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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
Same as the Wizard sign up

Name:(if you don't have a name what will we call you and desent names ie look up the meaning first)
Age: (this tells us your age and how close you are before you can be legally killed)
Gender: (i know witchs are girls but just incase)
Apperance:(it would be nice to know how you look)
Personality:(please for the next bunch of question things do not go TBRP and we need to know what your person is like)
How strong are you:(we need to know this it basically means how long have you had your powers)
History:(we need to know who your parents are, where you came from and stuff like that)
Spell of choice:(if you don't know the names of the spell just discrib it)
Other:(anything else)

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
Well this is a RP group so i am making a character.

Name: Soairse Fiore (freedom flower)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Apperance: flaming red hair, pale blue eyes, has a scar over her back and arms from the one who is the one. You can always find her in bright clothes or deep green and brown to blend in with her environment.
Personality: soairse is bright and bubbly but if needed she will be the boss and jump on the grenade so to speak. Soairse will stay at base camp because of her experance with the one who is the one.
How strong are you: she has been traning since she could talk so 3
History: her parents were socerers and started to train her since she was 3. She was born in ireland bur her family is italian. She first tangoed with the one who is the one when she was 7 he killed her parents and scared her back he then threw her into the school from which she escaped o the forest.
Spell of choice: lighting her self and things around her on fire.
Other: her hair changes colour with her flames. She has a tatoo of a flaming rose on her back which also protects her from the one.

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Zosister | 71 comments Name: Violet Bagot (purple drumstick) DEAD
Age: 16
Gender: f
Appearance: long brown curly hair, ocean blue eyes, tall and she has 4 tattoos, 2 around her wrists and 2 around her ankles. She always wears gloves on her hands to hide her tattoos, and she always wears boots to hide the tattoos on her ankles.
Personality: team sprite, loves making allies and friends, near insane and good heart.
How strong are you: 15
History: her mother got her a tattoo when she turned 15, she felt different from then and that same year everything changed. Things started to happen that she couldn't explain, so she ran.
Spell of choice: Telepathic
other: when she is using her power, her eyes flicker green.

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
You are aproved

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
Being head mod i aprove my self

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Zosister | 71 comments NAME: Gwendolyn (Gwen for short)

AGE: 18

GENDER: female

APPEARANCE: Gwen has black hair and at the end is blue. She has light blue eyes, and she has dagger earrings. She is tall and fit. She has a tattoo on her wrist going down onto her hand, it is of a dragon. The dragon looks like it is wrapped around her wrist. She wears a black cloak that she made as she was traveling.

PERSONALITY: She is easily angered, she is proud, and can be hot headed at times. She has been running most of her life and has learned parkour to get away from people.

HOW STRONG ARE YOU?: The tattoo appeared when she was 12. She has trouble at times, and faints after transforming into the dragon.

HISTORY: An orphan till the age of 10 when she was kicked out onto the streets and has been traveling ever since. When she turned 12, a tattoo appeared on her wrist. It was a dragon. A voice started talking in her head, it was the dragon. The dragon told her how to use its power, but still has trouble.

SPELL OF CHOICE: Guardian animal: The tattoo is her guardian animal, her dragon. She can either transform into a massive dragon, or the dragon can be projected out of her tattoo into a small version of the dragon.

OTHER: The Dragon is named Ohm, it is a blue dragon. The type of flame the dragon has is Blue Flame. It can also light up its body in Blue Flames. When she is human she can produce Blue Flame from her hands and can make it (like the dragon) spread over her body. (This is where she is having trouble with the flame).

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Amanda :) (Pbear16) | 261 comments Mod
Accepted she and Soairise will fight.

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