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Why did fewer than 1% of Twitter followers vote?

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message 1: by Alyce (last edited Sep 22, 2012 08:40AM) (new)

Alyce | 7 comments As Kim has pointed out, winning 100K is not small potatoes. Nearly 24K votes is not a small number, either.

But when you compare the number of people voting to the number of Ian's Twitter followers, you'll see that fewer than 1% of his followers voted. This means 99% declined to vote for ISF. Not even once, even though it was free to vote. In spite of multiple tweets, and even a personal video from Ian

IMO this is not a good sign, from a public relations point of view.

I can only speak to how I feel. Personally, I'm quite tired of being constantly solicited for cash donations or for participation in some sort of fundraising activity. I suspect I'm not alone in being tired of so many tweets from Ian & so much content from ISF itself being centered around fund raising.

People sign up to follow on Twitter, or FB etc because they expect to Enjoy that experience. When the bulk of what you get instead are requests for donations or other fund raising materials, that gets boring, fast.

At a point, it's just plain rude. When you start treating your followers, fans etc like a herd of potential cash cows, you're not headed towards a positive, productive *long term* relationship with those very people who started out initially being very enthusiastic about your mission.

Possibly also, part of the problem might be the addition of juvenile psychiatric services, as part of ISF's new mission? This was not the type of goal ISF originally advertised as being part of the focus of the foundation.

Perhaps supporters who felt ISF would contribute something new and fresh to environmentalism would prefer to donate to & work with other (more established) organizations, where children's services are concerned? (There's not a lot of cross over between those 2 areas, in terms of expertise, after all.)

I recently posted to the ISF web page regarding possible areas of concern(especially for adult donors) with respect to this proposed expansion of ISF's mission. Perhaps ISF is starting to move into territory where people are less sure of the wisdom of the proposed programs themselves?

I suspect mostly on this forum there will be the very strong supporters - the people who voted multiple times. But I'm wondering who else might respond?

I'm also wondering whether anyone in the organizational structure is listening at all?

It seems to me that a less than 1% response rate to multiple solicitations does not bode well for any organization and is probably worth some thought... JMO, obviously.

message 2: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Dubois | 93 comments Alyce wrote: "As Kim has pointed out, winning 100K is not small potatoes. Nearly 24K votes is not a small number, either.

But when you compare the number of people voting to the number of Ian's Twitter followe..."

It is true that the solicitation comes from all sides. That today, people do not know what to do, who to believe, but the foundation is young, she must find its stride. She will have adventures good and bad. Today is a good start. yes, 1% may seem little, but finish 4th is good. Among people who follow ISF, there are various motivations. The people, who want to be enthused and are sometimes passionate, they want everything now. . But actions will gradually arise. and we need to make Trust the people dirigents foundation to give a policy worthy and clear.

Be part of a foundation is to have common goals, the desire to change things. Each one then wants action, eagerly. And there are so many things to change! for I hope the good of all ! so be indulgent and the ISF is a great adventure, Human!

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Barnyard ISF (barnyardisf) | 121 comments I would love to see forests protected, laws kept about endangered animals like the Wedge Wolf pack in Northeast Washington where they are wanting to kill the entire pack, as they try to delist the wolf completely. Who's public land is this? Cattle ranchers or wildlife?

I do a lot of animal rescue: dogs, cats, mostly livestock. I see how people brighten up when they come over and commune with the animals. What I am excited about to learn with ISF is the 'Sustainable Agriculture Farm' that Ian was proposing. New crop ideas, rotations. Right now chicken feed is up from $7/bag to $16/bag. Hay from $11/bale to $23/bale. There must be a more sustainable crop than corn, because soon people will just be eating in-vitro meat & the vegans will be happy. I don't know about the factory farms, but the small time all-natural organic farmers are not going to be able to afford to raise livestock for much longer unless things change soon. Many have already sold their flocks & herds due to the droughts. I would like ISF to talk about that half of the Sanctuary a bit more because it sounds really interesting & promising. It all takes bottom-liners, committees, knowledgeable & open minded people. It seems very exciting. The challenging thing is that we all are so far away from Louisiana.

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Alyce | 7 comments This was the part of the project I was most interested in, as well. The idea of providing a model of sustainable agriculture. An animal sanctuary is good too - I also do animal rescue & there is always a need.

Working with emotionally troubled children is an entirely different (and much more complex) mission, however. I would prefer to see that left to those who have the needed clinical expertise!

