirl paint around her canvas

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"your good"

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Darcy smiled slightly as she painted "thanks, you are too"

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"yea i know..."he smirks

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Darcy nodded and kept painting, not really sure if he was joking or not

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he keeps drawing

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Darcy finished her painting and signed the bottom right corner. She sat at the table with her notebook and started to color in some of her blank sketches

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he watches her and draws a picture of her

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Darcy got to the sketch that sylss drew, and stared at it for a few seconds, not sure if she wanted to color it

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he smiles and draws himself with like a alien

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Darcy looked over and saw his drawing of her "uhh, Why did you draw that?" she asked quietly

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"you looked good "he shrugs

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"oh..." Darcy said, kind of confused as she flipped past slyss's drawing. She started to color the next one

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he watches her and plays a song on his phone called i got a pee

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Darcy looked up at him with a confused look "....why?"

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"why not"he says

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Darcy shrugged "it's just very odd...not that I'm not or anything"

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When the bell rang, Darcy gathered her things and walked quickly out of the room

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