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message 1: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Oughtibridge (coughtibridge) Hi,

My grandmother has very recently begun listening to audio books. She's partially sighted and so for many years she hadn't read any novels. Recently she's listened to a couple of books from the library set in the second world war. I think she's interested in there being some romance between characters, but not too much. A shorter story might be better than longer, or a story without too many characters. I think she finds complex plots difficult to follow. She mentioned thinking about something in the Victorian era.

It would have to be available on CD.

Does anybody have any good recommendations?

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary (mary_mac) Has she listened to any Susanna Kearsley books? She writes very tame romances (bedroom door closed, you know), and I just listened to Mariana. the narrator (Carolyn Bonnyman) was very good. I wouldn't call it a historical fiction so much, but it was a very pleasant listen.

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