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Boy Bands
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Boy Bands

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message 1: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Know any famous boy bands?

message 2: by Yaoifan365 (new)

Yaoifan365 (fearfulgoingfearless) | 14 comments One Direction!!!!

message 3: by Imasha (new)

Imasha OH Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Imasha (new)

Imasha They ROCK!!!!

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments Ummm, The Wanted, Franko, Hollywood Ending, Before You Exit, Once Upon A Time, The Jonas Brothers...

message 6: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Oh i love the wanted!!!!

message 7: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments Yeah, i was just listening to one of their songs 2day... also Owlcity(1 of my faves) Plain White T's

message 8: by Imasha (new)

Imasha OMG i love owl city!!!!!
Good time is so awesome!!!!

message 9: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments I like Fireflies and Galaxies

message 10: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Those are awesome!

message 11: by Yaoifan365 (new)

Yaoifan365 (fearfulgoingfearless) | 14 comments BLUE OCTOBER!!!!
I love them!

message 12: by Imasha (new)

Imasha SAME!!!!!!

message 13: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments ive heard of them, but i havent really ever listened to them

message 14: by Imasha (new)

Imasha The Wanted are awesome too.

message 15: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments Heres more: Train, Mikeschair, Decyfer Down, Hyper Static Union, Hawk Nelson, Lecrae, FM Static, tobyMac, John Ruben, Family Force 5, David Crowder*Band, The Afters, Attaboy, Brandon Heath, The City Harmonic, Diciple, downhere, Jimmy Needham, Kris Allen, Leeland, Me In Motion, Needtobreath, Nevertheless, Reliant K (i think this is only boys...), Remedy Drive, Seventh Day Slumber, Swichfoot, Tenth Avenue North,

message 16: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments I just went through my MP3 player and wrot them all down... hee hee hee...

message 17: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Ha ha ha!!! You really know a lot of boybands kate!!!

message 18: by Kate (new)

Kate Winchester (katewhitetigerlover) | 32 comments Theyre all different types, 2. Some are rock, some are calm, some are rappy, some are pop...

message 19: by Imasha (new)

Imasha I know!! Its awesome. Do you have any favourites??

message 20: by Ale (new)

Ale | 2 comments TRAIN!!!!!!!!
50 ways to say goodbye

message 21: by Imasha (new)

Imasha OMG i love them!

message 22: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Omg yeah i love them! Loud is so catchy!

message 23: by Imasha (new)

Imasha No way! Where!! That is soo awesome!!!

message 24: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Omg still that is amazing!!! You are so lucky omg!

message 25: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Hahaha i would freak out so much omg.
Wow Jason Derulo too! Nice :)

message 26: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Hahaha wow that must have been awesome!

message 27: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Wow! Hahaha aw :)

message 28: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Awesome :)

message 29: by Imasha (new)

Imasha So do you like any popular boybands such as Maroon 5 , the wanted or one direction or maybe 5SOS?

message 30: by Imasha (new)

Imasha WOAH. No WAY!!! I love them omgg!

message 31: by Imasha (new)

Imasha No way Zayn is mine. WHo are we kidding he's engaged!

message 32: by Imasha (new)

Imasha ;) ok

message 33: by Mursal (new)

Mursal (itzz_mursal) | 2 comments One Direction, The Wanted, Maroon 5, Big Time Rush, 5sos

message 34: by Imasha (new)

Imasha Omg hi there. I totally agree with you.
Have you heard the new song steal my girl by one direction?? Sooo good omg.

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