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Debby (debbyfeo) You always have the choice to "unfollow" someone who is not entertaining you on Twitter or Facebook. I haven't requested anyone to follow me on Twitter (or Facebook) - it is their choice. As for leaving the treatment of emotionally troubled children to the professionals, the sanctuary, from what I have read at the ISF site, is not intended to be a residential treatment center nor is there any intent to offer professional psychiatric help. It hasn't even built built yet, much less staffed (with professionals or otherwise). The land has been picked out, but I don't think that the purchase is final yet. You will need to consult the officials at ISF, if you have questions. The Chase Giving voting period was from Sept. 6-19. The ISF now has some more money to go towards their numerous projects, including the Animal Sanctuary. The ISF is just getting off the ground, of course they need money to make projects happen.

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Debby (debbyfeo) By the way, Ian Somerhalder himself has made very few personal tweets (and ISF even less). Mr. Somerhalder made a few tweets for votes, just to get the word out that there WAS a Chase Giving contest. Volunteers, around the world, and of all ages, have been tweeting and retweeting.

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Debby (debbyfeo) Alyce, there is no way on Earth that Ian Somerhalder would ever consider his fans/followers as a "cash cow". Apparently, you need to do more research: both on the character of Ian Somerhalder, and on the aims (and rules of conduct for members) of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Here is the link: http://www.isfoundation.com/

message 8: by Alyce (last edited Sep 22, 2012 11:06PM) (new)

Alyce | 7 comments I would say the response rate speaks for itself, in terms of whether or not this was an effective promotion. The only question is why so few people responded to the repeated requests to vote.

I have suggested that some potential supporters may be fatigued by repeated requests.

I don't get fan retweets etc as I'm only subscribed to Ian himself & the primary ISF twitter acct.

From Ian's Twitter account, during the 7 days of Chase voting (9/13 through 9/19) I received 38 tweets (an average of more than 5 per day) with a fund raising theme. (18 direct requests to vote with Chase, 13 relating to the Strut your Mutt fundraiser, and 7 more thanking people for participating in those 2 fundraising drives.)

In contrast, during the same 7 day period, there were 8 tweets for the Toms of Maine twitter party, and an additional 12 tweets completely unrelated to fund raising (some of which were related to environmental issues).

Even if those 12 tweets had all been environmentally themed and informative in nature, that would still be 3 times more emphasis on fund raising than on information sharing.

I understand both of these events had time deadlines, and that they simply happened to coincide.

Nevertheless, a 3 to 1 emphasis on fundraising activity seems a bit excessive, to me. Same for tweeting on average more than 5 times a day, asking for people to support fund raising activities.

Some fans won't mind at all, of course. (Debby, you're probably in that category, which is admirable.) But other people may feel this campaign was a bit excessive?

As I say, the poor response rate speaks for itself. In the future, I'd like to respectfully suggest maintaining an emphasis on the foundation's primary message (the environment) and limiting fundraising related messages to perhaps "only" 2 or 3 on average, per day.

As for the issue of working with children who have a history of behavior problems, I will reiterate my own personal position. Having worked with troubled youth myself, I feel very strongly about that work being left exclusively to well qualified clinically trained professionals.

Meaning ISF would need to partner with another organization, before I personally would feel comfortable donating to that sort of an endeavor. I suspect I'm not the only potential donor who feels that way, but of course, I can't say for sure.

My concern is whether or not moving beyond environmental issues, and into the area of working with children (proposing moving into that area) may have influenced support for the sanctuary in general? I believe that's a possibility worth considering, at the very least.

message 9: by Debby (last edited Sep 23, 2012 01:52AM) (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) Alyce, I don't believe that this is the appropriate forum for your concerns. Yes, I started discussions about the Chase Giving grant, but only because most people, who are fans of Ian Somerhalder and/or the ISF, had no idea there was even a chance of ISF possibly winning $250,000. If you feel so strongly, you need to contact the Ian Somerhalder Foundation directly. I don't see how bringing dogs and kids together is any different from bringing kids in to ride some horses. Where does it ever say, in any of the ISF postings, that ISF plans to be some sort of professional "healer"? Just because Ian Somerhalder has made some tweets about what is going on in his life, does not mean he's trying to turn whomever sees those tweets into "cash cows". By the way, I am NOT an official ISF member. Those who display the ISF symbol in their Twitter names, have a set of conduct rules that they have agreed to follow, not that I wouldn't follow them too. I have read them, multiple times. Since I occasionally also promote my own writing with my Twitter account, I will not abuse the symbol by trying to get it added to my name. I am a volunteer, I have put in many, many hours to help raise money for the Animal Sanctuary, which is my main interest in the ISF. I see nothing wrong with bringing animals and kids together so that they can give each other love. There was a big difference, in the size of the grant received, between first place ($250,000) and the next ten highest vote getters ($100,000), which is why all the volunteers tried so hard to get the 2.6 million plus Twitter followers of Mr. Somerhalder to take a few minutes to vote for ISF.

message 10: by Debby (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) P.S. Have you considered that many of the followers of Ian Somerhalder on Twitter are fans of Damon Salvatore, the vampire on the "Vampire Diaries"?

message 11: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Dubois | 93 comments Debby wrote: "Alyce, I don't believe that this is the appropriate forum for your concerns. Yes, I started discussions about the Chase Giving grant, but only because most people, who are fans of Ian Somerhalder a..."

