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Sam/Applejack♆ Pictures and start.

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Courtney waited for somone to answer the door.

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"Um, Hi. I'm Courtney. Is your brother Sal here?" She asked, even though she knew he was. ((How old is this brother?))

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I hope he doesn't hate me...... if he does I swear I'll go and sprint for maybe, three hours. That should bring enough pain for me to forget the situation. PLus, it wouldn't be bad for my body. A few head aches and dizzy spells are good for you. Probably. She thought.

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((What she is wearing, because she went home and changed into running clothes. I can't find anything cuter and stuff..... but running clothes aren't supposed to be cute XD))

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Why have I yelled at him so much....? am I jelous? Oh my gosh.............. I'M FRIGGIN JELOUS!!! I NEED TO SHAPE UP RIGHT NOW! OR ELSE HE'LL JUST GET ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND AT THE SNAP OF HIS FINGERS! I'm lucky I have him. I need to appreciate that. She thought firmly.

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Mike knocked on the door.

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((Courtney is standing right there........))

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((Oh, sorry))

Mike waved at Courtney, then knocked on the door.

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"Hi Mike." She said, obviously deep in thought.

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((That's okay))

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"Come in!" said Jacob, all ready at the house. Mike went in and said, "What are you doing here, Jacob?"

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"Yeah........ What are you doing here?" She asked suspiciously.

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"Uh... nothing," Jacob said, obviously lying.

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"Tell us the truth," Mike said.

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"Yeah..... I kinda have a right to know! I'm friends with the person that lives here!" She said.

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((okay well i gtg.))
Courtney stepped in daringly, and walked up the stairs to the booming music. She knocked on the door loudly.

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((I will be on in like, three hours, but I'll probs check a few times.))

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((I hope you'll be on the, bookhog1!))

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((and Shaylee. I'll chech this like every hour and reply. My aunts are over until like, 8. two more hours.))

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Courtney cautiously opened the door. "Hi Sal." She said softly. She knew he could easily hurt her, especially if he was really angry at her.

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((I'm going to be on in like 30 more minutes. My aunts are over so yeah.))

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"Yeah. just me. Really I'm just so...... sorry." She said, her voice still soft. She held her tears in. "Are you going to get the door?" She asked him.

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((Sorry I'm on and off! Were celebrating my mom and aunts birthday.... basically an excuse for a get-together.))

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((Now I'm on))

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Courtney's eyes widened, and she started blushing slightly. Although she didn't look so bad anymore, her face was probably still tear stained.

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Courtney tried to smile.

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"Hi....." She said nervously.

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Courtney played with her hair.

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"um.... I don't think so." She said, then looked down at her feet, not meeting their eyes.

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Courtney looked up to find Sal staring at her, and then realized he was shirtless. "Hi. I think I already said that." She said.

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Courtney wrapped her arms around him, and murmured "I don't think it's your fault."

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Her cheek tingled. "And why is that?" She asked him, gazing up at his eyes.

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"See? I haven't been treating you right. I'm supposed to be Courtney!, the person you like for her perkyness and bubblyness. Instead I've been Courtney, the big fat meanie." She said.

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"Doesn't really seem like it....." She said.

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"Geez my stupid mouth! No, it's just..... I don't know. It's not your fault, I'm sorry. I need to just shut my mouth!!!" She said, her face turning pink in the anger to herself.

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"I mean, you didn't make me run five miles! I made that decision to do that." She rambled.

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"What what?" She asked, slightly confused.

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"Well, I ran from my house to your house...... Five times..... Before i finally rang the doorbell." She said.

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"And my house is in a way different neighborhood..... So I figure it's 1-2 miles away." She said.

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"Me? oh.... I don't know. Running takes my mind of things...... It's better than the alternative. That's why I'm in running clothes."

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"Yeah. Don't worry, girls don't wear clothes this weird. So, your working out? Because I think you look good enough......"

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"That's partly why I've been so... moody. I'm so jelous that.... you know so many other girls. Wait, what!? You don't even like them?"

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"I know, I know. I don't think you'd cheat on me. Why do you still do the shoots then?" She asked.

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"So you need to work out the day before!? Um.... why? A few hours more of working out isn't gonna make like, ten more abs suddenly like, pop out!" She exclaimed.

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"SHoot! I gotta go Sal! Sleepover!" She quickly hugged him, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him quickly, lightly. She ran out the door, and down the stairs. She opened the door and ran out.

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