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Here we can chat about the movie and how good it is or how bad it is.

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I love the Lion King movie!!! I also like the Lion King Two:)

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Simba's Pride is just as good as the first! but i have to admit, it makes sense, but it doesnt. in the first it never talks about the lions who were for Scar, nor how Scar chose Kovu to follow his pawprints. then the second one came and all of a sudden there are these other lions who want the Pridelands...:/ it was still really good though ^^ Kovu is really cute *dreamy*

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I think I like the second one best because it has Simba's daughter in it. I wonder why he became so over-protective.

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because he was carefree and then his dad died "because of it" and he didnt want her to be hurt. and then the Outlanders could be invading and she could get hurt or something like that...

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Oh okay:) Did you know that Simba had a son too?

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i think so, but didnt he die and was before Kiara? maybe thats why he was protective?

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I don't think he died...

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oh, the family tree is confusing to me. everyone seems to have their own least where i get my info...:/

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:D you can never really tell which site is right! it gets confusing :o

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I know!!

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Sunny wrote: "I love the Lion King movie!!! I also like the Lion King Two:)"

I love The Lion King, I don't remember ever watching The Lion King 2, though. :)

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The second Lion King movie is better

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I watched The Lion King two last night, it's good, but I prefer the first one. :)

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Did you just get it or something?

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I went over to my neighbors house yesterday and she let me borrow her copy of The Lion King 2. :)

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Mhm. :)

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