Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life Happier at Home question

Should i read The happiness project first?
Cagne Cagne Sep 22, 2012 03:15AM
I'm interested in the making-your-home-better part, but would redaing this book first spoil the "The happiness project", the author's masterpiece so far, for me?

I've read some review here that said this felt like a copy of it.

I got a lot more out of The Happinesss Project. You do not necessarily need to read it first, but truthfully I enjoyed it more.

I would suggest that you read The Happiness Project first, as it is referenced heavily in the Happier at Home. She goes into more detail about the mechanics of a happiness project in the first that she assumes readers bring with them to the second book. I really consider this to be a sequel. I loved both books and got a lot out of both.

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I read first The Hapiness Project and the first minute I started reading it I loved it. Mrs Rubin articulates everyday life situations in such a simple but thoughtful way. I kept this book on my night table for months and read a few lines to my husband many times. So I could not wait to read Happier at home. A complete dissapointment!! Definetely you should read the happiness project but don't even consider her second book. Compared the second book to the first one, I found it totally commercial and the only goal was to make money out of it. A considerable percentaje of the book just repeats the same ideas of the first book (or even the same example like when she talks about white t-shirts, so dissapointed) but in a more shorter version so you do not really get the pleasure to read the whole idea that Rubin wanted to communicate. Finally, I got even more dissapointed when I read that she was very greateful mostly with her publisher, editor and everyperson in the business or helping Rubin make money out of it. I would have expected that she would be grateful to the contributions of all her friends, relatives and all the people that she leveraged ideas from (she write a lot about her chats with friends, peoplw that she met in parties or book clubs, etc). Please, do not get me wrong, I believe, that Rubin is a fantastic author, if not one of the one that I most admire base on the happiness project but then Happier at home is just average or lower average.

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The Happiness Project was interesting and new. Gretchen really opened my eyes to appreciating the small things and how they can make me and my family happy. Then she became an industry...and the wrote the second book, Happier at Home. I agree with HDK1962, I started disliking her, and thinking...really how unhappy can her life on Park Avene with her attorney husband have been? The first book is good, that's all you need to read.

Nothing would be spoiled as there's not really a plot, but I'm about halfway through "Happier at Home" and I think "The Happiness Project" is a book I got a lot more out of. Honestly, I expected more home-centric stuff (interior design, possibly) but this was more about relationships and traditions, which I thought she dove enough into in her first book.

I read the Happiness at Home book first and liked it much more than the Happiness Project. Perhaps its because I read it first, but I seem to keep referring back to it. Really like the idea of daily tasks and how she decided to handle the transition from film to digital pictures. I felt she dealt with more concrete issues.

In my opinion, there's absolutely nothing you could get out of the second book that you wouldn't get out of the first. Read it instead, and skip Happier at Home.

I swear, in the second book, by the end, every time I read the words "Be Gretchen," the only thing that kept me from hurling the book across the room was the fact that I was reading it on my Kindle.

Kate Agree completely with JDK1962.
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I totally agree with JDK1962

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