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message 1: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
The is the river it is always running with clean water where you can wash yourself down so yo don't stink and can clean up your wounds. This is also the main and only water source.

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments The twins had teleported here, to a beautiful river! They laughed as the cold water hit the bare skin of their legs. Akira then splashed Katsu in the face laughing. 'Hey!' Katsu said trying to sound annoyed but bursting into laughter and then he retaliated. From then on, it was war, and they played splashing each other until their clothes were soaking wet and they collapsed on the bank, giggling, exhausted. This was their favourite bit about being twins, the connection they had, the trust that they gave to no one else.

message 3: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Come on violet, we had better find the two lug nuts whilst there is time in the day, eats try the river if they are not there I can always cool myself, healing spells heat the body up." She got up and started to walk out the door towards the river when she got there she saw Akira and Katsu.

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments The twins saw Soairse and some other strange girl walk towards them. 'Hey Soairse!' They said in sync. 'Your finally up! You took forever! We had to go exploring cause we was sooooooo bored!' They said laughing. 'Who's this person?' Akira asked. 'Come play in the water! It's nice!' Katsu said splashing her and laughing.

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Zosister | 71 comments "Are these the twins you were talking about, Soairse?" Violet whispered to her, trying not to laugh at the twins.

message 6: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (last edited Jan 02, 2013 03:08AM) (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Well I'm sorry if an amost complete energy and power drain makes me sleepy oh and this is Voilet the last person victor saved, yes Violet these are the twins I was talking about Akira and Katsu." Soairse said as she walked over to the river and sat down at her rock and pool she put her feet in and leaned back against the rock it fit her back perfectly. "Akira come over her you too Katsu I need to make sure your ok and heal you."

message 7: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments 'Well we're sorry!' They said huffing. 'So, your name is Violet?' Akira asked her curiously. 'We're the Osaka twins! Akira and Katsu!' They said in sync, linking arms and bowing. 'Cool rock!' Katsu said to Soairse laughing. 'Okay, we'll come....' They groaned walking over to her. 'Don't forget though, we need to heal you to.' Akira said to her as Katsu called over to Violet and asked her to come join them in the water (they wanted someone more energetic to tease).

message 8: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Yeah, yeah who's first also bad news." She said as she waited for the boys to walk over. "Careful where my feet are is the deepest part of the river we use it to cool the body after healing spells as they heat the body up." She said just before they reached the pool at her feet.

message 9: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments The twins stopped as the reached the edges of the water, then they sat down and dangled their legs in the water, just like Soairse was doing. 'You first.' Akira said to Soairse, seeing she was upset about something and wanting to help in any tiny way he could. 'Whats up?' Katsu asked, for he had also noticed something was wrong.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"The guy you saved last night died." She lay still and waited, tears started to weep from her eyes she rolled on to her side away from the boys and violet it hurt her arm and made her cry more. She pulled her legs out of the water and curled into a ball trying to block out the world.

message 11: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments Akira healed her wounds then both boys got up hastily as Soairse curled into a ball and started to cry. 'Crying woman, crying woman! What do we do!!' They thought panicking. They looked to each other for help. Akira, the gentler and more emotional (not by much however) of the two, indicated they should help her and went over to her, slipping his hand into hers as Katsu put his hand on her shoulder. They knew that nothing they said would make her feel better but some times, just quite companionship was all they needed.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
As Akira took Soairse's hand she slightly uncurled tears still streaming from her face cutting tracks in the dirt from the escape the night before, Victor was the only person she had trusted since the one killed her parents and tried to kill her. She let go of Akira's hand and shrugged off Katsu's hand she wiped her face leaving smudges on her hands. "Your turn Akira and your next Katsu." She said stretching her hands out to heal Akira.

