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-Romance (nothing too sexual)
-Teen Fic
-Fan Fics
-Horror (within reason)

My examples:






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• Title
•Author name
•Anything else*

(Fields marked with a * are optional)

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Sarah Bump.

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Sarah Bump

ali  ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐᵒᵘᵗʰ ˢʰᵘᵗ (time_wont_fly) I'LL REQUEST ONE SARAH

Title: Loving like a Stranger
•Author name: Ali Foxx
•Ideas: I would like a girl with blond hair. There can be a boy in the picture. (This is optional, but I would like it if you could have her holding something behind her back, maybe glasses.)
•Mood: Whimsical, but simple. I want the cover to catch peoples' eyes.
•Anything else: It's a romance story! <3

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Mahnoor Khan (indie-vidual) | 1 comments Woah, you're covers are rad.

Title: It's All Over

Author Name: harry-babe (it's my wattpad username)
Ideas: It's a Harry Styles apocalypse fan fiction, so I was wondering if you could have a picture of him in maybe dark clothes or flannel clothes, anything that looks apocalypse...y. And I would like a dark background that fits with the zombie apocalypse vibe. I don't really care if a girl character is in it. You can decide if her picture looks good in it or not. If it does, I would like a young girl the age of 19 with dark hair.As for the font, I'm kind of envisioning something along the lines of Didot and Baskerville.

Mood: Im looking for a dark vibe.

Anything Else: I will definitely credit you in my fan fiction once I publish it to Wattpad :)

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Rice (ricec) | 1 comments Title: Amelia Cornwall & The American Incident
•Ashley Hamilton
•Ideas: It's a Harry Potter Next Generation fanfic featuring Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, and my two OCs Amelia Cornwall and Veronica O'Leire. The four of them are reincarnates of the four founders. This is the first book in a seven book series and will be told from Amelia Cornwall, the half Korean, half white, american student going to Hogwarts instead of the american school of magic, Salem Institute of magic. The story's conflict is the mystery surrounding the descendant of a past villain of Merlin (haven't thought of a name or lineage yet) and them coming into their memories and dealing with it. The story does slightly crossover with BBC Merlin but the information is explained and explored so that you don't need any background information on Merlin.
•Mood: I want a more happy, adventure type mood, but I'm open to anything but dark. That'll be in the later books.
•Anything else*: Amelia is half-Korean and half white, but she takes after her korean mother, so her features will be predominately be Korean, if you need anything on her appearence.

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MaryMaker | 2 comments Hey, I am a wattpad writer. I am in the presses of writing one and I need a cover. I will give information as it comes to mind. The main character is a female that is about 5'6" and has long, curly, black hair. She goes on a camping trip with her chuch and finds out where she really belongs, with the people that don't belong in any group. She falls in live with three of them. Hayden is 5'10" tall and has short, spiky hair. He also has light green eyes and glasses. Even is a red-head in two ways; hair and the band. One thing they both have in common id their interest in music and video games. Even is shorter than Hayden, about 5'7". then there is Andrew. Andrew is charismatic and he will always be there when she needs him. He has short hair, but it still hangs around his eyes. His hair in a dark brown, same with his eyes. He also wears glasses. Jess is the female the tries to fit in anywhere that she can, but when she finds a group she gets pushed out. She Wants to have everything at her finger tips and she wants to be in controlee od everything, so no one really likes her. The title is "Can't Remember Yesterday and Wont Remember Tomorrow" I want it to have a feel to it like she is torn but she is tearing herself apart trying to chose. She is a cutter and she is into Pierce the veil, black veil brides, my chemical romance, all that stuff and then red, thousand foot krutch, decyfer down, and that kinda stuff too. I will put another post for her intrests. My work might come out either March or April, so it will take me a while. If you email me, you might be able to get the first three chapters to get an idea of my direction with this. Thank you soooo much! You have no idea how much this meand to me! See you on the home page... and please ignore my spelling errors. I had like three minuets to type all of this plus the intrest list! AAAHHHHH my fingers are about to fall off!!

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MaryMaker | 2 comments Music interest: Pirece the Veil, Black veil brides, bring me the horizon, my chemical romance, Memphis mayfire, fall out boy, mudvane, skillet, seether, metallica, red, thousand foot krutch, decyfer down, firelight, we as human, sleeping with sirens, demon hunter, dupstep period., some pop, linkin park, korn, and disciple

Life interests: reading, painting, writing, running, listening to music, going to hang with friends, testing, typing, going to concerts, sleeping, working out, relaxing, listening to music, volunteering, working on her degree, hanging out, listening to music, and listening to music.

If there is anything else you need to know, contact me and tell me. I am just happy to find you! I have been looking for months to find someone with your talent to do this! BTW: I am only 13, so I am still in school and I get caught up in stuff, so it kight be December before I get back on here, hahah. not really, but it might take me a while to finish the book. My wattpad name is maryclairemare and I am working on a lot right now, It is a teen/scy-fi like book with a bit of romance tied in... THANKS!!!

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