Alyce wrote: "This was the part of the project I was most interested in, as well. The idea of providing a model of sustainable agriculture. An animal sanctuary is good too - I also do animal rescue & there is al..."

I work with these children, I know the place of animals in their lives, in their progrets in their awake. In France, a lot of experience are made ​​to develop the link between animals and children (dogs, horses), but it is also made with the elderly. If you know this, you also know that lack funds for such structure.
I work with teenagers who have personality disorders, and we have , goldfish, and a cat. a hen in professional workshops. it appears to be little, but it is already a lot.
The cat came one day the youth of all groups, we adopt, gave him, to eat. and gave him a name "pirate". it is accepted, and no one hurt him .
Extraordinaire, in this place, where violence is daily.

I would just give my testimony, I do not want to reopen the debate! but I find it important that childcare structures and animals.
Often, young people ask, but you also have the skills to manage both the two !

message 12: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (ravenacres) | 30 comments Personally, I initially didn't vote because the Chase FB page was a pain in the ass to load AND I get tired of having to deal with apps. It had less to do with how many posts I got from ISF, Ian, or the other groups posting requests to get votes on Chase and more on Chase itself. It took 20 minutes to get the fracking app downloaded so I could vote. And my computer isn't horribly slow.

Everyone's hurting, that's why everyone is pushing fundraising. It sucks royally. If one doesn't or can't give, then don't, but just ignore the people who are having to push for help and money in order to do anything.

message 13: by Alyce (new)

Alyce | 7 comments Kendra & Catherine, thank you both for your input! :)

Catherine, I agree whole heartedly that animals can be VERY good for children - including children with behavioral problems - to interact with. Hopefully when ISF opens their Sanctuary & begins their programs for children, they will partner with an organization such as your own, which already has experience & expertise at doing this type of very important work! :) You're right that there are not enough programs of this kind.

Kendra, I completely agree with you, that hard times are why all non profits are having to push so hard, to get funds! It does suck, but it's the reality right now, for all of us. :( Thanks for your input about the app - the idea that there might have been a technical problem never crossed my mind because I didn't have any problems, myself, when I went to the Chase site.

Debby, I think you've gotten upset & have maybe missed my point, in terms of why I'm posting here at all. Please let me explain.

When ISF had problems getting the money together for the land, I figured that was just due to the harsh economic conditions we're all facing. But then this Chase thing came up, which was totally free, except in terms of a little bit of time.

Then, when the final Chase numbers came in, it was very clear that only a tiny percent of Ian's Twitter followers had responded to his repeated requests for votes. (No way you could miss that it was happening, given that many tweets per day, so missing the message wasn't a possible answer for why.)

No, not all the Twitter followers are interested in IFS - some are purely fans of TVD, or just of Ian, as an actor. But, those people are the "target" audience for all that "advertising" (all those tweets). So, it's definitely important to ask why such a small percentage of Ian's fans responded to repeated requests from Ian himself, especially since voting was totally free of any $$ cost.

Those really low numbers made me wonder, WHY? Where were the other *more than 2.5 M* voices? That's an awful lot of silence...

Were they voting for other causes? (They have Twitter, so they have internet access of some kind, clearly.) Are they not motivated, for some reason, to support the Sanctuary project? Were they put off by the way the request to vote was put out there? (I was put off by the number of tweets, myself, and I'm a solid ISF supporter.)

It's a very valid question! And since this thread was about the Chase vote itself, I did feel this would be a perfectly appropriate place to raise questions & concerns - and to have a civilized, polite discussion about the whole issue...

So I don't think asking the question - which someone else raised also of "where were his 2.5 M followers" is at all inappropriate. We should be asking that question!

My interest with respect to fund raising (I also do grant writing) is to look at ways to actually get the funds, more effectively.

For that reason, I appreciate your post, Kendra! To make progress (or even understand what's really going on with a situation) you have to hear from the people who had trouble voting, or who didn't vote at all, for whatever reasons. I didn't have that experience with the Chase app, so this is new info, to me.

Debby - clearly you're a devoted supporter. That's a good thing. I mean no offense, either to you or to Ian, or to ISF.