message 13: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments 'Ok' Katsu said lightly for both of them. Akira slowly walked forward and let her heal him, but not before both boys looked her in the eye, a look that said they knew what she was going through, and if she needed to talk, they were here, they were her friends. After both boys were healed they retreated a little to give her some privacy and they played together in the water, splashing and running around. They hoped she knew that they would give her the space she needed but she was more than welcome to come play and forget her worries for a moment.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
After Akira and Katsu were healed Soairse dipped her feet in the pool to cool her down, after that she got up and started to move towards the garden it was the only place where she could be alone with her thoughts, the field could be changed to keep out anyone she wanted. Z

message 15: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments The twins saw her get up and start to walk away. Worried they followed her and called out, 'Soairse, where are you going?'

message 16: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"To the gardens or to bury Victor either one works right now." She continued to walk towards the gardens to confuse the others after she was out of sight she would make her way to base camp and bury victor.

message 17: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments They could see that she needed time alone, and so they shrugged and walked back to the river. 'It's nice here' Katsu said as they climbed up a tree and jumped into the river from there. 'Agreed' said Akira, 'I wish there was no war, and we could just stay here forever....' Then they remembered Violet sitting alone. 'Hey Violet!' They called in sync, smiling mischievously, 'Wanna play?'

message 18: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments She looked at the twins, "I think I need some fun." She smiled, she untied her shoes, and pulled up her pants. She looked down at her feet, you could see her tattoos on her ankles. 'Hmm' she thought, 'Could I?' She lifted her hands and a ball of water came up. She walked forward until her feet were in the water, she could feel her aurora getting stronger. She parted her hands away from each other and got two balls of water. She then aimed and threw them at the twins.

message 19: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments 'WHAT THE!!' Both the twins shouted at the same time. They tried to duck but Violet's water balls had surprised them. Akira tried to dodge his but got hit in the shoulder, making him slip on the rocks and fall head first into the cool river. 'Ah!! Violet! I'm all wet now!!' Akira shouted and laughed. Katsu had only just managed to dodge, but since he was up a tree, dodging things like that usually make one fall off, which is exactly what he did. He fell from his branch going thump! on the ground. 'Ow! That hurt! Violet!' He complained laughing. Then, like they had read each others mind without having to even look at each other, both boys teleported to Violets sides, grabbed her by the arms, and teleported her and themselves straight into the heart of the river where it was deep! :)

message 20: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments Violet couldn't comprehend until she was in the water, "oof" she said as she hit the water. When she resurfaced, she smiled and said, "Thanks a lot you two!" you could hear the sarcasm dripping from her tongue.

message 21: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments Both boys burst out laughing. 'Well, it is our speciality!' Katsu said, doing a mock bow. They all played for a little while longer, enjoying the coolness of the water and the great feeling of companionship. After a while, Akira started to complain he was cold, so they got out and sunbathed to dry their clothes.
'Hey, Katsu,' Akira said sleepily, 'where do think Soairse went?' Katsu sat up and crossed his legs, Violet was already asleep. 'Um..the gardens. I think. Want to go find her?' He said in concern. 'I'm sleepy, can you go?' Akira said, rolling over and looking at Katsu through almost shut eyes. Looking at his brother with love, Katsu nodded, and got up, then walked away from the river to find his way to the gardens.

message 22: by Heather (new)

Heather | 143 comments Katsu teleported back from his time with Soarise in the garden.
'Hey! Hey Akira!!' He called running towards the river and finding his brother still asleep. Looking at him fondly for a moment, Katsu then shoved him on his shoulder to wake him up. 'Hey there sleepy head.' He said. 'What....?' Akira said sleepily. 'Its time to go help Soarise bury her friend.' Katsu said grabbing Akira's hand and pulling him up then pulling him away.

((where to now??))

message 23: by Zosister (last edited Jan 13, 2015 04:08PM) (new)

Zosister | 71 comments Gwen sat down near the edge of the river. It had been a long day of getting away. She was siting down for some peace and quiet. 'Are you ok Ohm?' She thought to him, 'yeah, just tired.' He thought back.

message 24: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
((Heather being heather isn't answering))

Soairse wondered around the boys following her she had recovered from her episode with the twins and was pulling things out of nowhere. "Knives, daggers, swords, guns, spears. How much weaponry did victory put in here?" She asked walking down to the rivers edge she had just pulled out a throwing knife when she spotted a girl by the river. "State your name and business." She said in a strong voice holding the blade up in a threating way.

