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Here you have to say 2 truths and one lie. If the person says the correct one (the lie)
then that person gets to go. But if they didn't then the person you said the two truths and one lie gets to go again. I'll start.

I was adopted
I like California
I hate food

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I know the Lion King by heart
I have a younger sister
I am listening to Linkin Park

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nope. 2^^

I hate tomatoes
I had cake today
I have a cat named Bob

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I have 2 dogs
I don't have a goldfish
I love to roleplay

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well, it cant be #3, so, hmm, 1?

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arg! so it was 2? thats what i thought and knew i should've chosen it!!

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Yes, don't worry you can go.

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I like pie
I want a toucan
I have a purple iPod

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nope^^ 3 :D did you know toucans purr?? and really sorry, gonna make my last comment. have to go...:/

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yeah...i should be on on Tuesday! maybe Monday, no school so i have no idea whats going on :/

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What about Sunday?

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mmm, idk. my mom doesnt like me on alot, i have an off period at school, thats why i'm always on on the weekdays:) i can try though. but its probably not going to happen...

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Okay, I think I have school on Monday and Tuesday.....i'm not sure....

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hey! i made it on! ^^

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I have a DSi
I like the Warrior series
I hate pineapple

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yup! your turn :D

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I have a nintendo 3DS XL
I hate sick rides
I hate school

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No, #1

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I've been to the MOA (mall of america)
I used to live in MN (minnesota)
I used to live in Washington

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nope. 3 :D

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You go again, I think:)

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ok, um...

I love chili (the food)
I love cheese
I take French

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3, i dont like cheese...your turn

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I love playing on the computer.
I don't like people talking to me a lot.
I got a bee sting on my finger when I was 3 or 4 in Big Bear

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Nope, #2. I really did get a bee sting. I was young and I saw a lot of bees. I trapped one inside my hands and it stung me

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haha nice^^ i've never been stung...and still don't plan on it...but yeah^^

I am in love with jelly beans ( the hawiian punch kind)
I love peaches (yellow)
I love macaroni and cheese with katsup

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#3. i looooooove peaches *dreamy face* ok, your turn^^

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It's 6:47 am right now
I don't have to go to school till 9:25
And my dad is going to work right now.

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oooo, um, #1?

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no #3

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I need to go to school now
I just got up
I'm having breakfast soon

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uh, #....1?

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