I'm simply pointing out that people who might otherwise BE supportive *can* be unintentionally alienated - meaning their support can be lessened (or even lost) entirely by accident.

Obviously Ian doesn't mean to make followers feel "pushed" or to make them feel as if his primary interest in them is to get donations or funding help from them. But that *can* be the *impression* which is inadvertently generated, just the same.

Which is why it's important for someone like myself, who did feel overly pressured **To speak out!** about it. IF we ALL keep silent (those of us who felt the tweets were too "pushy" or otherwise excessive) then nothing changes. IF at least one of us speaks out, hopefully this issue can completely be avoided in the future.

The idea is for a productive course correction, not just mindless criticism!

Debby, since you clearly care a great deal, particularly about this Sanctuary, then you should really welcome a diversity of voices, from anyone who cares enough to take their time, and give input.

Even - or maybe even *Especially* - if what some of us are saying is not exactly what you want to hear.

Shooting the messenger is always very tempting, sure. Especially when we care deeply about the cause we're working for. But it's not the most productive response.

It's only by listening to those who care enough to comment (either positively or negatively) that any group's fund raising efforts can become better targeted & more effective (which I'm sure is what you sincerely want).

If you were reading my comments carefully, you'll have noticed that (A)I was an early supporter of the farm idea. (The idea of a model of sustainable farming.)(B) I do animal rescue work too. So obviously any animal sanctuary or animal related project is good, in my view. (C) I have already contacted ISF directly.

Why? For the same reason I posted here. **Because I care enough about ISF's success to take the time to do that!**

Yes, I do have some personal concerns about the new directions the farm / sanctuary project seems to be evolving in. (Which I've not gone into, in depth, here.)

For every person like myself, who cares enough about ISF's success to take their precious time, to write in about their concerns? There are probably dozens of other people somewhat less committed to the success of ISF who have their own concerns, but who simply close their wallets & walk away (for whatever reasons).

Therefore, ANY organization should take the negative comments if anything more seriously than the "Yay!We're so great!" type comments.

Any organization which wants to survived & prosper DOES take the "negative" input very seriously. Especially when those concerns are being voiced by their own supporters!

If ISF can start to lose the support of someone like me, they are in grave danger of losing many, Many more people who are less personally committed either to environmentalism or to animal welfare.

My goal, in asking questions & raising possible issues here was to see what other people - hopefully a wide range of voices - would have to say. It's good, that there are strong supporters. But those people are not really going to be able to answer the question I'm asking.

My question was what are the OTHER folks thinking? If you didn't vote, or know another fan who didn't, why didn't they?

message 14: by Debby (last edited Sep 24, 2012 03:01AM) (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) Yes, the ISF, certainly, needs to know about your concerns, the ISF. I wonder how many officials of the ISF have the time to join this book club?
I'm not shooting the messenger, I just don't think your posting here (a book club) will do much good, and may do harm instead - have you asked the ISF who they are considering to staff the Animal Sanctuary? You seem to assume that there will be no professionals involved. Ian Somerhalder, in no way, shape or form would ever harm a child. Have you asked the ISF what children they envision coming to the Sanctuary, for example, to what degree the children have behavioral problems? Also, hasn't the ISF always been about more than just environmental concerns? Why do you think ISF is now going in a new direction? Perhaps the ISF could use your grant writing skills? Perhaps some professionals will volunteer their time to ISF? Talking to me, personally, does little good for the ISF, as I am not a member of the ISF, only a supporter. Yes, I do value other viewpoints, whether or not I agree with them, or I wouldn't bother to read them.

message 15: by Debby (last edited Sep 24, 2012 03:12AM) (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) By the way, Twitter is probably not the best way to get information/news about any organization, it is more of an instant gratification medium. If you are bothered by what a person posts, just unfollow them. If people are following me, it's because they want to.

message 16: by R.L. (new)

R.L. (beckamarsch) | 15 comments Ok I know that voting is over...but just wanted to put my 2 cents in. First, Ian posted about almost not getting the land. There was A LOT more behind that tweet than 99% of his "fans" know. At first, he thought it might be a mob deal...which got many of us very nervous! Then, he posted about his council meeting. I can tell you at least 30 letters were sent from our group, and I am sure more, from what I saw replied on Twitter and Facebook.

ISF is a WONDERFUL organization, Kim et all are doing a wonderful job of keeping ISF together. And yes, those with ISF on their name have to abide by rules. As do those of us who call ourselves BOB Army. (We can not mention ISF and Ian's brother's business in one tweet, for example, same for ISF)

It really saddened me, during the voting, when I would tweet Ian's followers, and would get a reply of "why would I do that? Will it help DAMON?" And yes, I got PLENTY! People can vote him most sexy, but they can't take 1 second to vote to make Ian's ONE current dream a reality!?

