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Sam/Applejack♆ Pictures and start.

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Bookhog1 Marceline picked up the phone, just a little annoyed. She had a meeting in about 15 minutes.

"What?" she snapped
"Its Leila."
"What do you want? "
"Is sal ok?"
"He's at the party you took him to, how should I know?"
"I was just wondering if you could call him."
"Yeah,yeah whatever."
"Thanks -"

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Bookhog1 Sal went to his room and started homework.

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Bookhog1 Sal stomped up to his room, ignoring his phone, and began his workout session. He was really angry at Courtney. Why did she always get sooo moody?

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Bookhog1 Sal listened to pounding music while doing pushups.

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Courtney waited for somone to answer the door.

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Bookhog1 Sal's little brother opened the door. "Hello?"

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"Um, Hi. I'm Courtney. Is your brother Sal here?" She asked, even though she knew he was. ((How old is this brother?))

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I hope he doesn't hate me...... if he does I swear I'll go and sprint for maybe, three hours. That should bring enough pain for me to forget the situation. PLus, it wouldn't be bad for my body. A few head aches and dizzy spells are good for you. Probably. She thought.

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((What she is wearing, because she went home and changed into running clothes. I can't find anything cuter and stuff..... but running clothes aren't supposed to be cute XD))

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Why have I yelled at him so much....? am I jelous? Oh my gosh.............. I'M FRIGGIN JELOUS!!! I NEED TO SHAPE UP RIGHT NOW! OR ELSE HE'LL JUST GET ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND AT THE SNAP OF HIS FINGERS! I'm lucky I have him. I need to appreciate that. She thought firmly.

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Mike knocked on the door.

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((Courtney is standing right there........))

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((Oh, sorry))

Mike waved at Courtney, then knocked on the door.

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"Hi Mike." She said, obviously deep in thought.

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((That's okay))

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"Come in!" said Jacob, all ready at the house. Mike went in and said, "What are you doing here, Jacob?"

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"Yeah........ What are you doing here?" She asked suspiciously.

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"Uh... nothing," Jacob said, obviously lying.

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"Tell us the truth," Mike said.

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"Yeah..... I kinda have a right to know! I'm friends with the person that lives here!" She said.

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((okay well i gtg.))
Courtney stepped in daringly, and walked up the stairs to the booming music. She knocked on the door loudly.

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((I will be on in like, three hours, but I'll probs check a few times.))

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((I hope you'll be on the, bookhog1!))

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((and Shaylee. I'll chech this like every hour and reply. My aunts are over until like, 8. two more hours.))

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Bookhog1 "What?!" Sal yelled angrily

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Courtney cautiously opened the door. "Hi Sal." She said softly. She knew he could easily hurt her, especially if he was really angry at her.

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((I'm going to be on in like 30 more minutes. My aunts are over so yeah.))

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Bookhog1 "Oh. Its you."

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Bookhog1 Hudson and his sisters knocked on the door. Hal had told him Sal was feeling down.

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"Yeah. just me. Really I'm just so...... sorry." She said, her voice still soft. She held her tears in. "Are you going to get the door?" She asked him.

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((Sorry I'm on and off! Were celebrating my mom and aunts birthday.... basically an excuse for a get-together.))

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((Now I'm on))

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Bookhog1 ((Ominous))

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Bookhog1 Sal sighed. "Come in Hudson!" Hudson and his sisters came parading in.

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Bookhog1 Hudson smiled. "Hi."

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Bookhog1 Sal smiled slightly, at Courtney.

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Courtney's eyes widened, and she started blushing slightly. Although she didn't look so bad anymore, her face was probably still tear stained.

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Courtney tried to smile.

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Bookhog1 Hallie and Hailie smiled. "Hi."

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"Hi....." She said nervously.

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Courtney played with her hair.

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Bookhog1 "Sorry, did we interrupt "something"?"

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"um.... I don't think so." She said, then looked down at her feet, not meeting their eyes.

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Bookhog1 "We'll go...Cone on Hud." The 3 of them walked ack out of the door. Sal stared at Courtney and realized he wasn't wearing a shirt.

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