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message 1: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Ok so what ideas do you have i have a lot as well

message 2: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments okay you go first

message 3: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Um ok


Ok so this guy is new at school but no one knows that he's really a body guard for a daughter of Actor. There is a group of people that want to hurt her but they stay invisble or away until the time is right.

message 4: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Cool! so is the actors daughter at the school with the body guard?

message 5: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Yea but she doesn't know he's her bodyguard. Oh and she's dating the enemy

message 6: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments That kinda reminds me of the film the first daughter ahahaha!

message 7: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Haha i've never seen that movie

message 8: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments okay so do you mind if im the girl?

message 9: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Ya sure i might do a second girl character.

message 10: by ☯Gracie☯ (last edited Sep 22, 2012 09:14AM) (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments ok so my i'll do my charcter

Name: Ava Carrington
Looks: Dark Brown,long wavy hair with soft chocolate brown eyes. Slim and medium height.( How do you put a picture on?)
Personality:can be rather shy but if someone makes her angry can have quite a temper. She knows she's beautiful but acts like she's normal, she's warm hearted and funny. she tends to make a lot of sarcastic coments but can't help it. She gets reccognised because her fathers a famous actor. she gets annoyed when people are more intrested in her for her father,their money and her appearence and not her as a person.

message 11: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments How do you put a picture on?

message 12: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Name: Henry
Looks" Dark blue eyes, Black shaggy hair that goes above his eyes.
Personality to be rped
Other: Is Avas secret Bodyguard
Name: Hunter
Looks: Looks like Henry but with Blonde hair gray eyes
Other: Dating Ava is secretly the enemy
Personality: To be rped

message 13: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Cool! do we need any other characters? mabye i should do her dad?

message 14: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Ya do you think you can do her dad?

message 15: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Name:Richard Carrington
Looks: Like ava has dark brown hair and sharp brown eyes
Job: Famous Actor who has made millions.
Family: Only one child (Ava) wife died in a car crash that was caused by the a group of people who hated them and now he is scared something might happen to ava so he hires a secret body guard (Henry) to go to high school with her to make sure that nothing happens to her.

message 16: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments anyone else?

message 17: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments ok

message 18: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments who?

message 19: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments I dont think we need anyone else

message 20: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments okay then

message 21: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Ok you can start

message 22: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava took the usual way to school, as she had for 3 years now. Now she was a senior, she couldnt wait to see her friends and her boyfriend Hunter after her long summer holiday in the french riviera. She pulled her silver sports car into the school yard and saw many familiar faces exept a bleack haired boy caught her eye. she had never seen him before, usually she new everyone in the school, who was he...

message 23: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Henry sees Ava and looks away trying not to catch her attention. Doing as her father ordered him to do.


Hunter smiles when he sees Ava "Show time." he msaid to his friends they snileand start talking to each other actung normal.

message 24: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava stepped out of the car and straightend her pink dress. As she stood up she was passed from person to person giving them hugs and answering their polite questions. She done all of this without even thinking, her mind was still cast on that boy with the black hair.She realised she must of blanked out because people were staring at her oddly. So she smiled - her heart stopping beautiful smile- and walked away from the crwod of people. she headed for hunter who was smiling staright at her.

message 25: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Henry watches her one last time then turns away toward the school.

Hunter smiled at Ava

message 26: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments "Hi" she said while hunter hugged her in a strong arms.

message 27: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments He smiled "Hi how was your summer Ava?" he asked

message 28: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments "Great thanks" she replied "France is such a beautiful country" She lied. the most of france she had seen was a boring holiday home while she was stuck indoors sick of all the Paparazzi.

message 29: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments "I'm glad you liked it," He smiled

message 30: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Hunter took her hand and they headed of for their first lesson, chatting along the way. but before they left she managed to spot one of his friends with a sly look on their faces.

message 31: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Henry watches from a distance and heads over to get his scedule he goes to his first lesson he sits in the back and sees Ava and Hunter walk in.

message 32: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments she walks in and see's the mysterious boy sitting at the back.Ava takes her usual seat, the second row from the front and turns to see Hunter smiling at her from his seat in a appreciating way. she smiles back and takes her seat. She turns round pretending to get a book out of her gucci bag to get a look at 'the' boy. as she turns she meets his hard gaze. He had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. she felt herself blush so she turned around immediatley. He was looking at her... Oh, who was he!

message 33: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments He looks at her then looks away.

message 34: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments She tried to concentrate on the lesson. Why was History such a boring subject?She kept thinkig of those deep blue hynotising eyes. Finally the bell rang.

message 35: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Henry watches and leaves

message 36: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava gets her bag and walks out of the classroom hurridly with Hunter trailing behind her

message 37: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Henry watches the two and heads to second period thinking he has every class with Ava

message 38: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava had english next her only class without Hunter. Hunter kissed her cheek and headed off for second period. Ava was suprised to see that boy sitting in the clasroom, oh no, she thought. This is going to be a Arkward day. She rushed in and sat down reminding her self not to turn round.

message 39: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments He looks relieved when he doesn't see Hunter.

message 40: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments "Right" said the new teacher. "I have been told by your last english teather that none of you's could keep quiet, so i have arranged a boy girl seating plan." Oh no thought Ava. The teacher droned on putting people in places. then she finally got to Ava. "Miss Carrington, can you please go have a seat next to our new student Henry".Henry that was his name! Ava took her time walking over to the empty seat besides henry. She could see the look on his face, he didn't look pleased.

message 41: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments He looks away and opens his english notebook. He writes his name down.

message 42: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments She took her seat and opened up her brand new english note book. She takes out her pink fluffy pen and looks up to the teacher ready to start the lesson.

message 43: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments The english teacher writes some notes down. He writes everything down.

message 44: by ☯Gracie☯ (last edited Sep 22, 2012 11:15AM) (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments The teacher then says " now i want you to discuss with the person next to you about why shakespere portrayed Paris as the bad guy." Ugh! now i have to talk to him? Ava thought

message 45: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments Henry sighs uncomfortable

message 46: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava tries to look as if she's too busy to talk and doodles in her book. She heard henry sigh. Good, he thought it was uncomfortable too.

message 47: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments He starts writing again

message 48: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava couldnt cope with the silence so she clears her throat and says "so your new here right?"

message 49: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 1992 comments He looks up. "Yea," he said softly Hunters friend watches from behind while taking notes.

message 50: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 1617 comments Ava realised she was staring into his eyes, " em.. my names Ava by the way, Ava carrington"

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