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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Who is your favorite character from a Fantasy book?

My favorite character is Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle *Emma groans at the mention*. Sophie seems so real and she's pretty funny, too. She is pretty much, to me, the perfect character. Not that she doesn't have faults. But her faults are loveable. Her name isn't that bad either. I've always liked the name Sophie. It's hard for me to connect with characters that have names I hate.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

You're right, I did groan...

And I would have to give my favorite character award to several people.

1. As you probably can guess, my first choice is Garion from the Belgariad and the Mallorean. The way he is portrayed as an innocent country boy with the fate of the world revolving around him makes me tick for some reason...

2. Polgara the sorceress from the same books. She's so completely and perfectly described, and I enjoy the father/daughter thing she has with Belgarath also portrayed in those books.

3. Harry - Need I say more?

4. The character Wise Child from the trilogy by Monica Furlong is a great character, what with the inner turmoil constantly aroused within her and her imperfections and insecurities make her a fascinating specimen of a character.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Just a quick comment, but I hate the name Garion. >:-)

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I also like Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. He's not the typical "perfect" wizard, he's actually quite pitiful at first, but it's amazing how he grows up because of Sophie.

My favorite character from the Harry Potter Series is Dumbledore. Ususally a lot more characters stick out to me from Sci Fi or Realistic Fiction books-- perhaps because I read those more often?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

What's to hate about the name Garion? It's original, and it's NOT from "our reality" because the books take place in another world. He definitely grows on you (as a matter of fact, because he's my favorite character EVER, I didn't know what to do with myself, and I almost choked on the cracker I had in my mouth at the time when the author wrote "there will be no more Garion stories, period" in an authors note)

Sorry if I seem really defensive - I love him!!!

message 6: by Kristjan (last edited Dec 28, 2007 06:38AM) (new)

Kristjan (booktroll) My vote goes to Vlad Taltos of the Jhereg series written by Steven Brust. He is IMHO a penultimate flawed protagonist with a great sense of irony and sarcasm who grows throughout the series.

message 7: by Amrita (last edited Feb 29, 2008 06:30AM) (new)

Amrita Harry, definitely. I also love Maerad from the books of Pellinor by Allison Croggon( They're great books, pppl who love fantasy should definitely read them). Sorry to say, but I've never read The Belgarian and Mallogorean or Howl's Moving Castle.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay - another favorite. And this one, Michelle, is not an Edding's brainchild. This one is the product of another David... David Farland - from the Runelords series. Except I don't love her nearly as much as Garion.

Iome Sylvarestra - the princess of Heredon. After struggling to find her self-worth after her "glamour" endowments were taken, she is impossible NOT to love!

message 9: by Amrita (new)

Amrita Oh, I've read Howl's Moving Castle and the sequel, Castle in the Air. I have to agree with u, Michelle, I love Howl and Sophie, they're both great.

message 10: by Teresa 8-22 (new)

Teresa 8-22 | 4 comments I agree, Michelle. Sophie should get an award. And Howl, too. :) They're such lovable characters.

message 11: by Kataury (new)

Kataury hmmm :D I know a great character that none of you could ever beat! But..

message 12: by Marc (new)

Marc (authorguy) | 5 comments Samwise Gamgee, in LOTR. Lupe dy Cazaril, from the Curse of Chalion. Lord Shonsu, from the Seventh Sword trilogy by Dave Duncan. These are the real movers and shakers of the story, but not always the stars.

message 13: by Rustyford (new)

Rustyford | 4 comments Pug/Milamber from the Magician books by Raymond Feist. I guess I'm a sucker for obscure children that grow to become super powerful.

message 14: by Bobby (new)

Bobby | 2 comments Is there really no love for Tyrion from A Song of Ice and Fire? Martin creates real characters, free from Fantasy cliches and my favourite is definitely Tyrion, the hunchbacked midget!

message 15: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) Bobby wrote: "Is there really no love for Tyrion from A Song of Ice and Fire? Martin creates real characters, free from Fantasy cliches and my favourite is definitely Tyrion, the hunchbacked midget!"

I agree! There is much more love for Tyrion needed here!

He is also my favorite. Not only is he a hunchbacked midget, but he also has a mouth on him that cracks me up every time he opens it. I can't wait for "A Dance of Dragons" to come out, so we can continue with Tyrion, who was unfortunately absent from "A feast for Crows".

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