Requiem (Delirium, #3) Requiem question

Could anyone answer me this question?
Destiny Destiny Sep 22, 2012 07:31AM
Well, I've been reading a lot of comments about this last book, and I realized a lot of people are hating on this girl called Coral? Does anyone know who she is? I'm pretty sure she's a new character cause I don't remember any girl called Coral in the other books, but if that's the case then how do they know who she is? The book isn't out yet! I'm so confused! Please I need to know!

Well from what I've heard Coral is a newcomer in the third book (Requiem) who is a rival for Alex's love.

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Destiny Yeah, I finally found and read the source where that information came from. I already saw it coming though. Anyways thank you for solving my doubt :) ...more
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Interesting!!!! I wonder if this is really true??

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Destiny Apparently the person who wrote the article had the advanced reader's edition. She even posted a picture to prove it. I don't see the point of lying a ...more
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