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Favorite 2012 Sequels

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jenn reads fiction This book is definitely at the top of my list with Clockwork Prince. It was so fantastic and utterly perfect.

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Greta Hector made the story for me.

I would also nominate Insurgent as an excellent 2012 sequel. Right up there with Clockwork Prince.

Veronica I've been Team Hector since the beginning! I just had to keep reading to see them together. Great series. I loved both of the books. :)

Madeleine Hector...oh my god. He has ruined me for real men for the rest of my life. He's too perfect.

Trinesha Love this sequel, I've wanted Elisa to like Hector since he took her on tour of Joya D'Arena.

Another great sequel was Middle Ground from the Awaken series by Katie Kacvinsky.

Robin (Bridge Four) Hector is totally swoon worthy....sigh

I loved reading there story and seeing how there love grew throughout instead of just instantly. I thought I could see a spark of it in Girl of Fire and Thorns. He seemed more right for her than the King or Humberto.

I definitely loved the story line and Mara and Belen are great supporting characters. While I did get frustrated with Elisa through her growth as a character I rooted for her the whole time wanting her to come into being a strong woman. She got there toward the end which set up so nicely for book 3.

Shoe-mena Hector!mmmmmm Yummy
*Blushes like mad*

Harmony I love Hector but I feel she got over Humberto so fast.:(

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