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message 1: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (last edited Sep 22, 2012 04:59AM) (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
For every story there must be a bad guy or the story will be boring.

Name:(if you don't have a name what will we call you and desent names ie look up the meaning first)
Age: (this tells us your age and how close you are before you can be legally killed)
Gender: (we need to know what gender you are)
Apperance:(it would be nice to know how you look)
Personality:(please for the next bunch of question things do not go TBRP and we need to know what your person is like)
How strong are you:(we need to know this it basically means how long have you had your powers)
History:(we need to know who your parents are, where you came from and stuff like that)
Spell of choice:(if you don't know the names of the spell just discrib it)
Other:(any thing else you character can do)

message 2: by Amanda :), I am the leader of the resistance (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
Ok there are selected curves that can travel into portals can come out again these people are selected by the one and the others are brainwashed to become straights so they can't travel into portals.

Your name will also change from say Taylor to the one who cooks so also put your job into the history and your new name.

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