ISF DOES take their negative comments seriously. They just do not let it take them down, which is exactly how Ian lives his life! Ian, and dare I say the ENTIRE Somerhalder family, are VERY upbeat, positive people, that build houses out of the bricks that are thrown at them, instead of letting those bricks hit them in the face.

And, yes, I am VERY protective of my Somerhalders. As you can tell. And of ISF in general. And I can tell you, it is very appreciated that people are doing the things they are doing for Ian, Bob and the family, without asking for anything in return. This includes supporting ISF and all they are trying to do for the world!

And those TRUE ISF supporters will NOT go away, we will all just fight harder!

message 17: by R.L. (new)

R.L. (beckamarsch) | 15 comments PS. ANY NON-PROFIT organization will focus on fundraising. Because that is how they survive!

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 16 comments I support ISF and do tweet and retweet fundraising ideas etc as I think this is a great cause and I have a small amount of followers who feel the same way.
I do not live in the US so to be fair the animal sanctuary will not even effect me but I think it is a start of something big for the ISF.
Regarding voting it took me a long time to get the app on FB but I kept trying every day until at last it worked, yes it was annoying and maybe this lost a lot of voters as they simply just gave up.
Also we have to think a lot of people who follow Ian and ISF are young people who dare I say it have a "crush" on him and maybe think that they will get noticed on twitter but have no actual interest in ISF and its projects, this is not all the young followers as there are lots that do support and believe in ISF whole heartedly.
To me ISF is about educating people both young and old on the environmental problems occuring and ISF now has quite a large voice which can make a change,Maybe there is only 1% of his followers that are mass ISF followers and believe in his project but im sure more will join the family as regard to having children at the sanctuary if it is a place that they can visit and maybe feel a little better about themselves I think it is a great idea, reading on ISFoundation site it does not say that it will be a place of care etc for them but if it turns out that way then I am sure that all procedures and the right staff will be put in place.
I can see your concerns but regarding twitter if you dont want to donate then dont it is a choice that we all have.

message 19: by Alyce (new)

Alyce | 7 comments Sounds like technical difficulties may have played a huge role, actually. Thanks for sharing that, Sarah! :) I had no idea because I got right on, first try no problems.

Of course, you're totally right about there being a lot of kids in that following who do just want to get noticed. (Although how you'd do that, out of 2.6 M I don't know...) I wonder if you're right, that maybe the true "overlap" between Twitter followers and ISF is really that small... It could be, I suppose. Which might not be such a problem really. The Twitter following continues to grow & even "just" 1% of 2.6 M is still an awful LOT of people! :) It was good enough for 100K after all. Not bad at all for the "price" of tweeting!

Not complaining, just fishing around, wondering what was up with the voting response and how others feel. Clearly nobody here has any concerns about the Sanctuary or the kids' services direction at all. Which is informative, also. (Although pretty much what I'd expect.)

I don't think anyone needs to be worried about the Somerhalders - they seem to be doing Quite well! :) I've been very impressed with customer service at BOB so I imagine they will prosper, as well.

Strong families breed successful people, no surprises there. I'm glad for them, as they seem like genuinely nice folks, although I haven't met any of them in person.

message 20: by Paola (new)

Paola (paoletta76) Becka wrote:It really saddened me, during the voting, when I would tweet Ian's followers, and would get a reply of "why would I do that? Will it help DAMON?" And yes, I got PLENTY! People can vote him most sexy, but they can't take 1 second to vote to make Ian's ONE current dream a reality!?

I think that you - and all the others stating this - hit the nail on the head.

Though it's very sad to admit, many fans seem not to be interested in Ian's initiatives (and same for the other members of TVD cast).

As far as ISF is concerned, I think he really did a great job: for the first time - or, at least, I cannot remember other actors doing something similar before - he tried to involve his followers by "democratizing" his Foundation so that everyone could contribute to its growth, and, by doing this, feeling part of it.

Of course there are many other famous people that have an association on their own, but they often manage it themselves and give the fans just some tips on the way of helping environment and people in general. For this reason, I believe that Ian's idea was really innovative.

For the rest, just think also about book clubs: it's exactly the same. We cannot say they are followed massively.

Probably, it's simply because many people may not be interested in them. Unfortunately, they are not stinged into action.

On the contrary, environmental issues and literature are among the things I'm totally involved in, so whenever initiatives like these are promoted, I follow them immediately.