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Zosister | 71 comments "Woah, woah, woah." Gwen said putting up her hands as soon as she saw the knife. Her breathing quickened as she said, "The name is Gwendolyn, and I was trying to rest before I have to move again." She look at the scars on her arms and legs, "I am also trying to heal myself."

message 26: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments ((Also can I write a story with what happens to this character? Using the RP of course as a starting point?))

message 27: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
((Yep sure))

"What do you know if the one and your kind." She said holding her hands steady aiming the blade at the girl.

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Zosister | 71 comments ((i don't understand))

'Does she know?' Gwen thought to herself. "What do you mean about 'my kind'?" she tipped her head to the side.

'What should I do Ohm?' she asked him,
'Just wait and see what happens.' he replied in the thoughts
((the bold and italics mean Ohm is speaking in thoughts))

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Dragon takers and shifters, your mark gives you away now answer me what do you know of the one who is the one?!" Soairse shouted in a determind voice that said no funny buisness.

message 30: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
((Tamers not takers))

message 31: by Zosister (last edited Jan 13, 2015 01:48PM) (new)

Zosister | 71 comments "Ok, ok." She said putting her hands back up, "I don't know anything about The One."

'tell her about the people following you.' Ohm told her.
'Do you trust her?' She asked him
'Something is telling me yes.' He said back quickly.

"I have had something following me around for years, trying to attack or kidnap me." She thought out loud. "Also I am not a Dragon tamer and only part shifter."

message 32: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Fine you can stay with us." She said lowering the blade and making the blade disappear. "What is your dagons name and type?" Using her royal tone it was the only way to deal with shifters.

message 33: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments "You can speak to him yourself." Gwen replied.

Suddenly the tattoo started to glow, and the dragon from her wrist was gone and appeared on her shoulder.

"Hello my name is Ohm. I am a blue flame dragon."

Ohm has dark blue scales that cover his body, and shimmer in the sun light. His eyes are a deep blue colour. He has a tail that has a sharp point on it.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Good to know. Ohm my name is Soairse as in the princess and I hope that there will be.. Oh My Wicken... Violet nooooooo." She cried running into the river, pulling violet ashore. "No no no" she tried to revive Violet seeing the water pour out of her lungs as the sliver sparks danced over violets skin.

message 35: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments Ohm flew over to the girl's body, and landed on her chest.

"Her soul has left her. Her aura is gone." he looked down at her, then looked up at Soairse, "My princess, you have power beyond anything. You also have seen a lot of bad things."

Gwen looked on, and wondered what he meant.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"Why must everyone be taken away from me." She sighed she took a deep breath and regained composer she placed a hand on her chest and dried her legs. She picked Ohm up and vaporised Violets body.

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Zosister | 71 comments "I'm sorry about you lost, Princess. What do you hope that there will be?" He stayed where he was and tilted his head to the side.

Gwen came over and asked a simple question, "What is going on?" As Ohm is out, she doesn't have the connection and the knowledge he has.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"No problems with the others a girl in the camp was killed by a lion shifter." She said placing Ohm on the ground and walking away. "Follow me you can take Violets quarters.

message 39: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments "Oh. It will be ok Princess, I get along with most." Ohm said as he hopped onto Gwen's shoulder.

Gwen eyes grow huge as Ohm touched down onto her shoulder. She wobbled a bit and closed her eyes.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
"I'm sure it will be also don't over load the poor girl Ohm. I am sure I have heard that name before. " she muttered making branches appear from the tree making a staircase. "Child do not fear this it will not let you fall." She said as she walked up the stairs.

message 41: by Zosister (new)

Zosister | 71 comments "Oops." he said looking at her.

Gwen opened her eyes and nodded, "I am ok now Ohm." she says as senses his worry and she started to climb the stairs.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
Soairse climbed the stairs quickly and waited at the top. "You will be staying with me in the infirmary."

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Zosister | 71 comments Gwen nodded her head and followed Soairse to the infirmary.

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