But, again, I also wonder myself why, when it comes to vote sexiness etc. everybody vote, but not in the other cases :(

message 21: by Alyce (new)

Alyce | 7 comments I'm guessing they vote for the "sexy" type stuff in order to support his career?

I admit I was surprised to hear there would be "why would I do that" type of quotes from TVD fans. (Why would you even bother to tweet back if that's how you feel?) But of course, after hearing it & thinking about it, it does make sense, that some of the people (possibly quite a large percentage) are going to feel that way, I suppose.

Lots of the twitter followers are strictly fans of his career as an actor & have no interest in environmentalism. Makes sense really, because Damon, in particular (and TVD in general) are not exactly concerned about these types of issues. So why would the fans of Damon/TVD necessarily be, either, right?

Their only reason to take up these interests would be solely because Ian is asking them to - and I don't think too many people are that devoted, as fans, to go that far.

I'm guessing most of us who are interested in and supportive of ISF were most likely *already* interested in these issues *on our own* before we'd ever seen TVD or heard of Ian Somerhalder? Just guessing, but that seems more likely to me, at least for the adults involved in ISF. (Can't even guess, about the kids. It may be that he has had a really catalytic type of influence, with his younger fans.)

For myself, I was an avid environmentalist long before Ian was even born. (I'm easily old enough to be his mom.) So, when he started ISF, I was naturally going to be interested, because his causes & goals frequently parallel my own lifelong interests. Plus I was pleased to see someone young(er) himself & also very popular with younger people making environmental issues more interesting & exciting to that age group, simply by virtue by his own involvement. I thought it was great that he was using his fame for something worthwhile.

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 16 comments I have to admit I found the ISF through watching The Vampire Diaries,Im a sucker for paranormal TV and yes Ian caught my eye so upon reading a little more about him found the Foundation website and something just clicked,I agreed with what it stood for and really made me think about changes I could make.

I agree with you Alyce I do think that a lot of the supporters of ISF are older perhaps with children of their own. I have always tried to support environmental causes but having children has deepened this drive as I want them to grow up in a better world and also to educate them into making a change.

I do think what Ian is doing with his fame is commendable and hopefully he will get people to listen and help make the changes needed.

Regarding getting noticed on twitter I know what you mean everyone is just a little fish in a very big pond but I like that I have connected with like minded people who all seem to be on the same page and I am sure I will never get noticed by Ian but to me thats OK supporting the cause is so much more important.
ISF supporters may only be 1% of his twitter followers but we are a strong 1% who do really care about the environment.

message 23: by Ciska (new)

Ciska (ciska_vander_lans) I did vote eventually, one of the last days. But I think besides the technical problems the facebook app gave a lot of people are tired or even afraid of giving another app permission for unclear things. In that way it is sad so many of these votings go trough Facebook.

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 16 comments I just think some people couldn't be bothered to vote to be honest as the FB app was such a problem.
People are quite quick to say they support ISF but when it comes to actually "supporting" they fall by the wayside.
I decided to try and organise an ISF DONATION DAY to coincide with the return of the Vampire Diaries on October 11th where people can just donate $1 but im not sure how much will be made on that day after seeing what happened when prople only had to click a button but we will see.

message 25: by R.L. (new)

R.L. (beckamarsch) | 15 comments I only said I protect them, because I am a part of Bob and Dena's B.O.B Army (I also co run the official blog www.builtofbarnwoodblog.com)

Bob is my friend, therefore, I protect him. As do the other "Army" members. And there are times we get protective of Ian, and esp Bob's son...people have been very rude towards him in the past.

I just wish all Ian's followers would step up and actually SHOW him support, rather than telling him they love him, asking him to marry him, and asking him to LEAVE Nina for them!!

ISF is a wonderful organization, and I hope Ian achieves all the dreams he has for it. He has a wonderful team, especially Kim, who does everything, behind him!

During the vote, I wanted to smack some of those followers through the computer...like the ones that tweeted they would only vote if he replied to him! I can not imagine his mentions...he doesn't even reply to his own brother many times, and it took FOREVER to reply to Peyton. He never sees the tweets!

The Fangirls need to get their heads on straight, and figure out that that Damon and Ian are NOT the same person.

Ok vent over lol. I have not had my coffee yet today, and I am trying to get 2 kids out the door...I am about to sell them to the gypsies :)

message 26: by R.L. (new)

R.L. (beckamarsch) | 15 comments Oh and I found ISF before TVD...I actually JUST wathed all 3 seasons this summer :) But then I became a part of BOB's crew, and I do donate to ISF, but my main focus is Built of Barnwood. Interestingly enough, not many people I personally know, know who Ian is!

message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 16 comments Hi Becka love you blog and follow you and Lisa on twitter and its great to see you help Bob out with promotion etc they sell some really cool stuff.
We have to keep reminding ourselves that a lot of the followers are just kids who adore Ian and he is their school girl crush (mine was Christian Slater, showing my age now lol), probably not even Ian but Damon and just want his attention and yes I bet his mentions are frightening and he probably doesnt even really look at them.
But there are a lot of followers who believe in ISF and what it stands for who will help Ian with his dreams without him even knowing who we are.

P.S Cant wait for my bracelet

message 28: by R.L. (new)

R.L. (beckamarsch) | 15 comments LOL OMG Christian Slater....AND River Phoenix....ok really showing age lol. Don't forget Kirk Cameron and Ralph Macchio (I think I watched too much TV...)

Yea, they are kids. It is just frustrating lol. If I were him, I would not WANT to see my mentions! I have seen some scary replies to him, and the other cast as well.

I figure if he stops acting, his true supporters will be the ones to stick around :)

message 29: by Debby (last edited Sep 27, 2012 09:04AM) (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) I found "The Vampire Diaries" in the middle of the third season. Damon, of course, caught my attention. I went to Wikipedia to find out more about the actor, and what else he had been in. I had never watched "Lost". I found out about the Ian Somerhalder Foundation because of the Wikipedia page. I liked its goals and donated right away, also bought some "Green Vampire" pins and t-shirt. Because of ISF, I found BOB Army, a wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen, who support Ian's brother Bob and Built of Barnwood. BOB was founded by Bob, Ian, and Peyton (Bob's son). I am a proud member of BOB Army; and very glad to follow Becka, Angie, and Lisa into "battle".

message 30: by Petra (new)

Petra Bobovec szabó | 22 comments Hey you lovelies,
it really is quite sad that Ian's fans do not care what is beyond tvd. About a month ago I myself did not even know who he was.a friend told me to watch tvd so I did.it totally sucked me in...and ao course I started reading all about it.that is when I found out about ISF...the voting was on then...I instantly got involved on twitter in campaigning to help gain votes.got also lots of my friends to vote...however,many of them did not vote because of the gb app they had to approve of...and one of them even said what does she care about whether they build an animal shelter in america or not...I was quite shocked.people just do not want to get it.it is not just America or this one shelter...but u have to take one step at a time to get far...though I am not very good off fonsncially I generously donated for Strut your Mutt without even blinking.BECAUSE I BELIEVE...I WANT TO BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE ME WHO CARE ABOUT WHAT WE LEAVE ON THIS PLANET TO OUR DESCENDANTS...WHAT WE PASS ON TO OUR KIDS...it is not just about one animal shelter.so last week I wrote an email to ISF letting them know I want to help and get involved in their good cause. ...and was so happy and content when I got an answer couple of days later saying they were thrilled to have me...I might not be a great help being so far in Europe but I still I can ve a part of it wherever I am...because every one of us counts...I just wish other fans would think the same..but hey...if u consider these fans are all teen...what do they know about the world?not much....to become sensitive about the world u live in u have to be mature enough...let us hope when they turn 30 like me they will realise this planet is not ours to destroy....we are just passing by here...someone else will inherit it from us...and let us hope it still will be a world worth to live in...xoxo to my ISFamily from Slovenia!♥

message 31: by Ute (last edited Sep 30, 2012 03:33AM) (new)

Ute | 1 comments I'm from Germany and even if the sanctuary will be far far away from here I see the plan behind it. And this plan is much more international it's universal. So to help Ian and the ISF is 1000% the right thing to do. I have to admit that I was very sad and also a bit angry when I saw that so few of his followers went to vote. If you really want something then there always will be a way to do this. Even if there were issues with the app (I did not have any, it worked fine for me), there should have been a way to go and do it. Ask for help, spread the word so others could do, many ways. We only needed about 100,000 votes, not more. But, on the other side I think it is a great success that the ISF was on 4th place at the end and won the $100,000. 4th place out of 196 for an organisation that is so young, 2 years is nothing if you compare this to other organisations. If you take a look at Ian's follower numbers you'll see that he gains every day a few hundred more followers. Maybe some of his followers are getting annoyed or bored about all his tweets about the voting or fundraising or other worldwide concerns, let them be. Everyone has the right to decide this for himself, but I'm very sure that he at the same time wins more new followers who follow because of those very personal tweets, things Ian Somerhalder really cares for. Right from the beginning it was obvious that his plan will take time, imo that's what he meant when he was talking about the ripple effect.

message 32: by Leah (new)

Leah Soucy | 19 comments Sarah wrote: "Hi Becka love you blog and follow you and Lisa on twitter and its great to see you help Bob out with promotion etc they sell some really cool stuff.
We have to keep reminding ourselves that a lot o..."

I'm still trying to figure the twitter thing out but I would love to follow you guys. You all sound great. I am a huge fan and supporter of Ian, ISF and everything that he does. I am also older(44)and I too see a lot of these comments that younger people are writing which, as a mom, is disappointing to see that these kids are so unconcerned about reality and about the world they live in. I realize they're young, but even as teenagers they are old enough to be aware of the issues going on in the world. Just my opinion. It's very sad and hopefully they will become more aware and involved as they get older.

message 33: by Debby (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) Just a few examples of some really young ISF supporters are Mason Glazier and Devon Haas. Here's a link to a story about Mason: http://www.isfoundation.com/news/if-y...

message 34: by R.L. (new)

R.L. (beckamarsch) | 15 comments Isn't that an AWESOME piece. Lol. I had to take out off the blog, but ISF was awesome enough to put it on the site! Love our Kids Army!

message 35: by Debby (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) I love the Kids Army too! They are truly inspirational!

message 36: by Leah (new)

Leah Soucy | 19 comments I've been following Devon for a while, just found Mason and you Debby.

message 37: by Kim (new)

Kim Falconer (kimfalconer) | 297 comments Debby wrote: "Just a few examples of some really young ISF supporters are Mason Glazier and Devon Haas. Here's a link to a story about Mason: http://www.isfoundation.com/news/if-y..."

Thanks for putting the link here. So inspirational!

message 38: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 16 comments I follow both Mason and Devon and they are great kids, these are the kids to change the future and this is what Ian wants to inspire the younger generation to make the change.
There lots of genuine people involved in ISF and I am glad to be part of it x

message 39: by Toni (new)

Toni (Gollybox) | 8 comments I was amazed that even in Kansas where I was till recently that no one knew about ISF, and only got them to vote for me saying if in Ireland i knew why didn't they and it was ignorance, anyone wishing to help the environment would have found this out, what amazed me more was out of the 2.7million fans world wide only 25k people had bothered to vote, twitter is a world wide social networking site yet it took so much work it was like pulling teeth to get votes, and while we know Ian himself was grateful we do it for ourselfs too, we need the sanctuary and only wish there wasn't more like it here in Europe, there is hope im always hoping more people will come forward for ISF and for Ian to help with this. 100k will come in handy for the sanctuary, but not just this charity needs continued support, and social networking sites are great for spreading the news and while im sorry some people feel like cash cows, ISF hasn't that intention of making you feel this way its just fans and supporters trying to get people to help and tweeting and posting on facebook is some of our only ways to put the word out there, im a huge supporter of ISF and the sanctuary and Builtofbarnwood whom i also would support to the ends of the earth, the Somerhalders are just genuine people trying to help make people so aware of recycling and showing you another way, look after the world one tree at a time and we will sort it out between us, people power is needed and im very grateful to be apart of the ever growing family that is ISF

message 40: by Toni (new)

Toni (Gollybox) | 8 comments The kids section of ISF really puts some of us adults to shame, if they can do it why cant some of the adults in this world? we will have nothing left to leave them if we kill this earth, there is no second chance, Devon and Mason are good examples of these kids seeing and knowing this world needs change, go kidsarmy

message 41: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Dubois | 93 comments Toni wrote: "The kids section of ISF really puts some of us adults to shame, if they can do it why cant some of the adults in this world? we will have nothing left to leave them if we kill this earth, there is ..."

change is not a story generation, but the volonter, and responsibility. People know that we must change the way we manage the planet. But many do not how to make, then education is important. but also moral support. The action can not be slowed for fear. fear of lack, fear of tomorrow. We need to secure and educate. The ISF may accompany the change, transmit energy, the foundation has its role to play in this evolution. (together 10 to 97 years! Each one with his life story with his education with his environment.)

message 42: by Toni (new)

Toni (Gollybox) | 8 comments I agree education is important and we thrive to help with this as followers of ISF.

message 43: by Toni (new)

Toni (Gollybox) | 8 comments The heart of a volunteer the strongest it beats for us all, because we simply want to be there we don't have to we just know in our hearts we need too.

message 44: by Debby (new)

Debby (debbyfeo) Toni wrote: "The heart of a volunteer the strongest it beats for us all, because we simply want to be there we don't have to we just know in our hearts we need too."

Well said, Toni!

message 45: by Kim (new)

Kim Falconer (kimfalconer) | 297 comments Debby wrote: "Toni wrote: "The heart of a volunteer the strongest it beats for us all, because we simply want to be there we don't have to we just know in our hearts we need too."

Well said, Toni!"

Love that. Inspiring!

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